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Once there was a girl who was in love with the night sky.
She had visited planetariums and read children's books on astronomy. She had learned to identify nineteen different constellations and would always look for them on dark, clear nights. She had gotten her father to stick glow-in-the-dark stars and planets to her bedroom ceiling. She had eaten freeze-dried astronaut ice cream and thought it tasted better than anything else in the world.
As time passed the girl began to learn about the universe, about things like asteroids and black holes. Little by little she came to know the invisible forces that governed outer space, and the night sky became more than just a sky to her. It was a giant treasure box, filled with the secrets of the places beyond earth.
The girl's love slowly turned to longing. She wanted to know the stars through more than just pictures and models, because deep down she believed that there was something in the universe she couldn't find on her own planet. The thoug
:iconshamziel:Shamziel 1,210 585
Emptiness by Tenshi-no-Hikari Emptiness :icontenshi-no-hikari:Tenshi-no-Hikari 9,884 781 Jack Sparrow by Rajacenna Jack Sparrow :iconrajacenna:Rajacenna 4,588 1,306 Lava Lamp by BeaGifted Lava Lamp :iconbeagifted:BeaGifted 6,779 362 x___x Let GO by LittleMeroko-chan x___x Let GO :iconlittlemeroko-chan:LittleMeroko-chan 207 79
Every Girl
but what you do(n't) know
is that every girl feels that way.
every girl is told she's not enough.
well I say: we end it now.
You are beautiful, and amazing,
bright, pretty, smart, sweet,
and most of all worth
every moment ever given to you
:iconplatinummyr:platinummyr 17 63
Boy Jeans and Girls
I wear boy jeans.
It's true. Only I bought them by accident.
But I wear them on purpose.
I wear boy jeans and I think about girls
They're dark, dark blue and straight
(Not the girls, the jeans)
Except for where they gather at my ankles
Because I'm too short
Or maybe boys are too tall.
I'm not straight like my jeans.
Except where they gather at my ankles,
I guess.
Only, I don't really gather things.
Not at my ankles or anywhere else.
I actually lose things most of the time.
So maybe I should keep my keys
And my promises and my spare change
In the upturned cuffs of my jeans.
Because, like I said, boys are too tall.
Or maybe I just don't measure up.
I wear boy jeans and I think about girls.
I said I'm not straight like my jeans
But I still like boys sometimes
And I kiss them sometimes, too.
And I think I've loved a few of them.
So I guess I'm not happy, either.
Gay, I mean. Not happy. Gay.
I wear boy jeans and I think about a girl
I wasn't telling the truth before, when I said I t
:icono-ohhai:o-ohhai 796 572
In Las Noches by Zettai-Cosplay In Las Noches :iconzettai-cosplay:Zettai-Cosplay 289 56
You know i want to be with you
for me there's nothing more
to dream of you beside me
and dance upon the shore
Though times i know are difficult
and you cannot be here
Then dream of me beside you
in thoughts i will be near
You say that we are soulmates
to me those words ring true
for when i try to sleep at night
my thoughts all run to you
I know that there is magic
and you have been touched too
perhaps if we both can believe
the dreams just might come true
But until then I'll be there
as you will be for me
to help you pass through worst of life
for friends we'll always be
:icondani3lsan:dani3lsan 31 8
Studying Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Studying Stamp :iconkezzi-rose:Kezzi-Rose 8,464 542 Spring Fairy by byebyeanna Spring Fairy :iconbyebyeanna:byebyeanna 3,865 235

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Mr. Canine by xMenna Mr. Canine :iconxmenna:xMenna 1 8
rambling nonsense
and i kinda wanna be a writer and i kinda wanna be an artist and i kinda wanna be the best at school and somehow i kinda cant stand to lose and somehow i just wanna get perfect marks for everything but i know that ain't gonna happen and i kinda just want this to stop so i can just kinda be free and kinda concentrate on what i want to concentrate on and don't think of that all the time anymore and i kinda wanna have something i'm good at but i don't really think that that exist cause i never found it before so i kinda think maybe i'm just average at many things at once but i want at least one thing im good at oh and i'm maybe kinda sorry for the lack of capitals and interpunction but i'm too tired to care about that but i kinda don't know anything anymore i just feel messed up right now so like it doesn't really matter anymore but i just want to do something and have a good feeling about it or just excel in something and that 'something' doesn't exist and that makes me sad and i kinda w
:iconxmenna:xMenna 0 2
Fairy Dragon by xMenna Fairy Dragon :iconxmenna:xMenna 0 0
Ik hoor, ik zie, ik ruik, ik proef..
Maar zie je niet, dat dit alles
geen enkele waarde heeft?
ik voel niet meer, ik kan niet meer, ik doe niets meer..
En zie je niet, dat dit mijn leven zijn nut ontneemt,
dat het nut afsterft, en mijn levenslust daarmee?
Zie je niet, wat dit alles van mijn leven maakt?
Want zo wordt mijn leven immers,
een nutteloos bestaan.
:iconxmenna:xMenna 0 0
For Someone.
And I think:
What would it be like,
if your lips touched mine?
What would it be like,
if you stood next to me,
breathing in my ear?
What would it be like,
If you said that you love me?
If you kissed me and touched my lips?
If you loved me, and really loved?
If you said you want me, and mean it?
If you told me I'm beautiful,
I'm your precious?
But then I shake my head
and I know it won't ever be like that.
And, that you'll never think of me,
other than as 'that weird girl'.
And I know you loathe me,
you hate me.. and I love you,
more then you'll ever know.
:iconxmenna:xMenna 0 3
Your Time Will Come by xMenna Your Time Will Come :iconxmenna:xMenna 6 0
'Bad boys get punished'
Renji caught himself as he was spacing out. He was supposed to finish his paperwork, but instead he was just staring out the window, following a hell butterfly with his eyes. He shook his head, and tried to concentrate on his paperwork.
But a few minutes later Renji noticed that he was spacing out again, chewing on the far end of his pen. He sighed. Why was it that he just couldn't concentrate on his work today?
But a creak of the door woke him up from his thoughts. He raised his head, and looked at the person who just entered the room. It was Kuchiki-taichou. "Kuchiki-taichou" stuttered Renji, while he tried to look like he was working really hard.
Kuchiki-taichou walked towards Renji's desk, and when he was there he took the sheet of paperwork Renji was working on. He read it, and when he was done he put it on Renji's desk. "Abarai-fukutaichou..." Kuchiki-taichou sounded really dissatisfied, and Renji quikly shove his chair backwards.
"Yes, Kuchiki-taichou?"
"Is this all you've done
:iconxmenna:xMenna 0 0
Younha by xMenna Younha :iconxmenna:xMenna 3 8 The Autumn Nymph by xMenna The Autumn Nymph :iconxmenna:xMenna 1 3 Forbidden Love by xMenna
Mature content
Forbidden Love :iconxmenna:xMenna 0 4
Hitsugaya Toushiro signature by xMenna Hitsugaya Toushiro signature :iconxmenna:xMenna 5 6


I changed a lot lately. I was reading old journal entries and I came to the conclusion that I really aren't the same person anymore as I was then. A lot happened. And it changed me a lot. And I'm glad I changed.


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