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Corvo with some rats from the game Dishonored ;)
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Whoaaa, amazing Corvo *__*
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wow, der ist richtig hammergeil geworden *-* mal abgesehen davon, dass das Spiel an sich eh der Burner ist :D
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Rats-dad Corvo, the best of all !
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That one mouse in front of his shin through! Its paws are in the air like, "Praise the looooooorrrrd!"
Bahaha! XD
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I wouldn't be surprised if the twist was he got the plague.
The rats always scare the shit out of me
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This is fantastic, mind if I make it my Steam Avatar pic?
All the rats. xD

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I love the rat reaching to be picked up :)
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wow i love this so much, i don't know why but i get a bastion vibe from it
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I personally consider Corvo the Lord of Rats.

His ability to possess them, summon them, be ignored by them and generally use them to his advantage make me give him this title.
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Be ignored by them? They always try to eat himDisapproving smiley 
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At first, yes, but they become a boon to him more than a risk as he gets stronger, and they become less interested in swarming him.
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I was play in low chaos so I didn't know
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Rats do all better))
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Really interesting style! I like how you drew him, and your background is really pretty. :D
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One of the cutest Corvo fanarts I've ever seen :D love the sketchy but detailed style, lil rats are sooo cute c:
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