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For the Love Of 1607

TokenxNicholexKyle becuase it is wonderful and I really wanted to draw some polyamory <3.

And its almost legit (Nichole did like both boys, and both boys liked her. TokenxKyle is the only hitch in this idea, but I really don't care lol).

Already on Tumblr. 
Please do not upload there or anywhere else, like my profile says.

SP(C)Trey and Matt
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This is adorable <3 beautiful colouring and anatomy omg I am in love with this picture
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Kyles freckles are amazing!
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this is so amazing.
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whos nichole did i miss something?
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She's the new girl from the most recent episode in season 16, Cartman Finds Love [link].
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That was just awesome! Cartman:"Kyle and I are gay lovers nicole..." HAHAHAH I can actually see kyle with african american woman be kinda of sexy. Exotic woman. Now I must draws it!I swear trey and matt do the gay thing for OUR amusement ><
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Nichole looks so pretty
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D'awww this is so cute. :3
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One word; polyandry. Polyandry is the practice of a single woman having multiple husbands. I think that would be a better fit here.
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I know about polyandry haha. I took a gender&sexuality class in college (one of my favorites classes actually). I went with polyamory because it suited this pairing better, ie all three characters have a relationship with each other on an individual level and as a whole, as opposed to it being just one character with two partners. Which if it was the latter, then I would totally consider it a polygamous relationship like you said. I tend to prefer polyamorous pairings over polygamous ones ^^'
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I'm like the complete opposite! I have several characters (probably over 10) who are polygamists but only three who are polyamorous and I'm not completely sure I'm going to keep them that why. I know in the beginning of my story with them they will but I don't know about the middle and end.
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I'm going to be going through your gallery and favoriting an obscene amount of your art. Starting with this one!
this is awesome you should consider drawing more
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fuc+++ cartman, i like kyle and nichole couple
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Well, Token did THINK that Kyle was into him
Where hath this come from. Why do I like it so much.
You like poly-ships. Why do I like you so much.
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Gorgeous. Especially Nichole's expression and how Kyle's face is in Token's hair. It's all just so sweet and wonderful. XD
xNoWherex's avatar
Thank you! I really enjoyed drawing this threesome, so it makes me happy to see that people like it (especially since it means people won't mind if I draw them again):D
xXKruemelkeksXx's avatar
It's soooooooo sweet *-*
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I love the idea and i luv how the three have really puffy hair!!
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it surprised me! But I love!
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