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:iconxmusicalxdramaxgirlx: and :iconmistressamerah: did it, so i did too!
It's kind of weird how accurate it is at the moment ^^;

Your Existing Situation:

"Craves change and new things, always looking for new adventures and activities. Becomes restless and frustrated when she has to wait to long for things to develop. her impatience leads to irritability and a desire to move on to the next project."

Your Stress Sources:

"Needs to meet people who have the same high principals and values as himself, but finds the need unfulfilled. her need to feel dominate and superior leaves her feeling isolated and does not allow for her to give freely of himself. she would like to surrender and let go, but sees that as a weakness she must not give in to. Holding back will allow her to stand out for the crowd and earn a higher status, recognized by others as unique and important."

Your Restrained Characteristics:

"Current events leave her feeling forced into compromise in order to avoid being cut off from affection or future cooperation.

Giving more than she is getting back and feels misunderstood and unappreciated. Feels she is being forced into compromising and even her close relationships leave her feeling emotional distant.

Giving more than she is getting back and feels misunderstood and unappreciated. Feels she is being forced into compromising and even her close relationships leave her feeling emotional distant.

His arrogance causes her to take offense quickly. Only those closest to her know deep down she is sensitive and sentimental.

Current events leave her feeling forced into compromise in order to avoid being cut off from affection or future cooperation."

Your Desired Objective:

"Highly optimistic and outgoing personality. Loves to learn new and exciting things, and craves new interests. Looking for a well-rounded life full of success and new experiences. Does not allow herself to be overcome with negative thoughts or self-doubt. Takes life head on, with enthusiasm. "

Your Actual Problem:

"Enjoys making new plans and goals, but needs to be respected and admired for the things she accomplishes."
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  • Reading: Unwind by Neal Shusterman
  • Watching: ...out for spies
  • Playing: PWI/TF2/SC2
  • Eating: Ramen
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Yes, I'm alive.
Like many people, i'm on summer break woo![getting my report card todayyy]  
Im going to not use all the good grammar stuff cause that takes wayyyy too much effort here.
Anyways, part of my summers being spent babysitting my cousins, as opposed to my  last year's babysitting allll summer. The kids have also decided i need to learn to play cod for ps3... and I can be completely honest when i say THE CONTROLS SUCK.
[coming from the person that prefers PC games, no offense.]
The other part of my summer is going to  be either here vegetating over my computer screen, in my pool, or with my buddies :3
I think its off to a good start :D

My currrent most-often-played list:
Starcraft 2

So we can totally play sometime :3


1. Who would you rather get stuck in handcuffs with, Amanda or Sarah?
Am i allowed to choose both? We'd have so much fun :3 ....

2. Hot Ant on Matt action - Yes/No?

3. Do you miss Sarah?
yesssssss ;_; I misses all you guys so much T_T  and i cant wait to see you guyssss in augustttt :33

4. Is Eagle your best friend?
Definetly one of them, yep!

5. If Emily were to be mistaken for a celebrity, who would it be?
I have no idea... Someone awesome, clearly. Probably some fancy actor.. then again could be someone that's insane |3 Em could pull that off, im sure x3

6. What's your fondest memory of Xyleen?
Gym class yayyy [I couldnt think of any other names and I doubt shed actually check this out but if so, the rock climbing field trip was pretty freaking awesome :P Oh and Gaelic football. and well, everything.]

7. How did you meet Jaren?
Well, bus stop for grade 9 but we didnt really talk there, so then it was 3rd period english first semester where we sat near each other and i was like
only it didnt sound anything like that c:

8. Does Stephy make you hot?
what the heck generator, what the heck ;_; for crying out loud, NO

9. What's your fondest memory of Matt?
Well probably something along the lines of 3am conversations or late-night iscribble back when we used to do that... i kind of miss it actually :/

10. What's Sophie to you?
A friend. A good friend. A best friend. oh and a baby-cake maker.(dont ask xD)
One of my favourite people :P She's the best at referencing stuffs, and she makes the bestest awkward situations. Ever. xD
  • Listening to: Silence
  • Reading: Unwind by Neal Shusterman
  • Watching: ...out for spies
  • Playing: PWI/TF2/SC2
  • Eating: Ramen
  • Drinking: Water

Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 19, 2012, 2:49 PM
So I heard it's PM day..
Well at least this gets my other journal off the page ^^
[Insert school and homework excuses here]
Finals next week~ [Oh joy]

You know I really just think the leafeon up there is cute.

I'm still alive. Good to know right?
Did I mention I'm addicted to TF2? I feel I should mention that.. [HeLLsGamers GravelPit woo!]

Oh Oh Oh and it's cold. There's like a foot of snow and half an inch of ice pretty much EVERYWHERE.
[There was totally a car trying to stop at a stop sign this morning while I was walking to school that was literally skidding, which was pretty cool]
[If you couldnt tell I like square brackets]

  • Listening to: Crazy people on their mics
  • Watching: Guilty Crown
  • Playing: Team Fortress 2
So no, im not dead ^^  I am very well alive :D sorry for the lack of getting on da, the lack of updates, deviations, and so on and so forth ^^;
For some reason i dont get on here much; during the school year i was too busy ( Over used excuse much?) and i mean i was busy ^^; My school isnt light for projects and homework^^ Also i havent bee drawing as much lately ^^ I dont know why either, i just cant find much inspiration>.< Ive missed you guyss :glomp: Hopefully ill kick myself to get on more, and post more stuff cause man is my stuff olddd ^^; but Miyu and Yume will be coming over this summer and i cant waitt :D! i dont remember if i put an update telling you guys i moved.. well if you didnt know, I moved back to Canada ^^ So here i am, in canada, bored out of my mind cause my polar bear left me D: -coughwhatpolarbearcough- but yea ^^ ive missed you guys so muchh >.<

And for a(delayeddd) tag~

~What if~
● I died:
● I kissed you:
● I fell:
● I lived next door to you:
● I showed up at your house unexpectedly:
● I stole something:
● I was murdered:
● I cried:
● I asked you to marry me:
● I was hospitalized:

~What do you think about my~
● Personality:
● Eyes:
● Hair:
● Family:
● Smile:

~Would you~
● Trust me enough to sleep in the same bed as me?
● Keep a secret if I told you one?
● Hold my hand?
● Study with me?
● Cook for me?
● Love me?
● Date me?
● Have sex with me?

~Have you ever ~
● Lied to make me feel better?
● Wanted to kiss me?
● Wanted to kill me?
● Broke my heart?
● Thought I was unbearably annoying?
● Hated me?
● Wanted to tell me something but didn't?
● Wondered about my sanity?
● Wanted to do something to me?

~More ~
● When and how did we meet?
● Describe me in three words.
● What was your first impression of me?
● What do you think of me now?
● What reminds you of me?
● Could you see us together forever?
● When's the last time you saw me?
● Are you gonna re-post this to see what I say about you?
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  • Reading: City of Fallen Angels
  • Watching: Nothing ^^
Wow, its beena  long time since ive updated (again ^^;) but i got tagged so now i MUST update. im alive. the play i was in didnt completely stink. we had a drama party today after school and they had pizza. okay i think thats enough updating now, so, back to the tag ^^

Tagged by::iconxmusicalxdramaxgirlx:
1. Post these rules.
2. Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3. At the end, you have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons on the same journal.
4. Go to their pages and send a message saying you tagged them.
5. No tag-backs.
1. I <3 animals
2. I <3 music (almost all music except rap and classical,no offense)
3. I have a million friends(or something like that anyways ^^; )
4. I was in my school's play 'The Secret Garden' and no matter how boring it was, i had fun ^^
5. My friends mean the world to me, and i hope i mean the same to them
6. Im a fairly quiet person, but hand me a mountain dew and im all for talking :)
7. Im canadian
8. I'm french and english
9. I want to learn Japanese
10. I love to sing even though im not good at it^^ at least i sing the right lyrics ^^;

I tag 9 people who want to do this. and of course another bff, :iconmiyu-chan7:
  • Listening to: Live like were dying- kris allen
  • Reading: DarkFire
  • Watching: outside, waiting for the rain (btw, no im not emo)

Hai there ^^

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 13, 2010, 4:39 PM

Yeah, nice to say hi to you guys again^^ (if you even read this)

so.... I haven't been on in like, forever. (or made a journal forever, for that matter)

okay so i dont really know what to say....

oh! well i got really tired at trying to look at the 700 journals in my messages so i just

deleted them, sorry!

if there was anything important though you can always send me the link!!!

well, ttyl


  • Listening to: Tik Tok
  • Reading: Tenth Grade Bites
  • Drinking: wateh.

Merry Christmas and Fake Friends

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 25, 2009, 1:32 PM
  • Watching: RomeoxJuliet [merry christmas!!!]
  • Playing: KHS358/2 days [dont u just love presents?]
  • Eating: Santa Clausssss [chocolate, you perverts]


Journal Entry: Tue Nov 10, 2009, 1:40 PM

Wowwww its been a  long time since i updated....
Well anyways, Ssaturday i went to...*dramatic pause*.... NEKOCON!!!!!!!!!!!!
yeah my first con!!!!!! i didnt cosplay but it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol miyu *whispers* haruhi....*wink wink* xD did i mention it was awesome????
i video taped like everything xD and yea it was awesomeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

and on another note.... IM GOING TO A CONCERT TOMMOROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :iconeepplz: and and and it'll be my first concert!!!!! and and Boys Like Girls and and and and Cobra Starship *faints*

so yea. lot of firsts coming around nowadays....

And cuz im bored ill take some WOLF REQUESTS <--- in caps so maybe people who read my journals will notice.

yus taking advantage of the journal skin thingy xD

  • Listening to: Darker Than Black op 2
  • Reading: The Sight....stillll
  • Eating: Skittlezzz
  • Drinking: Watah.
Wow, its been a long time since ive updated....but here i am. for those who care, i am alive, no worries. xD but now school's back (obviously....) and im as unactive as ever cuz schools keeping away from the comp a whole lot... but i stil try to get on, read journals, answer the few comments and replies and so on. so yea
not much to update.
and im in the drama club!!!! (yayyyyyy:glomp:)
i should probably post some deviations.... but hey, i havent completed any doodlez lately... really i havent. quite a few headless canines though xD well anyways go ahead  and read this, im not sure if its supposed to be, but i find it amusing.

Stolen from :icontootsfur:

Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, "Common Sense," who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as:

- knowing when to come in out of the rain;

- the early bird gets the worm;

- life isn't always fair; and

- maybe it was my fault.

Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don't spend more than you can earn) and reliable strategies (adults, not children, are in charge).

His health began to deteriorate rapidly when well-intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place. Reports of a 6-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; teens suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch; and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student, only worsened his condition.

Common Sense lost ground when parents attacked teachers for doing the job that they themselves had failed to do in disciplining their unruly children.

It declined even further when schools were required to get parental consent to administer sun lotion or an aspirin to a student, but could not inform parents when a student became pregnant and wanted to have an abortion.

Common Sense lost the will to live as the churches became businesses and criminals received better treatment than their victims.

Common Sense took a beating when you couldn't defend yourself from a burglar in your own home and the burglar could sue you for assault.

Common Sense finally gave up the will to live, after a woman failed to realize that a steaming cup of coffee was hot. She spilled a little in her lap and was promptly awarded a huge settlement.

Common Sense was preceded in death, by his parents, "Truth" and "Trust," by his wife, "Discretion," by his daughter, "Responsibility," and by his son, "Reason."

He is survived by his 4 stepbrothers – "I Know My Rights," "I Want It Now," "Someone Else Is To Blame," and "I'm A Victim."

Not many attended his funeral, because so few realized he was gone. If you still remember him, pass this on. If not, join the majority and do nothing.
  • Listening to: the new naruto op and ed =3
  • Reading: The Sight
  • Watching: Seiken no Blacksmith
EDIT: im bored as crapppp so someone pleaseeeee request something. and miyu not a circle!!!!!or a triangle!!!or any other boring shapes!!!

Okay im bored enough so, I WILL NOW TAKE REQUESTS. if u want one feel free to ask :3 ill draw pretty much anything except stuff that would scar the mind of a 13 year old. so yea if u want one ask away. but no being disapointed if it doesnt turn out pretty mmkay? so yea. ask awayyyyy. but i might not be able to get it up for a few days cuz ive got no scanner. and i dunno if my scaner eats colors cuz i havent tried colors yet so sory if it does =/ but yea. you can ask away now ^^
  • Listening to: Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari - supercell
  • Drinking: waterrr..
Ok I'm leaving today for a roadtrippppp~!!!! so i dunno when ill be back on. i might be on in a couple of days i might not. so let the journals and deviations begin spamming!!!!!!

1.Post these rules on your journal
2.Each tagged person must write 10 things about themselves
3.At the end you have to choose and tag 10 people and put their names or icons on your journal
4.Go to their page and say "i tagged you"

Ten things:

1. Im 5'7-ish
2. Im afraid of spiders. (slightly paranoid too^^)
3. I dunno why but i love the song closer by inoue joe.
5. My new favourite song is Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari.
7. i lurv my IPod!!!
8. I love tags.
9. I make too many typos.
10. i read all the journals, comments, replys, notes, polls, new articles and try to  look at all the devs... gosh theyres a lot for me to read. good thing i like reading.

--it said i had to say stuff about me so blah!--

AND I tag...(if you wanna do this of course ^^)
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  • Drinking: waterrr..
i was Auto-Tagged by :iconwildgriffin: and this is long overdue, so here it goes. and sorry my bad critiquing....

1- Be one of the 14 first people commenting on this journal entry, and I will add you to the Promotional List

2- For each of the 14 first people answering this journal I will put his/her avatar and the three deviations I like most from his/her gallery on the list.

3- If you answer, you'll have to do the same in your journal, putting me on the first place, completing this way the list with 14 people

The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!

1: :iconwildgriffin: a good artist, very creative, nice coloring and so on.………

2: :iconpinkbubblepop1: a good artist and one of my friends here on dA :D………












  • Listening to: Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari - supercell
  • Reading: hatchet-gary paulsen. ugh. darn book reports &gt;_
  • Drinking: waterrr..
hmm.... my birthday's in like 2 days..... (aka the 8th) so yea. i probably wont be on dA that day cuz ill be out with my family and my friends family(her birthday was today, the 6th) celebrating. so yea. well be out like all day. gonna be a massive party :meow: you know without massive amounts of people. itll just be her family and mine gone out to celebrate all dayy...just letting u guyz know i wont be here that day.

oh and ill be gone from about the 17th to 28th on vacation.:meow: yayy roadtrip. but hopefully ill find a comp so i can check my messages... cuz i know ill have lots of them.
  • Listening to: Rise Against- Savior
  • Reading: journals.... people always making journals...
took this from :iconblankwood:
thought i might see if anyone really knows me..…
and really its pretty easy, most people would just figure out the answers oh so easily.
oh and it think i messed up the last question so if you put books you were right^^; my bad

and no the monkeys wont eat ur face :3
  • Reading: journals!!! and comments :3
  • Watching: Amv's X3
I actually got tagged!!!! so this is un-stolen from :iconpinkbubblepop1:
Go to and type in your answers to the following questions.
Post the first definition it gives you.
Tag 3 people.

1.) Your name?

a wonderfull name that means "gracious gift from God"
dude that girl jessica totally move me. [...wooowwww.....]

2.) Your age?

The age when you are not quite a teen, Yet you are a little to old to sit at the kiddie table.

A twelve year old will usually use the insult of "fag" or "bitch" while playing an online game, Due to a lack of thought to come up with anything original. see Runescape or Counter Strike.

This is also the age where most mall goths are born. When approaching teen years an individual will be looking for an identity. Also they will develop a sense of rebellion. Thus adopting the mall goth subculture. Seeing as how it is rather frightening and exotic when one first examines somone clad in make up and fishnet. But as the 12 year old gets older hopefully they will realise how silly it is.

The 12 year old male will usually talk alot of shit. Because he is so close to his teen years and little pubes are starting to sprout he feels the need to be a man. Which usually results in the 12 year old getting his shit ruined.

The 12 year female will have a tendency to dress more revealing or slutty due to her body developing. She feels the need to show it off like the pop stars on TV. This is where most fights with the parents start in.
Clint: Goddamn, This server is overrun with 12 year olds.

3.) One of your friends?

The name "Sarah" is translated from the Hebrew language. It means "Princess"...and rightly so!
The translation of "Sarah" is "princess"

4.) what should you be doing?
Eating Lunch

1.Eating el desko
Eating your lunch at your desk.
"Sarah are you coming out to lunch with us?"
"No, I'm eating el desko."  

6.) Birthplace?

The capital of Canada. Home of the federal government and a great place if you want a job that doesnt require you to do any work. Sadly lacking in variety in entertainment, although it is home to a quality NHL team, the Ottawa Senators, as well as the Ottawa 67's OHL team. Ottawa is also home to the Tulip Festival and Winterlude, where you can pick up a Beavertail, the best food in the world. The city has a population of 774,072, fourth largest in Canada, but does not suffer from pollution to the same extent other major cities do.
Sundin: I wish played for the Senators so I could live in Ottawa and eat Beavertails.

7.) Month of your birth?

The idea of perfection. The 8th Month of the year in certain European and Asian cultures signifies greatness in achieving perfection, or something close to it

8.) Anoxas.

The most condescending bullshit ever. It just provides further evidence that the person saying it doesn't have the intellectual stability to provide anything "worth it" to the conversation.

Anyone who says "ok..." needs to be slapped. This is a frequent phrase of pseudo-right wing, pseudo-intellectual bastards. Almost worse than "O_O".
Catherine: I don't appreciate you ditching me at the mall today.
Nicholas: Ok...
9.) One of your nicknames?
Kira[ i knew someone was gonna say this at some point.....]

Light Yagami's serial killer alias when using the Death Note to murder criminals.

Comes from the Japanese pronunciation of the word "killer"

Bill - "So, I heard Kira killed another unjust man the other day."
Dave - "Yeah, too bad, oh well, I guess they deserve it."
Bill - "Yeah, who do you think will be next? ... Dave? ... Dave?!"

anywaysit says to tag sooo.... i tag anyone who wants to do this.  oh and :iconmcriggs: if you feel like it :meow:

and iscribble isnt workingg..... *is dying*
  • Listening to: tv downstairs. i think its the pacifier this time.
  • Reading: journals!!!
  • Watching: Amv's X3
  • Eating: croissants!!!
  • Drinking: wateh.
If you wanna do this just yell 'WORDS!' and i'll give you 5 words that remind me of you. Then put 'em in a journal and explain what they mean to you.  ;P

I stoled this from HappehEmo, whose art is quite awesome. so go check them out!!

1. Anime
haha....funny how that works out^^ why i love anime!!!(check dis out if u dont believe meh.… my stats give nothing away. nothing at all...)

2. Japan
haha. japan rox. and u know it.

3. Cute
ooh, thank you :meow: ...why does everyone that doesnt know me irl say im cute? (jus wonderin) anyways cute things are well...cute. and awesome. u know?

4. Funny
....why yes, yes i am. just as funny as a person falling down stairs ^^(well not so much =/ )

5. Canines
oh i love canines. wish i could draw em though. cuz we all know how bad i am at drawing =/ but people are good at drawinand thats who i love watching!!! *muahaha stalker mode(not in a bad way)*
  • Listening to: some music...and harreh potteh movie idunno which
  • Reading: Wolf's Rain
  • Watching: Wolf's Rain
ok i stole this from :iconsilversteel-alchemis:

1. Put your Mp3-player on shuffle (be sure to not include any instrumental songs)
2. Skip to the next song per question and select the first string of lyrics from it.
3. Tag if you want to.


When you were born, your mother said...
"Hold on slow down again from the top now and tell me everything."
Rise Against- Ready to Fall
*...that doesnt make much sense...

You're first spoken sentence was...
"Yoiya naze ni mugen to bihai, Yoiya naze ni mugen to bihai."
Kaito- Paprika Ending.
* wow.... i spoke japanese!!! *im so proud*

As a teenager you usually said/say...
"Now I will tell you what I've done for you"
Evanescence- going under.
* ...i dont see any sense in this...

-im skipping the one thats supposed to be in this spot-

At you're wedding, by the altar, you say...
"hey hey, hey hey."
Simple Plan- Take my Hand
* ok, the lyrics dont fit but the song name does ^^

You become a parent and proudly say...
"I am confident but I still have my moments baby... that's just me."
Demi Lavato (yes, i like a few of her songs. Lol) - La La Land
* i would say that, proudly admit i have moments, but hey that's just who i am ;3

You grow older, become a grandparent, and gives your grandchildren a word of wisdom...
"Stray...stray... In the cold breeze, that I walk alone... the memories of generation burn within me."
Wolf's Rain Soundtrack - Stray
* that makes a bit of sense

Before you pass away, the last thing you say is...
"i took a walk around the world to ease my troubled mind, i left my body lying somewhere in the sins of time."
Three Doors Down- Kryptonite.
* well that makes sense ^^

well that was fun feel free to do this ^^
  • Listening to: musik ^^
  • Reading: a book ^^
  • Watching: wolf's rain
  • Eating: chickennn
  • Drinking: mtn dew
This is stolen from :iconninathewolfie:'s journal~!! muahahaha >=]

feel free to copy and repost it^^ (or ill kill uuu.....ok jk thats not like me^^ but youll feel really bad inside!!!!)

True friends will read and repost this. Fake friends will just ignore it. If you are a real friend, one who cares for their friends, copy and paste this.
  • Listening to: cars go by. literally its like vroom vroom.
  • Reading: um, point blank... book 2 in the alex rider series
  • Watching: nothin,
  • Eating: nothing T-T
  • Drinking: Water.
I stole this from:iconnekohonde:

[ ] You know how to make a pot of coffee.
[ ] You keep track of dates using a calendar.
[ ] You own a credit card.
[ ] You know how to change the oil in a car.
[ ] You've done your own laundry.
[ ] You can vote in an election.
[X] You can cook for yourself.
[ ] You think politics are interesting.


[ ] You show up for school late a lot.
[ ] You always carry a pen/pencil in your bag/purse/pocket.
[ ] You've never gotten a detention.
[x] You have forgotten your own birthday.
[ ] You like to take walks by yourself.
[ ] You know what credibility means, without looking it up.
[X] You drink caffeine at least once a week


[x-- dishwasherrr lolz.] You know how to do the dishes.
[X--mhmm french japanese english and spanish.^-^] You can count to 10 in another language.
[ ] When you say you're going to do something you usually do it.
[x--can but i dont.] You can mow the lawn.
[ ] You study even when you don't have to.
[ ] You have hand washed a car before.


[X] You can spell experience, without looking it up.
[ ] The people at Starbucks know you by name.
[ ] Your favorite kind of food is take out.
[ ] You can go to the store without getting something you don't need.
[ ] You understand political jokes the first time they are said.
[X] You can type pretty quick.


[ ] Your only friends are from your place of employment.
[lolz no but that was a cover-up for a different party!!! lolz miyu!!] You have been to a Tupperware party.
[ pssh  im taken seriously when im serious ;P and im not 25 nor do i have a job!!] You have realized that practically no one will take you seriously unless you are over the age of 25 and have a job.
[ ] You have more bills than you can pay.
[X-- but not this year.yet.] You have been to the beach.
[X-- ooooohhhh yea.] You use the internet every day.
[X-- heck yea. i was born in canada. im made of awesum.] You have been outside of the united states 3 or more times
[ ] You make your bed in the morning.


*** Repost this with the subject as: I'm (how old you are) but I act (what you got on the test)
*** The number of people you have to tag is the number you got on the test.

ok well i tag umm... :iconrina-riena: and well, whoever else wants to do his!!!!
  • Listening to: Melt~
  • Reading: um, well, nothing. i ran out of stuff to read. :(
  • Drinking: Water.
lol, just another thing i stoled from :iconfernblossom:


[] I shop at Abercrombie, Hollister, American Eagle, or Aerospatiale.
[] I am/was a cheerleader.
[] I'm pretty ditzy.
[] I wear pink 24/7.
[] My looks are very important to me.
[] I can’t live without my cell phone.
[] My hair is always straight.
[x] I say 'like' and 'omigod' a lot.
[] I laugh 24/7
[x] I have a million friends.[never said they had to be popular]
[] I always hang at the mall or movies.
[] I'll only date popular guys.
[x] I listen to rap & pop music. [well. it's all that's on the radio, it's not like its voluntary. xD]
[] I have at least one designer bag.
[] My myspace pics are of me making a kissy face or are mirror pics
[] It takes me at least an hour to get ready for school in the mornings.
[] Uggs + Miniskirts = Love
[x] I don't have a job.
[] I wear lots of makeup.
[] I can be stuck up or snobby sometimes.
[] I flirt with any guy, as long as he's cute.
Total = ...4. xD


[] I cry a lot.
[] I go to local shows.
[] I wear black everyday.
[] I write sad poetry.
[] I play an acoustic guitar.
[x] My favorite bands include: Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, or Panic! at the Disco.
[] I self mutilate myself.
[] I think about suicide or death often.
[x] People have told me to cheer up.[when im sad :P ]
[x] I cry when I see dead animals.
[] My myspace pics are black or white or angled.
[] I wear many band shirts.
[] No one understands me.
[] I don't talk too often.
[x] I look down when I walk. [Um. This is emo?]
[] I wear black eyeliner.
[] My fingernails are black.
[] I have an ex I still cry over.
[] My hair is black.
[] My hair covers one of my eyes.
[x] I love Hot Topic.[well they have nice shirts ]
[] I always say 'life sucks'.
Total = 5


[] I have straight A's.[not anmore =)]
[x] I wear glasses.[i have bad vision!not my fault!]
[x] I always do my homework and study.[i do my homework but id never study]
[] Lord of the Rings was a massive achievement.
[x] Computer games = Love.
[] I'm 'teachers pet'.
[] I've never had a real boyfriend/girlfriend.
[x] I have a bedtime.
[] I use an asthma inhaler.
[] I carry a calculator with me.[only to math class ]
[x] I bring my lunch to school. [when I remember.Dx]
[] I always follow the rules.
[] I'm shy around the opposite sex [I'm shy around anyone I dont know. D<]
[x] I'm always on the computer.
[x] I've never had beer or cigarettes. [pfff. that doesnt make a nerd Lolz]
[] I always answer every question in class right.
[x] I correct people's grammar
[x] I read a lot
[] School is very important to me.
[] I always stump people.
Total = 9 holy tacos.


[x] I always speak my mind
[] I have 0% of school spirit.
[] Forget you I won't do what you tell me!
[x] I stand up for what I think is right.
[] On spirit days at school, I wear the rebel's colors.
[] Whenever people are doing something, I do the complete opposite.
[] I won't listen to authority figures.
[] I always break the rules.
[] I refuse to compromise.
[] I'm always arguing with people.
[] I love debate.
[] I always do what's unexpected of me.
[x] I don't give a crap what people think of me
[x] If I watch a crappy movie in theatres, right after it's over, I'll say 'that sucked'.
[] I'm not afraid to trash people's opinions. [trash? no.. oppose? yes.]
[] I only respect my own beliefs. [and what if someone else shares my beliefs? HMM?]
[x] If I don't want to do something, I won't do it, no matter what.
[] I laugh at compromising people.
[]I cheer on the rival's sport team to stand out.
[] Rules were meant to be broken.
Total = 5


[] I'm on one or more sport teams.
[] I always wear my varsity jacket.
[] I've won awards for my athletic ability.
[] I will only date popular girls/guys.
[] School Spirit 100%.
[] I'm going to a college for sports.
[] I watch sports on TV all the time.
[] I'm muscular. [pfffft]
[] I play sports or exercise at least 3 hours a day.
[] Go Team!
[] I'm a chick/dude magnet.
[] I eat a lot.
[] I'm egotistical.
[] I'm too focused on sports to make really good grades.
[] I sit at the jock lunch table.
[] All I talk about with my friends is sports.
[] I go lots of sports games.
[] I'm very athletic.
[] I wear sport inspired clothing.
[] I play at least 3 different sports.
Total = 0 [lolz.]


[] I'm very funny.
[] I'm always making jokes.
[] I interrupt class by making people laugh.
[] I always entertain people by being funny.
[] I worship Kevin Smith.
[] I watch comedies more than anything.
[] I also watch SNL and Mad TV a lot
[x] I'm sarcastic.
[] I've been told I'm hilarious.
[] I always imitate people.
[] I pull lots of pranks.
[x] I always make sarcastic remarks after everything.
[] I have to prove myself by being funny.
[] People expect me to make jokes, always.
[] I have a lot of pressure to make everyone laugh.
[x] If I don't make jokes, people ask me what's wrong.
[] Jim Carrey is my idol.
[x] I mostly get along with everybody.
[] At pep rallies, I'm the one acting crazy and silly.
[] My teachers or parents tell me I need to focus more on work and less on joking around.
Total = 4


[] I don't have a lot of friends. [But I'm slowly getting more! ]
[x] I don't talk too much.
[] It's not that I'm snobby, I just get nervous when talking to people.
[] When people say my name, others say 'who?'.[sometimes....]
[] I'm pretty sure mostly no one knows who I am.
[x] People have told me I need to talk more.
[x] I only talk when other people talk to me first.[sometimes people just dont wanna talk...]
[x] I look down when I walk. [looking up when ur clumsy isnt a gud idea if u dont know where ur feet r.]
[] I avoid social gatherings, such as games, dances, or parties.
[] People have tried to help me be more outgoing, but it never works.
[] I always plan to talk to more people, but I never do.
[x] I sit in the back of the classroom.[sometimes :D]
[] I never join in class discussions.
[x] I hide behind people to avoid being seen sometimes.
[] I could never be a cashier, talking to strangers? Come on.
[x] I talk quietly, and people say "What?" [well i cant be the only person with issues paying attention to conversations rite?]
[x] People have called me shy or quiet.[quiet: yes, shy: no.]
[] I usually let others decide for me.
[] If someone is talking about my favorite book or movie in front of me, I don't join in the conversation.
[] I would like to be more outgoing.
Total = 8


[] I wear black.
[] I don't like to be seen.
[] I'm very, very pale. [im not thatttt pale]
[] I only listen to metal or emo-ish music.
[]I love creepy, weird movies.
[]I love gothic cartoons and drawings.
[] I don't like people.
[] I only go out during the night.
[] I have black fingernails.
[] I wear a long black coat.
[] I also wear big black boots.
[] 'The Crow' is one of my favorite movies.
[] I only date other Goths.
[] I love pain.
[x] People think I'm crazy.[but ofcourse!! who isnt?]
[] I don't talk to anyone who isn't as deep as me.
[] I love to scare people.
[] I laugh at teenyboppers.
[] People are afraid of me. [RAWRRRR]
Total = 1


[x] I talk to myself.
[x] I say really random things all the time.
[x] I fidget a lot.
[] I still use a wheeled backpack. [LOL]
[] People laugh at me.
[] I walk really funny. [if u cal walking in a straight line 1foot in front of the other then yes.]
[] I have a very different sense of style.
[] I talk in a robot voice often.
[] I'll stop whatever I'm doing, and break out in a crazy dance if the mood strikes.
[x] I debate stuff with myself.
[] I hear voices.[maybe*shifty eyes*]
[] I'm obsessed with aliens and the other planets.
[] I have a fascination with robots and machinery.
[x]I use really big words no one understands, and they give me weird looks.
[x]I say random lines of babbling that make sense to no one but me.[sometimes=P]
[] I dart my eyes from side to side.[only when in dodgeball yeah, balls flying from every direction wadda u expect??]
[] I always pretend I'm a robot or other weird non human thing.
[] People have no idea why I think the way I do.
[] I have some very unusual, extraordinary talents.
[] When people ask me if I like something that's trendy, I pretend to be scared or confused.
Total = 6


[] I hate most people.
[] I prefer to be alone.
[] When people talk to me, I just give them a death glare.
[] Actually, most people don't talk to me.
[] People are freakin idiots and I wish they'd all die.
[] I live in my room, writing in my diary.
[] I go out my way to avoid everyone.
[] I never greet anyone.
[] I despise people who talk too loudly.
[] I want people to think I'm a freak.
[] I never talk.
[] I can't wait to get off this earth.
[] I always sit by myself at lunch or anywhere else.
[xI listen to music on full blast on my ipod/mp3 player/headphones to block out the world.[no i just plain listen to my music htat loud ;p]
[]I don't know why I am the way I am.
[] People have said I'm antisocial.
[] I use drugs or alcohol to escape the loneliness.
[] Why bother when people don't like you anyways?
[] I occupy myself so it won't look like I'm a loner.
[] I just don't get along with anyone.
Total = 1


[] I skateboard to everywhere.
[] If I'm not skateboarding, I carry it with me.
[] I shop at Pacsun.
[] I'm obsessed with Tony Hawk.
[] Oh yea, and Bam Margera.
[] I always play skateboarding video games.
[] I have shaggy hair.
[] I wear baggy pants.
[] I wear skater shoes only.
[] I always wear hoodies. [not alwayyyss]
[] I hang at skate parks 24/7.
[] I'm always learning new board tricks.
[] Forget school, I want to be a professional skateboarder.
[] I've been skateboarding for over 4 years.
[] I hang with other skaters.
[] I've been hurt while skateboarding.
[] I've been in a skateboarding competition.
[] I wear vans. [If I can find them for cheapness]
[] Tony Hawks Underground owns.
[] I've met some of my closest friends at skate parks.
Total = 0

Christian Girl/Boy

[x]I go to church at least once a week.[yea youth group wit a friend]
[] Most of my wardrobe consists of long skirts and button down shirts for church.
[] I always carry a bible with me.
[] My whole family is very religious.
[x] I've never been on a date.
[x] I've never smoked or had a beer.
[] My beliefs are very strong.
[] I'm waiting for marriage until sex.
[] I wear a cross necklace.
[] I have a bracelet that says WWJD.
[] I'm always preaching to people about the importance of religion.
[x]I believe in God. [I dont know, i gues i do, sounds like a nice enuf guy =)]
[] I'm not allowed to watch rated R movies, and sometimes, not even PG-13 movies.
[] I never go out and party.
[] I read the bible everyday.
[] I've memorized excerpts from the bible.
[] I go to Sunday school.
[] I've been to church camp.
[] I pray every night.
[x]I sing Christian songs.[sometimes... wat they have a nice tune]
Total = 5


[x] I say 'yo'. [rarely]
[] I also say 'fo'shizzle'.
[] I wear extremely baggy pants.
[] Mah chainz hang low.
[] I hang with my homies, biotches, and hoes.
[] I'm a thug.
[] I only listen to rap music.[pffft im that one kind who doesnt like rap]
[] 50 Cent is my idol.
[] I don't give a frick about school
[] I steal/have stolen before.
[] I freestyle.
[] I breakdance.
[] Gold chainz is tha way to go, biotch.
[] I'm white but I act black.
[] All my heroes are dead rappers.
[] Tupac is still alive.
[] I party with all my hoes.
[] I wear a sideways baseball cap.
[x] I wear hoodies. [rarely]
[] I wear converse with the tongue flipped out.
Total = 2


[] I always steal people's lunch money.
[] Geeks are afraid of me.
[] I get in trouble all the time.
[] I steal people's stuff to be an asshole.
[] People have called me a bully.
[] I have beat someone up before.[ dont get me wrong, i am 1 tuff girl, the only reason i havent beeat a person was cuaz they dont bother trying to gethurt.]
[] I'm always looking for a fight.
[] I pick on people smaller than me.
[] I push people out of the way when I'm walking.
[] I've never been in a relationship before.
[x] People are afraid of me. [just my friends ;p]
[] People know not to mess with me.
[] I'm bigger than most people my age.
[] I pick on people for the fun of it.
[] I make fun of everything anyone else likes.
[] If anyone crosses my path, they're dead.
[] People know not to try and stick up for themselves when I'm around.
[] I'm one of the strongest kids in school.
[] Even some authority figures are afraid of me.
[] People get out of my way when I'm walking.
Total = 1


[x]I own at least 2 different video game consoles.[want me to name them?]
[x]I love Final Fantasy.[dont own it though ]
[x]DDR & Guitar Hero own.
[] I've missed school before because I was trying to beat a video game.
[x]I'm always trying to beat high scores on games.
[x]I even play alot of computer games.
[] I play at least 3 hours of video games a day.
[] My thumbs are sore often.
[] I spend all my money on new video games.
[] My boyfriend/girlfriend has to be into video games.
[] All I talk about is video games
[] I've been in a video game competition before.
[x]My eyes hurt sometimes because I play video games too much.
[] My grades are eh.
[x]I have a handheld videogame system, like a Nintendo DS.
[] I've see every video-game-to-movie movie out there.
[x]I have at least 3 memory cards.
[] I watch lay [wut? ._.]
[x]I've been playing video games for at least 5 years
[x]I always look up video game cheats.[rarely though]
Total = 10


[] Elvis is still alive.
[] I hunt.
[x]I fish.
[] I own something camouflage.
[] I eat venison (deer meat).[noooo!!! i dont eat cute animals!!!!!]
[] I live in the country.[i live in a country not 'the' country]
[] Someone in my family has the name Billy.
[x]I own a bunch of junk I don't need.
[] I have over 10 pets.[had, dont have, lolz too many fishiez]
[] I drive a big truck with huge tires.
[] I wear a cowboy hat.
[] I've rode a tractor before.
[x]My jeans are always dirty.[half the time]
[] I have a southern accent.
[] I say y'all
[] Yankees can frick off.
[x]I buy everything at Wal-Mart.
[] I'm kind of poor.
[] I've caught a fish then ate it before.
[] I work hard.
Total = 4 meh.


[] I live on a farm.
[] I own at least 2 horses.
[] I own a pair of cowboy boots.
[] I own a cowboy hat.
[] (Girls) I always wear my hair in two braids.
[] I ride a tractor.
[] I live in a small town.
[] I've lived in Texas before
[] I wear flannel shirts.
[] I wear overalls.
[] I say y'all and howdy.
[] I have other animals on a farm.
[] I've been in a rodeo before
[] I've rode a mechanical bull before.
[x] I love home cooking, country style.
[] I always wear my cowboy hat, even in restaurants.
[] I say yee-haw!
[] I've went to horse races before.
[] I love cowboy movies.
[] I square dance.
Total = 1

Social Butterfly

[x I have a lot of friends.
[x]I get along with everybody.
[x]I enjoy talking to different people.
[] I'm a people person.
[] I love having tons of fun. [depends on wat u mean by fun.]
[] People come to me for advice.
[] People take an instant liking to me.
[x]It seems that people always want to talk to me or hang out with me.[talk yes, hang no]
[x I can relate to Ferris Buller.[my friend says i do, but i dunno the guy =P]
[] Everybody thinks I'm awesome. [But.. I am awesome.]
[x]I'm not in any clique; I'm friends with people from every clique.
[] I can turn an antisocial person nice.
[x]I talk to at least one different person a day.
[] I'm pretty cheerful.[pfffft]
[] I'm involved in something, like a club, that allows me to meet new people.
[] I never want to argue with people.
[x] I love talking.
[] I always have fun doing anything.
[] I'm optimistic.
[] I have over 150 friends on my IM or cell phone book.
Total = 8


[] I've tried at least 2 different drugs before.
[] I always feel chill or extremely hyper.
[] Getting high is awesome.
[] My room smells like pot.
[] I've been got caught with drugs before.
[] All my money goes toward buying drugs.
[] I've sold drugs before.
[] 4/20 frickin rocks.
[] I'm fascinated with the color green.
[] I own something with a pot leaf on it.
[] I have lots of air freshener so my parents won't suspect I smoke pot in my room.
[] I've went to school high before.
[x] I'm a slacker.
[] I could care less about school and my grades.
[] I see things that aren't there sometimes.
[] I'm like 'whatever' to everything.
[] I've skipped class to get high with friends.
[] I've resorted to more powerful drugs like cocaine or meth because pot is so lame.
[] Marajuana should not be illegal.
[] Drugs make me feel good.
Total = 1....lolz no im just lazyyy


[] I've had at least 10 boyfriends.
[] I've hooked up with a random guy whose name I didn't know.
[] I'm not a virgin.
[] I've made out with at least 20 different guys.
[] I dress like a slut. Sure.
[] I'm a bitch and I know it.
[] I use my body to get what I want.
[] I've hooked up with someone for money before.
[] I've done things I regret while high or drunk.
[] I've dated someone at least 3 years older than me.
[] I party often.
[] I get drunk all the time.
[] Other girls give me dirty looks a lot.
[] I've gotten in trouble for what I've worn before.
[] I've had my thong show before on purpose.
[] I have random piercings.
[] I have a tattoo.
[] Guys flirt with me all the time.
[] I act really ditzy.
[] I've cheated on my boyfriend before.
Total = 0


[] I'm failing 2 or more classes.
[] I sleep past noon on weekends.
[] I miss a lot of school.
[] I'm late for school often.
[x] I don't have a job.
[x]All I do is pig out and play video games/watch TV/play computer.[i dont pigout though
[] I don't take care of myself.
[] I've done drugs before.
[] I don't do my homework.
[] I sleep all the time.
[x] I'm bored constantly.
[] People tell me I need to try harder.
[x] I'm on the computer 24/7.
[x] I admit it, I slack off with everything.
[x]I do everything half-assed.
[] I'm not going to college, ever.
[] School is for dorks.
[] I don't have any ambition in life.
[] People tell me I need to get a life.
[] They need to, not me.
Total = 6


[] I party all the time.
[x]Glow Sticks kick ass.
[] I love nightclubs.
[] I love decking out in body glitter and rhinestones.
[] I have tons of energy.
[] I love to dance.[i like ddr though ;p ]
[] I go out nearly every night.
[] I meet lots of people at parties and clubs.
[] I've DJ'd before.
[] I've taken a party drug before.
[] I love fog machines.
[] I have crazy dance moves
[] I sleep all day and party all night.
[x]Techno music is life.
[] I love popping pills, especially X.
[] I love neon body paint.
[] I shake my ass in clubs.
[] I've grinded before.
[] I've made a 'sandwich' with other people.
[] I've bought more drugs at clubs than anywhere else.
Total = 2


[x] I'm a tree hugger.
[x] I want to save the earth.
[] Smoking pot is herbal and natural.
[] I'm comfortable with nudity. [ comment]
[x I have long hair.[im trying to grow it out again ]
[] I make the peace sign a lot.
[] I'm stuck in the 60's.
[] I'm a vegan or vegetarian.
[] Animals shouldn't be eaten [cuteones shouldnt be..]
[x] I love tye dye.
[x] I've made tye dye stuff before.
[] I wish I was alive when Woodstock happened.
[] I love 60's music.
[x]I'm always chilled out.
[] I love those cute headbands you wear on your head.
[] I have crimpy hair with little braids.
[] I wear bell bottoms.
[] I say groovy all the time.
[x]I love smiley faces & peace signs. [wat is it against the law to like smiley faces?]
[x]I'm a naturalist.
Total =8

[x]I make really good grades.[most of the time]
[] I'm teachers pet.
[] I act sickly sweet to people.
[] I'm nice to everybody.[almost everybody...]
[] I act happy 24/7.
[] I go to church every Sunday.
[x]I never cuss.[well, on occasion..]
[] I always say hi to everyone.
[x]I dress appropriately.[most of the time.]
[] I want to portray a pure image.
[] Girls who party and act rude need to be taught a lesson.
[] I want to impress everybody.
[] I've never been called rude.
[] I'm one of the nicest people.
[] I want to achieve everything.
[] I try my hardest with everything I do
[] I'm a kiss up to my teachers/boss.
[] I'm in many different clubs.
[] My after school schedule is filled with extracurricular.
[] I'm very optimistic.
Total = 3 lolz....

Band Geek

[] I love band class.
[x]I play at least one instrument.[i can play triangle XD]
[] I go to all my band concerts.
[] I'm going to a college for instrumental music.
[] I've won awards for band.
[] I've been to band camp.
[] I'm in the marching band.
[] I wear my marching band uniform often.
[] People have called me a band geek.
[] I play my instrument at least 3 hours a day.
[] I'm hoping to make instrumental music a career.
[] I've been playing an instrument for at least 4 years.
[] I hope I get a band scholarship.
[] Marching band is fun.
[] I go to other band concerts to get tips.
[] I like football games... for the band!
[] Band is way better than anything else.
[] I carry my instrument home every night.
[] I only date other people in a band.
[] I go on band field trips.
Total = 1 i dont do band....

Choir Nerd

[x]I sing all the time.
[] I want to try out for American Idol.
[] I've been in choir for at least 4 years.
[x]I've won awards for choir.[yea we sung for a festival and at an amusement park, got a few placs :D]
[] I've sang solos for concerts before.
[] I never miss a choir concert of mine.
[x]I sing every single day.[to my fave songs!!!]
[] I know what range of voice I am
[x]I love singing duets.
[x]I always practice singing with my favorite songs.[heck yea!!!]
[] I hope to get a choir scholarship.
[] I want to go to a music college.
[] I watch American Idol religously.
[x]Singing is a way of expressing myself[umm i guess?...(i hate everything about u!!!!!) ]
[] Choir is my favorite class.
[] I've won All Region before.
[] I hum alot.
[] I write down lyrics all the time.
[] I want to be a singer.
[] I always practice pieces for choir class.
Total = 6

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