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Boys versus Girls

The girls win this round...

All right, let's be serious here.
As a guy I am unable to imagine how it probably feels for girls when it's their time of the month, but if it's really as bad as they describe it is, then I got one thing to say; may god be with you on those times...

Ami, the Girl, character by :iconapinkishblue: .
Cho, the Boy, character by :iconxninjared: aka me.
Funghi, the Funghi Pizza, pizza by... Pizza Hut?
Characters you see on the screen are Makoto and Sekai from the Anime called School Days.
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no no no NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! WHHHHHHYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!
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It's not even blood!
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ive seen this happen before, only it was between my best friend and my best guy friend and it was about clothing(since were kind of like tomboys. we looooove jeans and that kind of stuff). he insulted us by saying that just because were girls that we only like girly pink skirts and stuff. i was SO PISSED. she slapped him and then kicked his shin(which i laughed at..........i actually regret not recording that.
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:lol: that was funny. The extra hurdles a boy must learn to jump over to become a man.
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logic is not are friend
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Did he just get owned by a Pizza?

Yeah I'm going to just let this settle in my head for a while.
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Yeah, we ALL know that ALL boys love violent movies, and ALL girls are scared of blood! Because gender determines EVERYTHING about one's personality and what they like to see in movies :|
Yes, that was sarcasm, in case you didn't pick it up.
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Geez, what's your problem?
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I just like being cynical about stereotypical portrayals :)
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Well really, this isn't based on stereotypical boys and girls stuff, it's based on what me and an ex girlfriend were talking about. If it were the case of me being scared of Bloody Movies and her liking it, I would've gladly done that in the comic, but seeing how that's not the case, that's how this comic came.

Really, your rant pretty much came at the most wrong person, since I am in fact a feminist -_-
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HEY he brings a good point :U
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Hilarious! Nothing like getting bitch slapped with a pizza slice (has experienced that).

Hm, on the screen, that's after she killed that one girl by slicing her neck, right?
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I snickered at this. :3 Although I have to say that I agree with the sentiment. Honestly, I don't understand how it's possible for so many women to find the sight of blood nauseating. It happens every month, and, if a woman has kids, it's not like giving birth is painless or blood-free.

...Anyway. I approve of this comic, and I lol'd.
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It's not a woman thing, it's a people thing. There are men that are nauseated by blood, and not all women feel that way about blood, either. I personally aren't squeamish about blood, however I do feel squeamish about violence in general.
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I know that; however, violence doesn't automatically equal blood. It's the bit where some women* become queasy at the mere sight of blood, even if it's just a cut, or even a small nosebleed. I'm not saying that they're wimps or irrational. I'm just curious about what it is that makes such a difference to them that period blood doesn't bother them, but the rest does.

* and men, but they don't apply to the point I'm making. I know that there are men who are the same way, but they don't bleed for about a week per month; hence why I didn't mention them originally.
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Well, to start, period blood is different to actual blood. It's not just blood, it's a bit of blood mixed in with...well...other stuff. It's easier to call it blood rather than "That stuff that's meant for the egg to feed off of that comes out with the egg every month."
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Well, technically, it's the shedding of the uterine lining, the process of which is also known as the one-word "catamenia", but I get your point. :3

Thanks, though -- I have a better understanding of the thought process now. I never really differentiated, since it looks the same to me. I knew that it wasn't, but the sight was the same, so it sort of threw me that "regular" blood bothers some women, while "period" blood doesn't -- after all, it's the sight of blood that bothers them, isn't it? So that's what got me. But I suppose if you look at it differently, it's easier to separate the two in the mind.
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Lulzberry pie. Good stuff!
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we don't die when that happens, if someone loses too much blood from those kinds of wounds, they die
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lol Very awesome and very relevent, as well XD
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=\ I watched the last episode of School Days in censored mode -.-''.
Black blood just doesn't makes sense >_<

Ow, and that T.V is BIG. Is it Ami's or Cho's?
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I don't have the copyrights to design Ami's room. :P
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