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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Favourite genre of music: electronic, metal, industrial/EBM, 80's synthpop, synthwave, darkwave
Favorite bands: The Birthday Massacre, The Frozen Autumn, Handful of Snowdrops, MIAB/THYX, Neurotech, Front 242, Oceán
Favourite style of art: digital
Favourite artists: Harmoniousrain, Kerydarling, Scaevitas, Peridotkitty
Operating System: Windows

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Update: 1) Electro-BLITZ is trying to harrass people who reposted this journal or made a reply in it, and threaten them to expose some personal data or bring old dramas involving them:
be aware of this person ((Updated))Y'all all know I don't make a lot of these but I am now becoming weary of this person and I think I should also let everyone know. Earlier I read a journal by xn-d and it was such a shame to read that someone would treat an artist as such. Be it sides or "behavior" that never gives you the right to refuse to pay someone when you made a former agreement. They did not handle the situation like an adult and that itself put this person on my blacklist- but then A friend contacted me and told me about something else they did.
here is the journal-

I chose to censor other names for their privacy- this has already become ridiculous,

such behavior is not only cruel but slimy in its own way. blackmailing or threatening to leak private NSFW conversations like that because someone wants to cut ties with you is very low. it is one t

2) He tried to send "fake" payment and used it to manipulate and blackmail me:…
3) He tried to expose my personal data in the comment above (that's why it was hidden and reposted by me with proper censoring) and also started writing some replies and deleting them by himself ("Hidden by commenter"), pretending that I'm removing them.

:iconelectro-blitz: has bought a commission from me in 2016 (Technical Perfection) which was paid in full. Then he asked for more commissions with this character and my ponysona. I started one of them (nsfw fullbody art with two characters and cel shading) around 15th January 2017, but due to personal reasons and high complexity I wasn't able to continue working on it, so I notified Electro-BLITZ that I put it on hold for a while. I haven't requested any payments from him for this commission yet. Later, in May 2017, I announced that I'm going to finish this commission and asked if he's still need it. He sayd "Yes". As a compensation for long wait I made this commission as PWYW (Pay What You Want), partly because he said that he had some financial troubles due to moving to another house.
First versions of the commission were completed 6th June 2017 and other one - 24th June:

Mature Content

She Wants It All by xn-d

I have made 3 main versions total (2 nsfw versions and safe version) and several additional versions for free. I was fine to wait a month for payment, but I didn't get it. When I reminded him that he had to pay me for finished commission, he tried to pretend that it was a "gift", so he owe me nothing. I threw in some screenshots of older chat logs, he confirmed that it is a commission and then asked about the price. I said that I'd be happy with at least $40. Another month passed by, I reminded him again about the payment and he immediately started whining, saying something like "stop acting like my ex" and such. (At this point I have to note that he started complaining about various things much earlier, and he was upset about the delay of second commission way more that he should, considering that he paid nothing at that time. Here's an example:

After some time he casually mentioned that he finally has some money to buy commissions from other artists or maybe even from me. I reminded AGAIN that he still haven't paid for his previous commission. He promised to pay it in full before September. It didn't happened. When I was about to call him out, this conversation happened:

My response might sound a bit rude, but note that it was like third time when I politely reminded about payment before, and it was third month of waiting for my money while having to deal with all his excuses and insults

Later, somewhere on 17th October 2017, I saw this (NSFW warning):… )

Shortly after that I noticed that he removed all his DM's (personal messages in Discord) and deleted me from friends. Of course I never seen any signs of commission payment on my account.
Also I must note that Electro-BLITZ was also responsible for multiple Patreon scams on me (the thing when a patron removes their pledge shortly before 1st of the next month so the payment won't be completed): $5 pledge from his main Patreon account and $1 pledge from his alt account:…. Both times he deleted them before they could be charged.

That's all the facts. As you can see, he clearly had money for commissions and thus he lied about "paying before September" thing and "having a hard life", and apparently he decided to not pay for finished commission because "my attitude wasn't appropriate enough" (while being overly arrogant himself in the first place) and spend his savings on some random stuff right in front of my face. That's what I got for my hard work, for additional free edits and big discount for initial price, for my gifts to him which cost me money ( and I wasn't even forcing him to pay the full price for this commission so he could pay at least something, but his behavior is just plain ridiculous.

I advice everyone to not have any deals with Electro-BLITZ, especially involving doing art before getting full payment. He's proven to be manipulative and dangerous.
Please do not attack or harrass this person.


xn-d has started a donation pool!
854 / 3,000
For point commissions and gifts for favorite artists. Some high donations will be rewarded with free sketch or coloured sketches!

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Gift for :iconnording34: :> Monochrome pones are my favorite <3

Btw, do not try to decipher deviation name. I'm just too lazy to make proper name, lol

Some WIP ponymorph stats:

Name: Erin Daedricon
Type: Magica
Gender: female
Size: extra large
Rank: Enchanted Princess
Weapon: gravitation magic + other
Occupation: unknown

UPD: fix
Flat color version:…


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