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Lysistrata Gambit

After making [link] I simply wanted to make another comic with new characters.

A little bit of fridge logic...

If Captain Aesop simply goes around telling aesops... then where'd he get the muscles? :O_o:
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I think there are actually quite a lot of reasons not to do this that are better than the ones listed...
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I always think the Lysistrata Gambit makes it seem like women only ever have sex because men want to, which is the kind of thinking you'd expect from the Victorian Era.
Lysistrata was an Ancient Greek play. In that time, it was believed that *women* were the gender with the higher sex drive, so the idea of women going on sex strike would have been considered about as ridiculous as... the male population of an American high school going on sex strike.
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He beats up people too stupid to learn aesops?
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I wouldn't marry someone who couldn't go a few days without sex and not cheat, just saying.
And I wouldn't be faithful to someone who uses sex as a weapon.
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Aaaaand TvTropes brought me here, whoohoo.
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Brought me here too, damn.
I actually find this to be a genuine Aesop, in the fact that hurts both people involved in the whole idea.
Those muscles are clearly the result of sex.
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I was going to suggest that running around at super speed is probably good exercise, or maybe even that he has to do a lot of climbing to reach people doing stupid stuff on top of buildings ect, but I prefer your explanation.
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Best. Thing. Ever. :wow:
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And so we learn that all men are perverts and rapists. Is it not a heartwarming lesson?
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And that if a man cheats, it's the lady's fault! Totally a year late here.
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Our views on these things are weird.

Men are perverts, they 'can't help themselves' however if they cheat, they're usually scum. Women that cheat must surely have a reason because they surely wouldn't cheat just for sex right? (Unless they're not in a relationship, then women are sluts and men are real men who can bed all sorts of women.)

Oddly enough the story that gave us the name of this gambit portrayed both men and women as pervs and ended with the two sides being unable to keep their hands off one another. (This was before christian morality of course.)
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The punchline is the best bit. Sorry Captain.
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Why lately I everywhere see TvTropes? o.O
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Because TvTropes ruins each of our lives one way or another.
And we're loving it :)
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Aesop and away... brilliant.

Clearly, he has delivered aesops about the importance of exercise AND about not being a hypocrite. One plus one equals...
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Heeheehee. xD

He got his muscles from running away from Warped Aesops.
Clearly he gets the muscles from all the running he does. If he's the deliverer of all aesops, he's got to be capable of running at or near cee.
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