XPS 11.8 - Resize Edition

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Lovely image done by stashingstuff :hug:

XnaPosingStudio  (XPS), also known as XNALara, is a 3D Model Viewing and Posing program for MS Windows, which allows everyone to create amazing Pictures and even frame by frame animations easily and in real-time. The program is free of any charge along with thousands of user provided Content available.

How to download and how to install (updated): xnamall.jimdo.com/tutorials/se…

Hello dear watchers,

this release adds a few nice features and fixes a couple of bugs.

What's new?

-> Reduce Textures on the fly in the Material Editor (RMB click at "Diffuse image preview" ... Ctrl+RMB click to increases the Texture resolution)
-> "Commands-->Resize large textures" creates a new model folder as "texture pack" (double dash notation) and resize all texture images to 512x512 pixel. If you have performance or memory trouble, then use this feature and be happy. The original model will be untouched. The new model will be loaded immediately.
-> If XPS will not launch up, then the app create now a log file called "XPS_Errorlog.txt" with all "Detail" informations.
-> Disable/Enable lightmaps and specular maps
-> "Commands-->Swap selected item" lets you swap the selected item to a different one
-> "Material Editor-->Select another mesh part"
-> Drag & Drop model folders into the "Render Window"

-> Bugs with mirroring
-> Errors on startup

Convinced. I want the DL!
-Here you go for the Download:

Core Design download link: www.core-design.com/community_…

We hope you enjoy using XPS - XNA Posing Studio in its new version and look forward to the next one!
XNALara/XPS the current latest Version.

Main Authors of XPS: Dusan, XNAaraL
Journal Author: xXFreakyUnderworldXx, tell me if i made typos or mistakes ><
© 2016 - 2021 XNALARAITALIA
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ARandomDegenrate's avatar

Anyone else know how to reduce lag on a laptop I'm getting 7 fps without a model and a solid 3 when importing anything

erool's avatar

help please,.....

erool's avatar

Im using windos 10,... i ve installed them all,... the problem is,.. where I can find instaled program,... ?

Weebos5000's avatar

i need the 2017 version my HDD crashed and there isnt one on the web anymore im missing all the shaders unless someone can send me the shaders plz

No version of XPS was released in 2017. Thank you to those who offer copyrighted video games for money (commission).

Weebos5000's avatar

i dont offer commissions for video game assets

Weebos5000's avatar

does anyone have 11.8.8?

miasaka's avatar

Question, Ctrl+LMB used to move the model on the ground plane but it doesn't work anymore. What is the new command now? I can't seem to find it


Yes, since more than 4 years; --> XPS 11.5 - Seven Anniversary Edition ( Feb 20, 2016 )


-> XPS 11.5 can move multiple models at the same time by pressing Ctrl+LMB,

the new shortcut for positioning them on the ground is Ctrl+Alt+LMB




"I am not your help button"

What about "XPS-->Help-->3d window controls" ?

Ctrl + Alt + LMB click/drag ... position model on ground plane

"What part of Bwahahaha! Don't you understand?"




Welcome back to the XPS world

miasaka's avatar

It's been a while since I used XPS so I forgot the new controls. Many thanks

NikoSaliere's avatar

Where to find a XPS 11.8.8 link?

My XPS with my scenes in this version are broken.


XPS 11.8.8 is outdated and no longer supported.

Furthermore, models using more than 4 weights per vertex, converted for XPS 11.8.9 cannot be loaded in 11.8.8




About your statement "My XPS with my scenes in this version are broken." ... please read:


Do not move the models into the folder of the new XPS version! Install the new XPS version over the old version. (In the same app folder as before, with "overwrite" all "YES")!

Never ever rename the folder name/hierarchy from any data folder!

That way the data files will remain intact. "

CyberBrian360's avatar

So Is the "Xps 12.0 "!

Avabile For "Download "! ?

Well I have Been On the " Main Site's "! ?

( Link: https://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?p=7714582#post7714582 )

( Link: https://core-design.com/community_xps.html )

And I Can'nt Find the Link ?

Hatredboy's avatar
Hi, I know you guys are working for 11.9 someday, but I've been meaning to ask you about this XPS 11.8. In fact, I have two issues I need to solve by improving and updating if possible for one day. For better than the current version of XPS 11.8

One, about lightning, I want you to add lens and colours on lightning parameters for XPS. I mean sure, most XPS users used lightning with models for Blender or 3dMaxs within Photoshop or other painting programs but this should be easier for XPS, right? Is it possible or not?

Two, about Resize. You know some models are the heavy files for XPS when things are slow and sometimes get errors while loading and zooming in like Batman Arkham Knight, Mortal Kombat 11, Injustice 2, Star Wars The Fallen Order, infamous 2 Second Sons, Hellblade, Dissidia NT Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts III, Resident Evil Remake 2/3, Devil May Cry V and now Final Fantasy VII Remake. Of course, I always resized to 512 x 512, you know. To save a different folder with LD, yes but I had relocated the old meshes into LD folder but not the current XPS file. Somewhat I find this useful for moving barley than slower...But only 512 x 512? Hmm, I find this hard to believe and unsatiated. I would like to change by choosing any low numbers I want to resize than 512 x 512. Any I can choose freely without 512x512 or 1024x 1024 from Command so I can move faster and nice? Will that possible too?

Please let me know if what you think about those statements and you can do those two issues I'm talking someday. Hopeful this should make sense to you all and more useful. If I'm only one who had this idea, so be it. But I'm betting I'm not alone.

Just saying ... XPS 11.8 is outdated since ages.

The currently latest public version is XPS 11.8.9

The currently latest private version is XPS 12.0

Good look by solving your two issues.

BTW: "Your" suggestions are already implemented in XPS since ages ... just saying ;)

Example ( 01-04-2009, 16:57 )

XNALara 4.0 -- release 030

- two light sources instead of one

- custom light colors

I'm betting you are not alone by missing somethings ... like

the right "Suggestion thread" ... or

the right FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) thread Mother of god


If you know it ... please tell us ...

::: who is saying that somewhere would working for 11.9 someday ? ... it is new for me

::: who is saying that some guys are working for XPS ... that is new for me ... it is just

Me, Myself & I

Hatredboy's avatar
Okay, thanks and it seems that new XPS 12.0 is not for download yet.

"Privat" version means "Friends only" version


XPS 11.8.7 ( Wed Feb 20, 2019 3:52 pm )

- New "Command" to resize the textures to 1024 x 1024 Pixel (or to 512 x 512 Pixel)

So again, your" suggestions are already implemented in XPS since ages ... just saying ;)

And again, what or where is your source of informations about XPS 11.9 ("private" August 2016) ???

Hatredboy's avatar
Okay, I've downloaded XPS.11.8.9 View Move Edition recently. But Isn't XPS meant for everyone to download the public link? Unless there is a reason I assume?

But nothing new for Command about same numbers resize "1024 x 1024 and 512 x 512 Pixels even this year.

Hmm?? You. You did give me that other link to research about XPS update. Didn't you check that out before?

I have no idea what you're talking about.


The public link is core.design http://core-design.com/community_xps.html and this is XPS 11.8.9

So if XPS meant for everyone to download the public link, the official public version is 11.8.9


No, the number to resize differ between 11.8 and 11.8.9

11.8 had only 512x512

11 8
11 8 9

In 11.8.9, you can choose 512x512 or 1024x1024


Sure, I had cheked, ask for use ... and download the private versions.

XPS 1.0, XPS 11.9.1 and XPS 12.0


But it was yOU, who had talked about somebody "working for 11.9 ". I have show you my source of informations. What is YOUR source?

Hatredboy's avatar
All right, fair enough. Well, that wasn't really sourced I talked, I just guessed because I had no idea whoever founder XPS and working for 11.9 from the start since there are a lots XPS users in different sites than this DA.



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