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HELLOOOO AND it's been a while...yeah... I'm drawing sth right now so don't u worry :XD:


And much more to come. Oh and, I just realized (yeah I'm super slow), Arashi's super-busy right now O.o
Just look at how many movies they are going to star in:
1. Nazotoki /Sho
2. Platinum Data /Nino
3. Hidamari no Kanojo /Jun
4. Kamisama no Cartier 2 /Sho

was there more..? There are so many updates I can't keep up to all of it... -_-;;

(I want Ohno to do a drama or a movie as well.............. anyways,)

It's sort of random but my friend in Tokyo is going to a Popcorn concert this Saturday *jealousy to the max* T.T
And!!! She went to the Pre-goods selling on Thursday, and she bought me an Earphone Jack (Ohno's colour), Popcorn hand mirror and a file (with all five of them) :D

It's my first time getting a Concert goods and I can't wait to get them to my hands <3<3<3 THIS IS WHY I LOVE MY JOHNNY'S-OTAKU FRIENDS :heart: I can't be more grateful :'D

(But I am still so f***in jealous she's going to Arashi's concert. xD Meh, well I'll be joining her in....two years...hopefully.)

Well. I hope you guys are also enjoying, or will be enjoying your Christmas holidays :) :star:
And make sure you watch Kouhaku!! (somewhere online or by actual tv if u have access to it)

OH AND I HAVE TO DRAW AIBA'S BIRTHDAY PIC...Haven't planned anything yet D: BUT I WILL(MUST) MAKE IT IN TIME!! He's turning thirty. :meow:

Aibaibai. <3 Love all of you!! :hug:
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I want to go to an ARASHI CONCERT but I cannot get them T.T It seems impossible!
xmeltedxazukix's avatar
I guess it is sort of almost impossible since the number of Arashi fans are increasing year by year... T.T I guess that's why Arashi's doing more and more events per year..;; Not to mention some people get to go twice in a year but><
Yuka13's avatar
excactly! Arashi is so popular!!! Did you hear about Arashi nominated in WORLD MUSIC AWARDS? I really want Arashi to win :XD:
xmeltedxazukix's avatar
Yes I heard!!! I really want them to win too, but at the same time I'm scared that they'll be even MORE popular and I'll never ever get to see them then T.T lol
Yuka13's avatar
Yes! That's what I think too. And other thing is that if Arashi got more popular their AMAZING music would become mainstream and that would be a pity :(
xmeltedxazukix's avatar
yep>.< I want them to stay just as they are! ^w^
Yuka13's avatar
excactly! :D Arashi~♥
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Aww lucky you!
I've never even been to any of their concerts and I doubt I ever will... I live too far... and I got no money...

And geez, I dream to have any kind of Arashi merchandise.
xmeltedxazukix's avatar
Yes >< I'm really thankful for my friend :')

You never know!! You might be able to come to japan in future!! Or they will come overseas :)))

You can get them online.. on like auctions and stuff, but they are usually highly over-priced T.T
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YES, I die to even go to Japan.

Auctions.... no way I can't get those like that. I want to go to Japan to buy them!!
xmeltedxazukix's avatar
I really hope you'll go to Japan one day then!! :D
Kosmotiel's avatar
Yes, my parents know that I want to go there very much, so lets just hope. XD
xmeltedxazukix's avatar
Yepyep! I'm sure your parents will understand!! :)
Mootecky's avatar
EEeeekk~!! I envy all the those who can watch cons and i'm just stuck here in my country of tears. xD lol. Aw, I want the earphone jock too but its ridiculously expensive. xD Good for you tho~ xD And~~ Happy holidays~!!
xmeltedxazukix's avatar
IKR!!! >< I really wish I also lived in japan T^T
Yeah..the goods are expensive xD seriously, Arashi makes us spend so much money :XD:

Yes~ you too!
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