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kon kon kon BAM

By XMenouX
hehe livestream was fun like always, you guys are so nice love ya ♥

this pic is kinda fruity without fruits XD

(ok lese gerade fruity heißt auch schwul verdammt... XD)

edit: holy shit, you guys are crazy XD
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AHh i love this !! this piece has a certain?? softness to it !! 

love the colors and just your whole style overall !!
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Better watch out Kon, or that flyaway's gonna become a cow-lick and then you'll REALLY be super.
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This has been the wallpaper on my phone since you first posted this. I LOVE IT :D
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awwww thank you ♥
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very cool work i like your style
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dass fruity auch schwul heißt, ist für mich nicht wirklich ´n prob- trotzdem sehr heißes Bild'chen ;D
Du bist awesome! :3
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itßs superboy XD!
but thx for your comment ^^
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aww...sorry for that
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great work, love the pose and coloring.
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thx for your comment! ♥
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so cute!!!!!!!!!!!
I will one day make one of your livestreams

one day ^^
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thx for your comment : D
my livestreams are boring... XD
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not as boring as mine, I get no watchers.

and no prob
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