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Say You Will
let's run away,
go where no one knows our name
go where no one's seen our face
let's run away to a safer place
just you and i love,
lets go away
from all the noise, from all the worry,
leave it all behind,
take my hand, i won't let you go,
we'll make a jump, take a leap,
and we will go,
out on a limb, to seek a new adventure,
to find ourselves,
lets run away , you and i love,
lets take on the world away from it all,
the noise, the worry,
you and i where no one knows our names,
no one's seen our face,
lets run away,
lets elope,
a small chapel on the coast
in the bright city lights,
tell me you will tell me you want to
run away with me my love..
you and i, a safer place just us wrapped in each others embrace
say you will, just say you will take a chance with me,
:iconxmypapertruthx:XmypapertruthX 3 0
mary. mary. by XmypapertruthX mary. mary. :iconxmypapertruthx:XmypapertruthX 5 6
Tell Me of Love
She had no choice but to watch hopelessly as the man she loved placed his sword into the sheath upon his back and mounted his horse.
She wanted to call out, 'stop!' wanted him to step off his horse wanted to hold him in a tight embrace, let him knkow he wont find what hes lookingfor in battle. wanted to run to his side and confess her true feelings. Since the day he arrived to their village, weary and beaten down by the harsh winters wind, she despised him. Didn't trust his words of a war. The village had been safe for years. War had ended, never really even began. It had come and gone like a summers breeze. Only a feew men had been injured none taken from them.
She wanted to tell him to Stay, wanted him to get off his horse and go back to his workwiththe local blacksmith.
Alas, she held back. He rode off with his army of 27 men, breastplates gleaming in the fading sunlight, swords swaying at their hips. Mothers clung to their younger children,holding them just a little tighter. Young
:iconxmypapertruthx:XmypapertruthX 0 0
make my way back to you.
Every breath I take,
Every move I make,
I can't help but think of you.
Wonder what you'd do if I appeared on your doorstep.
Would you take me in?
Would you turn me away?
Would you already be in the arms of another..?
I'll find my way back to you,
I need you to believe me.
Belive I'm running as fast as I can,
I won't stop to catch my breathe,
I'll keep running long after my shoes wear down,
No matter my aches and pains,
Just hold on another day.
I'll make my way back to you.
Just don't give up on me,
I'll make my way back to you.
Every breath I take,
Every move I make,
I can't help but think of you.
I'll keep running,
Long after my shoes have worn down,
Long after the sun has set,
No matter my aches and pains,
I'll keep running,
I'll make my way back to you.
:iconxmypapertruthx:XmypapertruthX 2 0
hot and cold. by XmypapertruthX hot and cold. :iconxmypapertruthx:XmypapertruthX 2 0 wash. by XmypapertruthX wash. :iconxmypapertruthx:XmypapertruthX 1 0 tile. by XmypapertruthX tile. :iconxmypapertruthx:XmypapertruthX 2 0
anything for you...
love me, hate me, hurt me, break me.
pick me up, fill me with sweet nothings,
kiss my lips and hold me tight.
promise me of a future bright and dear,
love me..
take your anger out on me, when its been one of those days.
when school and works just too much..
raise your voice, yell at me names..
hate me..
push me away, tell me how im nothing,
how you never needed me,
never loved me, never wanted me.
then turn right around and tell me how much i mean to you.
break me...
just don't leave me...
I'll always be here,
To support you, to love be all you need...
love me, hate me, hurt me, break me my love,
just don't leave me...
ask and i'll give in a heartbeat..
always and forever,
anything for you my love...
just don't leave..
:iconxmypapertruthx:XmypapertruthX 2 0
trying not to give up
I sometimes wonder if I can do this when I...
Can't find the right words to say,
Can't find the right thing to do.
Want you to know ,
How much you mean to me.
I can't find the words to say.
Should I speak in present? Past? Future?
I search my mind, my heart,
As I wander this worn trial,
THis forest, this beach I've seen so many times.
I search high, and low.
I cannot find my love,
I cannot find us.
My heart clenches, begins to panic as it feels the flame is flickering, is fading.
I don't know if it's my own over worried mind playing tricks,
I don't know wheter to fall to my knees and give up,
I don't know if its worth it to keep on fighting,
I feel so exhausted so drained of my energy.
Feel so beaten down.
So unsure.
Yet....I think of then..
when the ocean was calm, when the sky was clear.
I'll stand, I'll keep moving,
and Pray your doing the same…
You haven't forgotten and this flame is burning stronger then ever..
:iconxmypapertruthx:XmypapertruthX 4 3
The Path
Trees loomed, bowing inward, as if acknowledging the new presence. His breathing became more difficult the farther this trail-half disguised by pine needles and brush- took him into the dense forest, dull lighting making the trail even more hidden. Forest creatures, too dreamlike to be real, danced in the fading summer light at the opening of the forest. It had started off with a letter, he thought as he wandered on to meet either his demise or future. He in fact, had no idea the object of this quest he now embarked on. Four weeks prior, a letter had come to the village, addressed to the young man of 17, stating; "Follow the trail swept by needles, let your feet carry you. Do not question, do not worry. Tell no one. Keep continuing no matter what you see, what you hear. Move on as if it is you and the trees." Daring, brave and confident, they no more looked twice at the sway of slanted cursive lining the crisp off white paper. Now, four weeks later, the letter tucked away safely in the
:iconxmypapertruthx:XmypapertruthX 2 0
I've been wishing on the same stars, that dot this velvet night sky,
Been wishing on the same hour, of every minute, of every day.
For someone like you to come along, someone like you to be real.
You took my hand, just as I started to slip, from faith, from life, from myself,
You took my chin in your hand and brought my eyes up to yours,
You brought light into this dark,
You brought life into my eyes,
Now I feel I'm slipping away again,
Thinking this is all just a dream,
Maybe i've just …made it all up,
so sick on this town, these lies, this life.
Tricked myself into believing someone like you could really be true,
Someone like you could really want someone like me.
Now i lie to rest, with a hollow heart ,  couple pills, to dull the pain.
I can't feel your energy anymore, and I worry your fading….
This Cali world I've known, seems to be swallowing me alive..
My ribs have collapsed from this building pressure, building worry, puncturing my lungs,
My breath is shallow
:iconxmypapertruthx:XmypapertruthX 4 0
my love
my love, handsome and daring,
your poetic voive a lullaby, as your fiery passion fills the night air,
your words like stars, flow endlessly as we lie side by side underneath the velvet sky,
long as my heart beats, i'll listen always, to the stories you have to tell,
to all you have to say, with an open mind and a caring heart,
my love, confident and wise,
i'll take your steady hand, knowing im safe whereever we go, whereever our path may lead us, it's sure to be an adventure,
my love, loving and honest,
your strong embrace, your comforting kisses,
soft lips brushing against my cheek as we fall into sleep, relaxing my tense shoulders, soothing my aching mind,
my silly friend, my forever companion, my everything,
always will my love be for you as there are a moon and a sun,
never give up, never let your light fade,
if weary or defeated,
take rest upon my shoulder,
i'll hold you up, i'll catch you when you fall,
my dear,
may my  love for you, be  always and forever,
:iconxmypapertruthx:XmypapertruthX 2 0
2456 by XmypapertruthX 2456 :iconxmypapertruthx:XmypapertruthX 6 0 thee path.. by XmypapertruthX thee path.. :iconxmypapertruthx:XmypapertruthX 4 0 within the forest... by XmypapertruthX within the forest... :iconxmypapertruthx:XmypapertruthX 3 2
before summer
I prop my foot firmly on the seat of the black dining room chair and roll up my pant leg just above my knee.
She kneels in the kitchen, fussing and messing with the mixture of recycles and trash.
"who did this? this is supposed to be recycles, your old enough to know that. why…why would you.." she huffs in frustration, re-sorting the mess she only sees.
I open the tube of anti-bacterial, and place a drop on a gauze pad.
"I don't understand why it is so hard for you to do something so simple, why can't you just pay attention for once? this is clearly for recycles, not trash."
I grind my teeth and say nothing, dabbing anti-bacterial onto my scraped knee,
Applying more pressure, as she continues to bitch...biting down on my tounge as the sting rings through my nerves.
"alright, I've done this, again. you need to take care of it. i've done enough." she say this matter of factly, not asking, stating.
"yes mother, i understand." Tears press at the back of my throat as i bitterly reply.
:iconxmypapertruthx:XmypapertruthX 2 0


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Kindel Christine
United States
I'm 17, senior in highschool (though I feel like a freshman) =p
I love cats and dogs (:
Stars and hearts are my favorite shapes <3
My friends and family mean the world to me ^.^
I love to laugh and just have fun and be a kid.
I started taking pictures a year or so ago. Nothing big, just snapping pictures of a tree, or pet. I still do, lol. As well as abandoned buildings I happen to come across, scenery/landscape, people and anything else that catches my eye.
My camera is one of my best friends (:
I would love to someday travel to Europe (:
Especially London and Paris ^^ And maybe Spain as well.
Hope you like my gallery, and thanks for reading and taking the time to check out my page ^^

Current Residence: the city cesspool
Favourite genre of music: rock mostly
MP3 player of choice: Ipod <3
Skin of choice: purple

it's been so long since I've been on DA nevermind uploading and keeping up with everything ^^;

It seems so much has been going on since the last time I was on here, but to basically sum it all up,

I've moved to Massachusetts in October and have started my gorgeous life over, with none other then my beautiful viking love (:

Annnnnd since new years is coming up, i'm making a new account you can find here;

where I will put some pictures I have in this gallery, but also newer photos and possibly writing (stories/poems)

Hope everyones having an awesome December so far and staying warm (:
  • Listening to: the tv
  • Reading: Falling Into Manholes
  • Watching: Mythbusters
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: nothing


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