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Kiss meme: Gabe and Stefan

So I started this here kiss meme MONTHS ago....
and only just now finished it. "orz I blame inconsistencies in the drawing style on behalf of the time it took me to draw this.

ANYWAYS, I saw this kiss meme, and I wanted to try filling it out to practice drawing kissing. I used my characters Gabe and Stefan from my comic Of Fruits and Vegetables. :D Gabe is the one with the weird hair and the t-shirt, while Stefan is the one with the suit and the sunglasses.

Most of these just came out really odd........... .__________. The only one that I really like is the War's End kiss, and I used a reference for that. By the way I totally referenced my drawing of the War's End kiss to draw the seduction kiss, which should explain why Gabe's face is pretty much exactly the same in both of those drawings. xD;

The apology kiss panel was going to be serious, but then I got lazy and gave Gabe a stupid face. 8D

The Spiderman kiss is totally not even the Spiderman kiss but I DON'T CARE.

Uh... yeah. I think I learned some things about drawing kissing from doing this meme, but I still kind of have no idea of what I'm doing. YAY! This was fun to fill out, anyways. xD;

Oh yeah and uh... shounen-ai warning. But I guess it's already too late if you've read all the way down to here... IT'S IMPLIED BECAUSE THE TITLE HAS TWO MALE NAMES. OKAY.

Original meme ([link]) by :iconinsanity-24-7:

I'm wondering if I should put mature content on this. :I Most of this is pretty okay except for the panel where Gabe is totally feeling up Stefan.
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