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The world outside is cruel, but the war is happening inside his brain. He uses the violence outside his house as an excuse for his excessive sadness. When the war end he will still be sad... But when she comes around his senses come together as one, in a wild synaesthesia, then his heart pumps strongly, as if he suddenly rose from a cold, wet grave to a warm, enlightened life.

by myself...

Cinema 4d 9.5 + Apophysis 2.0 + Photoshop CS2

Inspired in this war that's going on São Paulo and in this lonelyish feeling...

favs n comments appreciated..
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We really liked your work. We used it in one of article (about Synaesthesia) who sent by one of our writers.
We are sorry we couldn't ask and wait for your confirmation, but if you don't want to share your work please let me know. Then as soon as possible we remove your work from our web site.

But of course we linked back directly from your work in our page to your page in Deviantart...
Here it is: [link]
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whoa, thank you very much!
there is no problem about it, i'm really honoured!!
too bad i can't read the article, synaesthesia is a very interesting subject!
thank you for noticing me and prestigiating my work man!
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We are thinking to have English version of our page. And of course some of them has to be translated in English. And synaesthesia is one of them.
When we finish I promise to give you the link.

P.S:And of course Im going to use your work again, I will let you know...

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alright! that's awesome!
please let me know when it's out then!!
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Ok, promise... I will... :)

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AFF Lindo ¬¬, não consigo fazer isso nem se fizesse um intensivo de Design por 1 ano hahaha :+fav:
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hauahu vlwzao kra
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não gostei muito da render =X
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I think the background is really nice, but to me it seems the render has no real place there, I think you sharpend the render a bit too much, so it looks really hard as opposed to the soft cloudy background its on.
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