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Miyo Natanoshi - New OC by xNanys Miyo Natanoshi - New OC by xNanys
I have a new character to the TG ~ from boredom :D (Big Grin)

Name: Miyo Natanoshi
Age: 13 years
Kagune type: Bikaku

-Short Story-

Her father moved to Australia and Miyo lived with her mother alone for 2 years - her parents are not divorced, but are not in any contact!
Nina was told that the Natanoshi family is in danger and so she went to check them. She saw some man with a briefcase at the Natanoshi's house door and decided he's from CCG/Ghoul investigators (I have to re-watch this anime o__o)
When the door opened, Nina quickly killed that man and then she heard Miyo's scream. She saw some person hiding Miyo's mouth and without any decision she killed that person - which was Miyo's mother, trying to protect her daughter.

Nina was shocked by her act, so she grabbed Miyo and took her to Anteiku. Miyo hates Nina and despite her disagreement, Nina tries to take care of her. Will Miyo ever forgive her? 

(Hope you understand it xD bcause my english...arggh. But I wanted some story update) 

♥ Base: Hinami Fueguchi - Tokyo Ghoul 
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July 3, 2015
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