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Goodnight, Romani.. (redraw)

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Finally remade an old comic I drew back in 2014! (during the Majora's Mask Remake hype, ahh memories rainbow heart 2 )

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You can really see the difference...(cringe) :facepalm


In the game, Cremia tells Link that he is "an adult now", as she does with Romani before suddenly handing her a glass of fresh Chateau Romani (Which has been known to make people tipsy) late at night. She wanted to dull their senses so they do not suffer the destruction of the world. To her, they were innocent kids, and her kind heart didn't want them to suffer. I always thought it was very moving of her.

Every word in the comic (minus Cremia's inner thoughts) is quoted directly from the game.

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Watching this tugs my heartstrings🥰😍😭

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PhantomGlineHobbyist Digital Artist
Funny, I've been long aware about that Moon-Drinking connection between Cremia and Romani.

Never before connected the dots with Young Link until now.
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KamenriderInfinity10Student General Artist
Ugh, geez, forgot how dark Majora's Mask was with this. 
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HaleyHyliaProfessional Digital Artist
Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaa......deep. :cries: Wasn't expecting that ending. Really well done!
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MichaelJohnMorrisProfessional Digital Artist
The feels!! :(
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DGraySpartanHobbyist Digital Artist
Lovely work here!! :D
If it weren't for "him" then her worst fears would be realized... (It unfortunately was, many times over in the timelines recycled in the Darkness Beyond Time that Link threw in for those he couldn't have in his quest to ensure the best result however he could...  TT )

I never get tired of those moments in MM, especially that truly unforgettable hug, which I ALWAYS hope to get after attaining the Romani Mask, always...! :iconyayzplz:
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Was always one of my favorite interpretations of what happened. Love the redrawing of the final panel.
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JabuJabuleHobbyist General Artist
This is so sad! I love it!
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SpicySoulsaProfessional Digital Artist
Aaaaaaaah this is amazing, and so well done!!! But now I'm sad ; n ; It makes sense to do what she did, it's just a shame that, that's all she could really do, all considering..

Major's Mask is just a sad, dark game tbh
I always start it, but I can never finish it..

Anyway, this was a great comic, thank you!
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xMurmaidStudent Digital Artist
Thank you!! Kao Emoji-94 (Heart Waving) [V6]
and yes! I agree. That's what makes the game so great!
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XmarkZXHobbyist Traditional Artist

A good sister.

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xMurmaidStudent Digital Artist
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... *dies from feel overdose*
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xMurmaidStudent Digital Artist
rest in pepperoni :"( small heart - pink 
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ArtesVeilHobbyist Digital Artist
Crying Mako

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xMurmaidStudent Digital Artist
Kao emoji  (happy cry-04) thank you!
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