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Cho reads My Immortal

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Yeah, My Immortal is just horrible.
I just had to make a comic about it :P
Girl character is made by :iconapinkishblue: .
She hasn't got a name yet, so it was a bit awkward to write the dialogue.
Still, I think it went well.

This comic is the first time I tried out the fine-liner to make the lineart, and I think it looks pretty good. I think I'll keep this as my main way of drawing.
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baneofevil3's avatar
does the writer of my immortal need some ice for that burn?
ThunderCharger1234's avatar
oh god the memories...*curls up in a ball*
kirbymaster7491's avatar
AGREED. My roommate and I attempted the TV Tropes drinking game of it. 200+ sips of water (and maybe 7 chapters) later we gave up and swore to never try it again.
I just looked up Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality.

Opinions on quality may differ, but at least the grammar is immaculate.
TheFelinianWithWings's avatar
That's one way to rid yourself of the memory of My Immortal. I only read a plot synopsis of it and felt the urge to end everything rise up. Then I got distracted by my burrito beeping, so it went pretty well.
OrochiPhoenix19's avatar
XD Yeah, Dad, give some privacy as he commits suicide.
DamascaRamza's avatar
I never read it, I didn't want to inflict torture on myself, I just read Sonic fancharacter biographies instead.
ChulaEntertainment's avatar
If I tried to hand myself that way I'd probably break the chandelier XDDD
Personaly I've never made it past the fifth or sixth chapter. Not even with let's reads.
DannyBoy2010's avatar
hearing about this fanfic, hearing about this 'Tara' person, thankfully I haven't read it. :phew:

But I do feel bad for you man.
dragonflyfire8's avatar
sorry used to typing manga i meant fanfics -.-u
XNinjaRed's avatar
Only read it if you've got time to spare and like to laugh at bad stuff.
Even then though, take a break and enjoy life before... you never know...
dragonflyfire8's avatar
omg my friend (who read it..mostly) sad she wanted to kill the chick who made it then make her into sausage and feed her to her dog o.o is it really that bad!!!
XNinjaRed's avatar
Sounds about right, yeah.
If you have high tolerance and want to endure it for the experience, try reading it.
It will change your world forever :P
dragonflyfire8's avatar
o.O ok i don't thank i can i get mad really easy once i got mad at my moms toaster cause it started freaking out and burned my toast and turned it black so i threw it across the room screaming (i was in a bad mood) and almost burnt the house down. so i don't thank i'll read it just so my school laptop and home computer will be save and wont die :D
XNinjaRed's avatar
Yeah in that case, don't read it.
Unless you're in the author's room and tied her up, now that would be a sight to behold.
dragonflyfire8's avatar
tha...that was one of the manga on my read list...after seeing this i would like to know more about it so i might not read it and kill myself :(
Leguim-May's avatar
My Inmortal. The only options left are suicide and Mind Bleach (TM)
Hawkfire111's avatar
suicide crossed my mind when i started reading that.
FelisRin's avatar
Oh man... I remember listening to a "dramatic reading" of one of the chapters, and subsequently laughing my ass off. I think if I'd read it normally, my reaction would've been similar to Cho's. XD
Sadiee's avatar
Hahaha, so true. God, that fic is horrible. One has to wonder if J.K. Rowling ever read it?
KageSora's avatar
I made it somewhat bearable by doing a readaloud to my cousins of a few chapters. I still think I lost most of my braincells, though. And a good chunk of my already minuscule faith in humanity died with the realization that it could, in fact, NOT be a troll and be serious. I still wanna think it was a troll, though...

His reaction is not all that exaggerated. It's what my faith in humanity did!
PicketFurret's avatar
"What are you motherfuckers doing?"

Man, I hate to see what happens when you read Sonichu
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