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Hello there and welcome!
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xNeonshadow21| 24 | Artist|

Hello everyone, i am xNeonshadow21 you can call me Neon, Shadow, Mocha or Shiori.
feel free to look around most art contains dragons but i variate from time to time as well.
i am a freelance artist so if you would like art feel free to check out my commission price list above.
if you have any questions feel free to ask them.
Where to find me too :
:bulletblack: :bulletblack: Bi-Curious Stamp. by KleeAStrange

CUTE PASTELLY MYDRAY by SpectroDraqon Please read. by SterlingKato

Yumiko by xNeonshadow21Kazuo by xNeonshadow21
My precious cinnamonrol (♡´౪`♡)
Kazu X Yum By Ixepheriah-dclpym4 by xNeonshadow21
Kazuo Yumiko Chibi  by xNeonshadow21

Besties & Idols give them all some love <3


Pixel Kayo by VAZ0R Pixel Shin by VAZ0R

:liquify: Lil bro(ther) :iconredismed: :liquify:
:liquify: My posse/awesome people <3 :liquify:

:liquify:Friends (no special order!!!!) :liquify:

:liquify:Idols/Inspiration who influence me a lot!!!
(no special order)

Please don’t thank me for the Favourite (It gets tedious typing “You’re Welcome” over and over!)

Honored to be watched by :

WARNING!!! Read before going further, thankyou


Wiggle Wiggle (NOW ACTUALLY WORKS) by LikelyNotKai Wiggle Wiggle (NOW ACTUALLY WORKS) by LikelyNotKai Wiggle Wiggle (NOW ACTUALLY WORKS) by LikelyNotKai Wiggle Wiggle (NOW ACTUALLY WORKS) by LikelyNotKai Wiggle Wiggle (NOW ACTUALLY WORKS) by LikelyNotKai Wiggle Wiggle (NOW ACTUALLY WORKS) by LikelyNotKai


before entering the page any further or to go to the gallery!!!

1. Do not like how i am then do not go further, i do not care who you are or where you come from.
if you do not like how i am then just get the F*** OFF MY D*** PAGE ALREADY!!!.
really done with the bull crap people have thrown at me those years, really done with people saying they care but then stab you in the back or just block and say we are no friends for bull reasons.
2. Do not say things about me you so called have heard about me you do not know me so be nice to know me first before judging a person!
4. If you like my art do not expect me to do freely a drawing for you because you asked for one, no i do not do free art for people i barely know sorry.
5. Hurt one of my friends and i will assure you that you wish you had never done it!
6. Im slightly agressive when it needs to be well very agressive then.
7. Respect each other on this page if not you will be blocked just have respect for each other, things bother then TALK AND NO INSTANT IGNORING SHIT OR BLOCKING OR BLAMING THE PERSONS NO JUST TALK IT OUT.
8. Be kind treat other like you want to be treated so not like shit but kindly, ~neon

Questions and anwsers


tumblr p6lqcgmR2z1v6bs4yo8 250 by xNeonshadow21Tenor by xNeonshadow21

He is my everything my sweetheart who always been there for me, even we broke up one time that was when we were both 15 years old. afther it all even we went seperet ways we found one a other. since then we only have become stronger and wiser, he is my everything my sweet big bad wolf. he is tall and kind making me feel happy. i know im not the easiest one to be around duo things i have been through but this sweetheart is there and helps me so well.
i'd be there for my lovely wolf <3

My Lucky charm Big bad wolf
♥First time In love since 21-08-2009♥
♥Broke up 24-11-2009♥
♥Back together since 27-01-2013♥
♥Living together since 14-02-2015♥

PC  Mydray by Wolfwrathknight PC: Thoran by Wolfwrathknight
made by Wolfwrathknight

Mydray pixel doll by xNeonshadow21 Ayano Pixel by xNeonshadow21

Q : Can i give critique on your work?! even you might not want it?
A : No! i am critical myself about my art, if i need it i will ask to one of my friends who are big artists their selfs. or i ask self to a awesome artist so no i do not need help from you all.

Q : when did you start draw?
A : when i could hold a pencil b!tches

Q : Why is there mostly dragon art?
A : was inspired by spyro when i was younger, kinda got stuck in it but also do real animals now too.

Q : Have you been to art school or followed a curses?
A : no i have not, im self-taught artist.

Q : Do you take RQ's ?
A : No i do not, only it can be i do in a stream depends on my mood.

Q : Do you accept adult/mature/fetish/gore or things like that as commission or rq?
A : NO i do not accept those kinda things at all as Rq or Commission. so do not bothed to even ask me as example a naked sex thing or that people walk into a peeing person. i do not do that go look for people who are into that not me not even on FA

Q : Do you have besides DA other accounts?
A : yes i have.

Q : Can i be your friend?
A : you can but depends on my moods, also do not claim me or hang on me like some helpless person who has nothing else besides it's computer. im on way other part of the world.

Q : Can we be best friends?
A : depends if i like you enough, does not really matter how long you know me. have 2 friends i know for 6years and close to them do we text everyday not really also good friend who just know a few small months.

Q : Do you get fast irritated/annoyed?
A : well yes if you keep bugging me wigh things i do not care about or not relevant to me. then i ignore you so go bothef other people then who might like it. yes i get fast irritated by noneses

Q : Can i get free art?
A : nope, only make gifts to people i like.

Q : Have you ever changed accounts?
A : never still same account i made years ago.

Q : Can you give me files or unmarked drawings when i commission?
A : Think im stupid, hell no!!.

Q : Why do you sometimes dissapear for days?
A : I have a live besides my laptop.

Q : Why have you not answered to my comment yet?
A : I am no speedy conzalus and i only reply to useful comments, not to short ones like nice, great or beautiful.

Q : Why do you have no pictures?
A : You instantly die when seeing me, i eat souls for a living.

Q : Why does you page look all nice but your gallery getting filled with blood drawings?
A : Art shows reality what i like, i like blood and gore so deal with it. (yes like cute things too but im w.e.i.r.d. )

Q : Neon can we call you by your real name?
A : Fuck no.

Q : Can i add you on discored?
A : we will see if your worth it.



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