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XNALara/XPS outdated version

Lovely image done by Jay-Kennedy :hug:

XnaPosingStudio  (XPS) is a "XNA Model Viewer" and 3D posing software based on (and compatible to) XNALara, for any 3D character. With a rather rudimentary way to make a keyframe animation. Free of charge.
There a few thousand different posable character for XNALara/XPS ... free available.

How to download and how to install: comments.deviantart.com/4/2229…

Hey dear watchers,

Here's a new XNALara/XPS Countdown version! And this time it is a special one! Today is XNALara/ XPS 5th birthday!

5 years ago Dusan :icondusanpavlicek: started this amazing project and gave us all the sweet posing program we enjoy! With the help of :iconxnaaral:, :iconzcochrane: and recently :icond1m0s: it is still being updated with new features!

The really new feature by D1m0s is explained below under 1.!

- Yepp we thought it'd be kinda fun to have a few small versions before XPS 11!

What's new?

1. The Add Model window now has a preview image function!

It is easy to add! All you have to do is adding a preview image called 'prev.png' into the models folder. Subfolders can contain previews too. If you don't like it, you can disable this feature of course.

The best size for your preview image is 600 x 800 pixels! That way it fits just fine into that box!

2. New render groups 38 (no alpha) and  39 (with alpha): They require 4# textures: diffuse bump specular emission in this order. The value usage stays the same for the global intensity of the specular effect.

3. The menu item "Window-->3D canvas size ..." has a new item "Preview image size" to set the best size and background color for making the preview images (for the mouse over effect explained above under 1.)


4. New feature: Options-->Camera parameters  -->Rotation roll allows you to create more dynamic camera angles.

5. Addon regarding the new preview feature. Swap ground menu now also features previews.

Previous Easter Eggs are still there ;D Info in the previous release: xnalaraitalia.deviantart.com/j…

Convinced. I want the DL!
- Here you go for the Download:

Mirror: www.sendspace.com/file/awgzj7
Mirror: www.mediafire.com/download/crm…
Notes: Click the big ''Download Now'' button on the right for the zippyshare download!

We hope you enjoy using XPS - XNA Posing Studio in it's new version and look forward to the next one!
XNALara/XPS the current latest Version.

Main Authors of XPS: Dusan, XNAaraL
Journal Author: xXFreakyUnderworldXx, tell me if i made typos or mistakes ><

Random information
Keir Eidos himself says about Dusans amazing project: "I seriously love it. Some of the guys have done some fantastic and funny things with Lara, haven't they?! "

For those who question why there are pictures. I do searches for games, XPS and XNALara here on dA and pick images randomly. Feel free to give these artists a visit! They do nice jobs.
© 2014 - 2021 XNALARAITALIA
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Wrenchy247's avatar
Every time I try to open it, it always crashes!
BigOne44's avatar
Here's how to resolve it:
1. install the .NET Framework 4.6.2 from here: www.microsoft.com/en-us/downlo…
2. also install the XNA 3.0 framework from here: www.microsoft.com/en-us/downlo…
3. (optional) run XPS as an administrator.

These steps worked for me.
Taitiii's avatar
Hi. Recently in XPS had a problem. When I open a few models, that it's result: s009.radikal.ru/i307/1505/71/4…. And when I start to do a pose the model is duplicated several times: s017.radikal.ru/i415/1505/89/4…. What is the problem? Why is this happening?
AACrashBurn's avatar
Sorry if this is a stupid question... but is this the newest version?
I've tried searching for it. ^^;
AACrashBurn's avatar
Never mind... I think I found it. Version 11.
robot-god's avatar
New camera roll feature appears to be buggy. Upgraded straight to 11 skipping this version.
Roll is capped to -999.999 to 89.9943. when yaw, pitch are 0, appears to roll camera about direction camera points (good) by ~ atan(roll), so can rotate camera almost 90 deg anticlockwise, or ~57.5 deg clockwise. I guess this behaviour is not deliberate.
Change yaw/pitch and things get wackier. Sensible way to have things IMO is to apply roll last (roll about direction camera is pointing), and by an angle, from -180 to +180. For ease of use, movement of camera by using mouse should be rotated to compensate.
If this isn't the right place for technical feedback please let me know. Thanks.
XNAaraL's avatar
Of course, this behaviour is not deliberate. Thanks for this information. Since more than 1 year .... nobody has notice this :lol:
NemesisPrime42's avatar
When I open the program for the first time, everything it's okay, when I close it, a file called "XNA.cfg" appears and if I open the game appears a second control window and the scene changes :-(
XNAaraL's avatar
  1. The (current) lastest Version is XPS 11.0 xnalaraitalia.deviantart.com/j… ... perhaps this solve your problem
  2. There is a new feature "Config-->Don't save 3D Window Dimensions"
    1. Remove the file XNA.cfg
    2. Toggle "Don't save 3D Window Dimensions" to ON
PixelMuigio44's avatar
Someone please help me. I've enabled the Microsoft XNA Framework 3.0 on my computer but the program just stops working before I can actually do anything in the program.
GothicGamerXIV's avatar
Works perfect! Thank you very muchw00t! 
XNAaraL's avatar

Have fun with XPS 11.0 xnalaraitalia.deviantart.com/j… .... the current latest version ;) 
SandyPeacebringer's avatar
Help !
i've always gets error 0xc000007b when trying to start xps..
everytime i've to downloading new xps to get rid of this error.. but now i can't start it !
i've installed microsoft XNA Framework 3.0  -thingy before and still got this message...
i'm win7 user..
can anyone help me ?
XNAaraL's avatar
I am sure anyone can help you
==>  www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIvPZj…
==> www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rVuHx…

Jangan tergoda untuk mengakhiri pesanmu dengan kalimat tak berarti seperti “Ada yang bisa membantu ?” atau “Ada tidak yang tahu jawabannya?”.  bulsara.host.sk/index.php?p=20…
PD-Black-Dragon's avatar
Is there a Mac version? And if so what are the requirements?
XNAaraL's avatar
Yes, there is a Mac version available zcochrane.deviantart.com/art/G…
Download link github.com/cochrane/GLLara/rel…

  • Mac OS X (10.8 and higher)
  • Experimental support for 10.7. Warning: Not all computers running Mac OS X 10.7 can run this app. Only those that support OpenGL 3.2 or higher (that's the same ones that can be upgraded to 10.8 ) qualify.
  • Version 0.2.2 works on OS X 10.10 as well.
PD-Black-Dragon's avatar
I downloaded all of the files, but I'm unsure how to get it to work (like what files I need to open in order to get it to run.) Sorry if I'm being a pain in the ass, but I've never used a program like this. :(
hello !
in the xps11 demo objects rotate with the mouse. does it mean something in particular ? ;D (like rotating bones directly without the 123 numpad keys ?)
damn it would be great !
have a nice day !
XNAaraL's avatar
This old "XPS 11 Demo" Project  xnalaraitalia.deviantart.com/j… is suspended since ages.

In XPS ... LMB rotate already the camera. This will not be changed.
If you dislike the 123 numpad keys, then use the qwe keys ;)
no 123 is fine for me (i'm on azerty keyboard). so much better than moving the cursor on the bars. i just thought there would have been another step.^^
aloren2's avatar
Any news regarding xps 11 ? Is it still being developed ?
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