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Somewhere in pain...

i know it's not new, but i added some contrasts.
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i love the expression.
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Very impressive! o.o
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thankee kindly.
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Wow! It looks like some concept art from GuildWars or something :) Nice job! ;)
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Thank you kindly.
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Youre welcome
xneir's avatar think?
it's pretty tranquil for me.
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I see what you mean. But the concept looks so extreme. It looks like there's a shit load of holes in this guy. Looks painful. But he does look zen about it... and like he deserves it.
He's an ugly beast because of some huge sin he did in his earlier life.
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oh, interesting interpretation, you suppose he need atonement beforehand, either way it's never be peace and harmony in his world?
like neverending purgatory?
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I'm not exactly sure what you mean but... basically, he lives in pain and agony because he did something bad... and he knows he deserves it... you can maybe say it's partly his doing that he's like this. Like he feels he needs punishment.
This reaches into my own life a bit... he doesn't think being like this will solve his problems, but he thinks he'll be viewed better because of it. He did something bad, but at least he's trying to pay for it.
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i see, it's kind of different story, but you got your point, i appreciate your took an interest in describing character's inner world. ^___^
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