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Kiss Meme 2

More freakish StefxGabe nonsense. Stefan's right. I'm ridiculous. Now I have whole page of Stefan and Gabe romance in my sketchbook... LOOKS LIKE I WON'T BE SHOWING MY SKETCHBOOK TO MY FRIENDS! 8D
I was going to draw something weird like "ELBOW KISS" for the last panel, but then I noticed that Stefan looked annoyed for every one of the kisses that Gabe instigated. So I had to fix that... >3>

I drew a different kiss meme around the same time last year: [link] HAVE I IMPROVED...? Maybe a bit. :m I think I've gotten better at profiles.

Original: [link]

BAM! SCRAPS. Not even transferring later. I'm just gonna straight up upload it there. I wonder who actually looks at my scraps? Does anyone get them in their updates? :m;;; when I watch people, I always check the box for scraps.
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Oh my gosh this is just really cute.
Kind of makes me want to draw one of these
But I have no idea for..
Like seriously
xmoonlitxdreamx's avatar
Thank you! c:
you should do Luca and Anthon HOHOHO
Iiwi's avatar
PWAH MY HEART BEATS, I more then likely will so I can work on my kissing scenes jeez u@
xmoonlitxdreamx's avatar
Haha. xD Good luck!
By the way, I'm streaming. ;o
Iiwi's avatar
Thank youuuu~
I sawwww
But the last moments, oAo I disconnected and couldn't get back //sobbus
And then when I did, you stopped
LolipopCandii's avatar
This is so kyoot! It makes me want to do one! I really like the kiss on the nape one! XD

I look at the scraps. I love looking at people's scraps 'cause that just means moar art~! :d And usually sketches, which I usually like the most! XD
xmoonlitxdreamx's avatar
Thanks! xD It's fun! Dooo eeeet! >:D

That's what I reason, too. xD Yaaay, sketches.
PastryPuffs's avatar
I am faving ur scraps 2~~ owo
Stefan is not right, u always can draw whatever u like, and whenever u like. the poses are awesome~ it's funny u added a lil shine in the 4th panel~
This was fun 2 look at~ //although yaoi is not my thing lol
xmoonlitxdreamx's avatar
Oh, yay! 8D I'm glad a couple of people look at them. c:
Haha! Don't worry, I don't listen to Stefan. xD He probably wants me to stop drawing him so much, but he's SO FUN TO DRAW...
And thanks! xD So brave of you to look at this, King-sama...
Musikizmylife's avatar
hahaha cute
(I see it. I see your scraps)
xmoonlitxdreamx's avatar
Thanks! :m You were the only one to comment on the kiss meme last time, too...
(You are one of few. I'm glad.)
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