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Chaotic Love

By xNight
My latest and best fractal imo, spent around 4hrs on it, mostly in apophysis with a few touchups in photoshop to make it a bit more vibrant and glowy
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This is just WoW!
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very nice one!
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That is so incredibly gorgeous it's insane. ^^;
In all seriousness, though... the colors alone are beautiful, as is the delicate air about the entire fractal. It reminds me of a ballroom chandelier.
It also looks, to me, like some sort of futuristic firework or piece of technology. Those graceful swirls just captivate you.
Absolutely lovely work here. I hope you're satisfued with this masterpiece. ;)
Thelma1's avatar
Wow, this is a gorgeous fractal, I love the heart and the way this glows. Fabulous work :+fav:

And BIG congratulations on your IFDD, more than deserved :):):hug:
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That is cool! I love it! Congrats on the DD, too. :)
esintu's avatar
oooh that looks dangerous :slow:
Sengirvampire's avatar
Congrat on IFDD man well deserved :D
ArtistInWaiting's avatar
Lovely! Congrats on the ImagersFractalDD! Isin't it nice we have one of our own showing off our fractals?

*note to self* get link in siggy
BrotherNumsi's avatar
Very cool looking :)
ImagersFractalDDs's avatar
You have earned yourself an Imagers Fractral Daily Deviation for Sunday September 3nd!! :winner:

If you would rather not be featured please NOTE me immediately and I will remove your piece.

In the meantime, however, CONGRATS!! :clap:

You can find your Fractal DD here: [link]
xNight's avatar
Thnx a lot, very happy
Sengirvampire's avatar
Ive always said your a great designer and this just so shows that to me great job :+fav:
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arethusafellini's avatar
Nicely detailed. Great heart flame. :thumbsup:
votrereine's avatar
This is gorgeous. I love it. I makes me think of a little heart pendent or a uniquely shaped bottle. I'm considering getting a tattoo of this now. lol. :+fav:
sammybaggins's avatar
:wow:This is really cool. It looks like a piece of jewerly to me, very vibrant.
shyuewa's avatar
*speechless* woww!!!dis is like one of da best stuff i've seen all day!!XD
iFrameX-2's avatar
Looks very mystical ^^
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