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Hey Claudia, don’t know if you’re taking suggestions but if you do, I’d love some advice. Great Art! I love the overall layout and how ...

Newest Deviations

Valve SMD to XPS converter - with textures and RGs by XnaFreak Valve SMD to XPS converter - with textures and RGs :iconxnafreak:XnaFreak 26 30 New XPS Render Groups by XnaFreak New XPS Render Groups :iconxnafreak:XnaFreak 13 9 XPS -- Convert Low Poly models to High Poly models by XnaFreak XPS -- Convert Low Poly models to High Poly models :iconxnafreak:XnaFreak 37 21 Root Ground Bone Rule + Blender 2.7 mesh.ascii BUG by XnaFreak Root Ground Bone Rule + Blender 2.7 mesh.ascii BUG :iconxnafreak:XnaFreak 8 2 XPS NextGen goes to HD --  High Poly models in XPS by XnaFreak XPS NextGen goes to HD -- High Poly models in XPS :iconxnafreak:XnaFreak 27 3 New XNALara version 9.9 by XnaFreak New XNALara version 9.9 :iconxnafreak:XnaFreak 11 34 Space Ship by XnaFreak Space Ship :iconxnafreak:XnaFreak 10 5 Rita sinredemption by XnaFreak Rita sinredemption :iconxnafreak:XnaFreak 2 42 XNALara Update: version 9.8 by XnaFreak XNALara Update: version 9.8 :iconxnafreak:XnaFreak 22 17 CoD Civilian Female 1 by XnaFreak CoD Civilian Female 1 :iconxnafreak:XnaFreak 38 0
j_mainroot;root hips
tag_sync;unused tagsync
j_hip_le;leg left thigh
j_knee_le;leg left knee
j_ankle_le;leg left ankle
j_ball_le;leg left toes
j_hip_ri;leg right thigh
j_knee_ri;leg right knee
j_ankle_ri;leg right ankle
j_ball_ri;leg right toes
j_spine4;unused spine4
j_spinelower;spine lower
j_spineupper;spine upper
j_neck;unused neck
j_head;unused head
head j_neck;head neck lower
head root;unused head root
head j_head;head neck upper
head j_jaw;head jaw
#head tongue 1
#head tongue 2
head j_lip_bot_ri;head lip lower right
#head lip lower middle
head j_lip_bot_le;head lip lower left
head j_cheeklower_le;head cheek left 1
head j_cheek_le;head cheek left 2
head j_levator_le;head nostril left
head j_cheeklower_ri;head cheek right 1
head j_cheek_ri;head cheek right 2
head j_levator_ri;head nostril right
head j_eyeball_le;head eyeball left
head j_eyeball_ri;head eyeball right
#head eyelid right both
head j_eye_lid_top_ri;head eyelid right upper
head j_eye_lid_bot_ri;head eyeli
:iconxnafreak:XnaFreak 4 2
CoD to XPS port WIP by XnaFreak CoD to XPS port WIP :iconxnafreak:XnaFreak 6 0 Mass Effect Andromeda -- Suvi by XnaFreak Mass Effect Andromeda -- Suvi :iconxnafreak:XnaFreak 11 0 Mass Effect Andromeda Suvi by XnaFreak Mass Effect Andromeda Suvi :iconxnafreak:XnaFreak 8 0 Mai Shiranui by XnaFreak Mai Shiranui :iconxnafreak:XnaFreak 46 4 Trident Mk3 Fighter by XnaFreak Trident Mk3 Fighter :iconxnafreak:XnaFreak 11 1

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18 deviations
47 deviations
Valve SMD to XPS converter - with textures and RGs
Already obsolete and canceled ;) (Wink)

NEW smd2xps XpsImportExportScript to load .smd files in XPS
(Valve SMD to XPS mesh.ascii converter)

Currently latest (NEW) version v2.0

So I ask to test the new final smd2xps.exe tool version 2.0 DL

New in v2.0:

- Support for "BoneDict.txt" inside the tool folder, for renaming the Valve bone names to XPS bone names. You can extend this list. New "unknown" bones will be added to the Blene dictonary by smd2xps itself.
- smd2xps fix now the "pure white" XPS issue. thx at 
silkroad820420 for detect it…
- Radio button to create Normal maps for XPS (using blue channel range from 127 to 255) or for Blender (using blue channel range from 0 to 255)

HOW to use?
->… <-


SSPD077 has requested to create a script for importing some other 3D format models to XPS .
Now, we have a Valve SMD importer for XPS.

Many thanks to :icontselman61: for his patience and support.
The script import SMD Mesh and textures and Armature/Bones.
The material informations are parsed from the Valve .vmt files (Color and Normal maps)
Transparency detection and support

How to use?
Unzip it  as "XpsImportExportScript.cs" in XNALara_XPS\scripts by overwriting the existing script. 
Run it with "Commands->Run Import/Export script ..."
Select your .smd file(s)

- To convert the .vtf files (images) to .png
- To extract the specular maps from the normal map alpha channel


   private static bool FLIP_UV = false;
   private static bool ROTATE_X = true;
   private static bool SCALE = true;

New XPS Render Groups
Just read I wish there was one (RG) that had "Diffuse, Normal, Emission, & Environment" </span>

So I did a research if this is possible. And yes, generating new user customized render groups (RG's) for XPS is actually possible.

My first thought after reading the journal New and improved format for XNALara/XPS (NGFF) was:
no more Render Groups: This mean that we just put any textures in any order we will like.
No more specific order such as -diffuse, light/ao, normal/bump, specular. No more use of dummy textures if we don't need them (why puting a bump_null just because the RG needs a normal/bump texture?). And also, no more removing textures because the render group doesn't support that textures we would like to use (have you ever wanted to use speculars with environment textures in the same mesh?)

The bad news, a quick test has shown that the development of the NGFF has not been completed.
The NGFF currently does not support environment textures or emission (glow) textures :(

Then I found in the journal of junkymana  a comment of the XPS developer: Right, without having RG's (NGFF) this is possible.
After a few tries I found the key to the solution: "User written shaders", assigned to the material groups!

Sounds complicated, but it's easy.

HOW to make new RG's?
Just do not do it.

How can we use a material that supports "Diffuse, Emission, Normal & Environment" textures?
  1. Download this new shader and Unzp it into the folder "XNALara_XPS\shaders". You never need to mark ON this shader with "Shaders-> User written ...".
  2. Load the model, that should use the new material, in XPS.
  3. Open the relevant part with the "Modify-> Material Editor" (Ctrl+T). Ex: jackett in my image 
  4. Select "Render Group" 24 or 25 and
    • Put your Environment map into the "light map" slot
    • Put your Emission(Glow) map into the "specular map" slot.
    • Adjust your Environment blend value (Ex: 0.8) with the first render propertie
  5. Save your model with "Modify->Save NGFF ...". You can use any filename, like "foo"
  6. Now we let the magic happen.
    1. Navigate to the folder with your NGFF model, and open the foo.mtl file with your text editor (notepad)
    2. Search your Material (Ex: jacket)
      you will find something like:

      newmtl Modeljacket_Material001
      Ks 0.8 0.8 0.8
      map_Kd jacket_diffuse.png
      map_Kn urban_civ_female_up_body_a_nml.png
      map_Ka environment.png
      map_Ks emission.png
      sc +X -Y +Z
      cm none
      opaque yes
    3. Add behind it a new line:

      shader NewRGs;DiffuseEnvBumpGlow

      The result will be:

      newmtl Modeljacket_Material001
      Ks 0.8 0.8 0.8
      map_Kd jacket_diffuse.png
      map_Kn urban_civ_female_up_body_a_nml.png
      map_Ka environment.png
      map_Ks emission.png
      sc +X -Y +Z
      cm none
      opaque yes
      shader NewRGs;DiffuseEnvBumpGlow
  7. That was all. The one line "shader NewRGs;DiffuseEnvBumpGlow" does the magic.

    Load your NGFF model, like normal ("File->Add", "Modify->Load Generic_Item" or Drag&Drop),
    ... drumroll
    "Diffuse, Emission, Normal & Environment" textures :) 

If I already create a new shader, then I also implemented:
"Diffuse, Emission, Normal & Specular" textures  

How make "Diffuse, Emission, Normal & Specular" happens
  1. Put your Diffuse map into the "diffuse map" slot :)
  2. Put your Environment map into the "light map" slot ;)
  3. Put your Normal map into the "bump map" slot :)
  4. Put your Specular map into the "specular map" slot. :)
  5. Save it as NGFF
  6. Add to the .mtl file for the particula rmaterial
    shader NewRGs;DiffuseEnvBumpSpecular

Have Fun.
Please read 

Update 2/1/2018 - Concern over commissions

He hid my comment. :lol: Sorry, I know what i am talking about. :lol:
Unfortunately, this is only one issue of many. It is just an exemplary example to illustrate the situation.

He say, that he only charging money for his conversion services. And in one of his comments in his previous journal entry,… he say "It would be the same as charging money for converting a word document to a PDF document, legally speaking."

That is exactly what he does :(
Buying a DAZ model and porting it to XPS for money
is exactly the same as
buying a E-Book and converting it to PDF and charging money for this conversion services.
It is crime and illegal, legally speaking!

I therefore want to repeat my comment as "open letter", and ask for your opinions.

Hey guy, in my opinion the content of your journal is BS. You're trying to fooling your watcher and to misinform your watchers. :(

The XPS "Terms of Use":
Please respect, you needs a permission document, given by the real owner, if you will share a model which is not made from scratch by yourself.

You saying, you am actually the only person in the community who makes models from scratch to share, so technically you would be the most respectful of all of the porters in the community? Handmade models? Made from scratch?
Sorry for clarifying it:
No, they are pay models from DAZ and some morphs of them. And you spread assets , ripped from copyrighted video games, without having the permission of the owner.
This is not what a "respectful porter" does. It is crime and illegal at all. Read the comments there:

 The Copyright War Begins

You saying, any model used in the XNALara community is stolen property, taken illegally from a videogame?
I hope that is not the case, except the video game assets which you distribute without the permission of the owner.
To clarify the matter ->… <-
At first it is a matter of the "permission document" from the real owner (video game publisher) to use their assets.
The :devart: copyright policy, in brief, states that your submissions may only contain materials or images which were created entirely through your own effort, authorized stock or resources and materials or images for which you have obtained permission for use in the submission.
You must obtain written permission from the proper and legal owner of any work which you wish to use!
I really hope, that every XPS porter has submit this permission document. Otherwise it is illegal.

You saying, YOU charging money for YOUR conversion services?
Sorry, I have never see that the real owner this allow. On the contrary! I will show to you a part of one of this permission documents as example:
Also, you should not use our works in order to do or say anything what is or may be considered racist, xenophobic, sexist, defamatory or otherwise offensive or illegal.
Please also remember that you may not use these assets for any commercial purposes!

It is illegal if you make money, even you would have their permission to share their assets (for free).

You saying, the videogame developers really don't care what we do with these models, illegal or not. The models themselves have no worth?
Sorry, you are wrong. Read for example the Ubisoft POLICY about POSTING COPYRIGHTED UBISOFT MATERIAL:
Assets: Please do not take assets from our games (for example voice, music, items) and distribute them separately.
Read (again)…
You start trying to make money off something they own, their lawyers will not take long finding you.
If you want to know what happens, then look here luxox18 or here Steve-Carpindo or here or here…

You saying that the fact of the matter would be, we're all breaking copyright laws by even opening models for XNALara?
True, some publishers do not allow even that we show there assets as XNALara_XPS render image! But, how will you load this models in XNALara, without having this models for XNALara? Remember, it is a matter of the permission by the real owner. If the owner do not allow to port the models, then there are not such models; or this models would be shared illegal by porters with dubious ethic. No serious porter will distribute a copyrighted video game model without the permission of the owner.

If you want to sell stuff you will have to use a free to use model (royal free), or make your own, just like you would have to with any other commercial venture. And you would have to be careful not to infringe on any existing copyright or trademark. You cannot just go sell stuff and cash in on someone else's creation. You need permission from the copyright owner at least, possibly more depending on the usage.

A useful advice for seeking permission:

The Basics of Getting Permission - Copyright Overview by Rich Stim ...

  1. Determine if permission is needed.
  2. Identify the owner.
  3. Identify the rights needed.
  4. Plan Ahead for Permission.
  5. Contact the owner and negotiate whether payment is required.
  6. Get your permission agreement in writing.
  7. Convert the release form into a JPG, PNG or PDF file by scanning the original. 
  8. Submit your finished work or browse to the deviation page of the deviation
  9. Click on the pencil icon near the top right corner and choose "Attach Permissions Document" from the options.
  10. Submit the permissions statement which you had previously converted

Your thoughts!


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