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:bulletpink:EDIT::Added in the last of my SS gifts I received. ^^

:bulletpink:Well, see as my feature journal wasn't filling up anymore I figured it was time to move on and I wanted to ramble on a bit about my Christmas. ^^

:bulletpink:Overall, I had a wonderful Chrismtas, the best I've had in years. :3 Now time for all the spiffy gifts I got...
Twilight Sparkle plush
T-fal red cookware set
Some cooking utensils
Random stocking stuffers
Pokemon cards
Pinkie Pie figure
Prismacolor markers 24ct.
iHome cube docking station
iTunes giftcard
Kinect w/ Kinect Adventures, Fruit Ninja, and Gunstringer
Dance Central 2
secret santa by Milcay1 SecretSanta for XMireille-chanX by KirbySuperStar96

:bulletpink:So, that was my list. I've yet to receive my 1 of my Secret Santa gifts from the events I joined, but once I get it I'll put it up here, since they are gifts as well. :D But yeah, awesome Christmas. I was just so happy I actually have a decent job this year and was able to buy plenty of gifts for others. I love giving out stuff more than receiving. x3

:bulletpink:I also received a lovely Chrsitmas card in the mail from Majeev. Over the summer I had held a kiriban and he caught it and I drew him a picture. This one to be exact...
Well, he offered to send me a Christmas card just to say thanks. It surprised me when I got the card, for on the front was the very art I did for him. It's such a lovely card too filled with other wonderful art he's received from other artist's here on dA. So, I wanna thank you Maj, for the great card. ^^ Keep in touch~

:bulletpink:So how was your guy's Christmas? Did you pig out a little too much on all the good food? I know I sure did. xp But it's just soooo good! I still have yummy egg nog left in my fridge and sweets everywhere. :D

:bulletpink:My next big thing to look forward to, Ohayocon! Anyone from dA going? If so, let me know, we should totally meet up, maybe even do a little art trade if you're an artist. I haven't completely decided on what cosplays I'm bringing to it. I know for sure Yuna, but dunno what other one to bring. Any suggestions out of the ones in my gallery?

:bulletpink:Hope to update you guys more often, take care!

~Mir MMCPrize- Chibi Mir by DesireeU

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I'm glad your year ended so nicely, Mir. :D When/where I ohayocon? I wish I could go!