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Pink Comish Info by YuikoHeartless
♥Commission Order form♥

(Depending on complexity/characters included price may range.)

$20.00/2000:points: (This includes multiple chibis in one picture, each chibi added is $10 or 1000:points:)
Lucetta chibi by XMireille-chanX

:bulletpink:Chibi My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic styled ponies
$20.00/2000:points: (This includes multiple ponies in one picture, each pony added is $10 or 1000:points:)
Chibi Lavender by XMireille-chanX

:bulletpink:Cutesy simple semi-chibis
$10.00/1000:points: [This includes multiple chibis in one picture, each additional chibi added is $5 or 500:points:]
Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary by XMireille-chanX Cutie kitten adopt - CLOSED! by XMireille-chanX

:bulletpink:Mini chibis [Style 1 or Style 2]
$15.00/1500:points: [This includes multiple chibis in one picture, each additional chibi added is $10 or 1000:points:]
Style 1
Momo chibi by XMireille-chanX :HBD: Cteno by XMireille-chanX
Style 2
Chibi Blue and Eir extra by XMireille-chanX

:bulletpink:Halfbody (Will have simple/no background.)
$35.00/3500:points: (Add $10.00/1000:points: for each additional character.)
Jayden and Aki by XMireille-chanX  Ice and Fire by XMireille-chanX

:bulletpink:Full body/simple background
$50.00/5000:points: (Add $20.00/2000:points: for each additional character.)
Like this, nyaaah? by XMireille-chanX  :CM: Sky High by XMireille-chanX

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hiya hon! I am wanting to get a half body commission from ya of my OC Mihijime and my new Male OC once my contest for him is over and all - will that be ok? It will probably be next week before I can get all the info to ya and all.
XMireille-chanX's avatar
Sure, just send me a note with the order form and we can discuss the details.
It'll be easier to keep track of that way.
mihijime's avatar
no worries! I will get to that as soon as I know the winning Character from my contest!
kirby144's avatar
Wow, I wish I had money to help you out Millie.
XMireille-chanX's avatar
Aww, you called me Millie. >w< That's a first.
kirby144's avatar
I hope that you can get enough commissions to help fix your car.
XMireille-chanX's avatar
Anything really helps chip away at the bill. ^^
kirby144's avatar
Yeah, If I had money I would seriously commission you like crazy to help you out.
kirby144's avatar
I hope you get a lot of commissions but not enough to drive you crazy.
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I'm only taking 3 for now and 2 slots have been filled.
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Going to commission you! *fills out form*
XMireille-chanX's avatar
owo Ah, thank you!
Jack-0f-Diam0ndz's avatar
Are the slots still open?
Cause i'd love it if you could draw my OC James [link] in a waist up drawing please? :)
XMireille-chanX's avatar
Yes, all the slots are open.
Just send me a note using the order form. There's a link in this journal to the order form. ^^
Jack-0f-Diam0ndz's avatar
JDeko's avatar
wow, 10 is a pretty good deal
JDeko's avatar
i'm really tempted to take that last slot
JDeko's avatar
i think i will commish you. hopefully this time there are no issues like the bandaid thing last time XD
XMireille-chanX's avatar
That's why there's a spot to specify any extra wishes now. Hopefully this order form will help keep everything organized that way there's no misunderstandings.
But I will tell you this, I'm not taking any hentai commissions right now. I'll do ecchi, but no hentai as of right now. Just haven't been in the mood for it. =.=
JDeko's avatar
indeed, i hope so as well
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