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Metro Kisses

By xNoWherex
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Metro!Stan and Kyle <3

South Park (c) Trey Parker and Matt Stone
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Mariage pour tous ! ❤️👫👬👭👦🏽👦🏽👧🏼👧🏼
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I wish Stan did that Fluffle Puff style. *coughlixcough*
Ummm....sorry if not MLP fan.
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You have so fucked fantasies xNoWherex.
You're gay xNoWherex or a girl making fun.
Leave this great TV-Series alone from your shit!
Stan and Kyle aren't gay. I don't like this shit!
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if you dont like then just don't look  at it.
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I love how everything you commented on and referred to as "fucked fantasies" included chaste kisses, hand holding, and other innocent things lol. Teenage boys on deviantArt are a true blessing to mankind.
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Then keep your opinion to yourself. You don't need to be harsh to her.
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will lead you into gay :3
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I wish that Trey and Matt would do this couple in the show and not Stan and Wendy (that bitch)
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It's not called being gay....
It's called being FABULOUS!
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I love metrosexual Stan!
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Oh, his is so perfect!
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Love it! Good work!
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I AM IN DEEP LOVE WITH YOUR SOUTH PARK STYLE DRAWINGS. I mean i love all you work BUT THESE ARE JUST SOO FREAKING CUTE u have so much talent. i just wanna snatch up all your kyle and stan or kenny pairings!
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omg so cute i loved the Metrosexual episode so so funny iv done something a little like thise but if the boys were real its Stan kissing Kyle Metro Kyle was too cute for words in that episode i was squealing in delight hen i seen his look so sad he didnt keep it but if he didnt like it we couldnt force him to keep it that wouldnt be right
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This is soooo f*cking cute!!!
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