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Tagged by :iconemina100: and :iconwhack-a-brick:, my lovely Arashisuto friends :love:


1. You must post these rules.
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Excuse my bad grammar ...and if I interpret the question wrongly, I'm really sorry >< Its my first time doing this 'tagging' stuff so plz be kind xDD

:iconemina100:'s questions

1) What was your first fandom?
Hmm.. Well it's probably Manga. I loved Shojo manga at first, but I guess the most proper "fandom" was Bleach, my first Shonen Manga which I got obsessed with :meow: I think I was attracted to the characters the most- my favourite is Kuchiki Rukia :D Even though she is a female character, she is not a typical heroine of a story (it was very new to me since I only read Shojo manga before this); she's strong, bold and initially looks like a tomboy, but she also has a feminine side and OMG HER DRAWING SKILLS. :XD: Well, she's really cute. I love her so much~ :love:

And then I got into Durarara!!...Izaya LOVE!

AND THEN, I got into Arashi. It's really strange because I used to love the 2D world but now I'm into real people :D

2) Is your room clean?
NO. At the moment, it looks really chaotic and things are everywhere D: It used to be clean during the summer break....but I just don't have time to organize everything since my school started >< Worksheets everywhere, next to my desk, on the table, on the floor, under my desk...lol

(It's usually clean when ppl come visit. xD)

3) What's something about yourself that you consider weird/unique?
Hmmmmmmmm that's difficult since I'm totally ordinary....I think the most possible unique thing about me is that I'm sort of ambidextrous. (Did I spell it right....) I actually write with my right hand and then I draw with my left hand :meow:
I was born left-handed, but when I was about 4 or 5, I tripped and landed my left hand on a stove....Or a heater, it's this box where you burn gas inside to warm up the room. And since it was an old, traditional type, the surface of the stove was extremely warm and so I ended up burning my left hand.
So I had to start re-learning everything by right hand.. which was fortunate for my parents since they wanted to fix my dominant hand -.- But they only taught me how to write, and since I already loved drawing (SAILORMOOONN) then, I was only used to draw with my left hand...So I'm drawing with my left hand.
But I throw/kick/hit/cut/do rock paper scissors/catch/hold the mouse/etc with my right hand, and I eat and draw with my left :)

4) Share an embarrassing moment hehehe?
That's a difficult question xD I tend to erase every unfortunate memory from my brain.. well I guess one complex I have is that my feelings easily appear on my face... Or that's what I think :P I'm bad at hiding laugher or sadness or nervousness. It's really creepy when I'm listening to Ohno's radio by earphones at school, and then suddenly my friend asks me what I'm smirking about...lol awkward xD

5) How many kids do you want?
The best choice would be two children, one boy one girl... I don't mind whichever is older, but it would be cool if they're twins, or atleast 5 years different xD

6) If you could get locked in a storage room with any bishie of your choice, who would that bishie be and what would you do together? >:3
Okay, obviously I would pick a member from Arashi...... and Ohno...but I actually want to pick Nino because he seems to be the most talkative xDD So it wouldn't be too awkward when it's only two of us ^^;
Hmm, I don't know what I want to do with Nino;; I would just talk and ask everything I wanna know about :D :heart:

7) You've won 3 billion in the lottery. What do you do with the money?
Easy question. I SAVE HALF, use one quarter for whatever Arashi stuff I want to buy, and use the other quarter for a good cause. (lol)

8) Are you sensitive to the heat or cold or neither?
Umm, well since I live in Singapore, where it's summer the whole year, I guess I'm not that sensitive to heat... if you mean it in a 'weather' way xD but if you mean it in a 'temperature' way, I can't eat/drink hot food..
And for the cold stuff, if you mean it in a weather way, I think I'm sensitive to cold now since I haven't gone through winter for 3 years now... :O (I miss the snow!)

9) How long does it take for you to get out of the house from waking up in the morning?
Approximately 30 minutes, I wake up, wash up, do my hair/face, change, leave. I don't eat breakfast because I can buy stuff at school :)

10) If you could travel in time would you go to see yourself 10 years in the past, or 10 years in the future? Would you talk to yourself and if so, what would you say?
I would go to my past, because I want to change my past and thus change the present condition xDD
What I would say to the seven year-old Azuki: "STUDY HARD, DRAW EVERYDAY, BE SOCIAL, and LOVE ARASHI....and don't eat too much because you'll end up being a pig."

:iconwhack-a-brick:'s questions

1. Do you believe in love at first sight?///
I actually do!! Because the past crushes I had was 'love-at-first-sight' xDDD But it's not like I easily fall in love with good looking guys, because my past crushes are....not that good looking....lol
For me, it's difficult to look at guys as a 'love interest' once I'm friends with them ^^; Friends are friends~~lol

2. Could you do a list of five of your favorite characters from your fandom?
1. Ohno Satoshi . The most adorable leader in the world, who loves fishing and has an angelic-voice plus he has a special talent in dancing~ But not only that, he is amazing at art!! I love everything about him :heart::heart:
2. Aiba Masaki . The miracle-boy of the group. He has the most perfect proportioned-body, and he looks super cool when he poses in the magazines, but when he's on tv he's a complete dork :XD: :heart: He's always so cheerful and his smile brightens up my day~!!
3. Sakurai Sho . The intelligent caster of News ZERO! He went to one of the famous colleges in Tokyo, so he is known as the well-behaved, diligent character, but he actually used to be sort of a delinquent..? Well he bleached his long  hair blonde and had ear+belly button piercing xD Well, right now he is the leading-type of the group and is also the rapper!
4. Matsumoto Jun . The most prettiest man I have ever seen in my life. O.O He has gorgeous eyes, lips and ..eyebrows.. :XD: Well, he's the most serious? character of the group and I think he's the most passionate about his proffession~lol Oh yes, and he's probably the most 'sexy' type in the group :love:
5. Ninomiya Kazunari . A puppy. Just kidding, he's human, but sometimes he's too cute I mistake him as a little pet :heart: He looks very cute on the outside, but he's actually really mischievous! Hehehe... He loves tricking the members (Y) He has talent in music, and whenever Arashi releases a new album, his solo is composed and written by himself!! His songs are amazing~ :D He can play the guitar, piano, and a bit of drums? Ohohoh, and his acting skills are wonderful <3 I really love his dramas~ it makes me cry lol

3. What is your most precious treasure?
All the Arashi related stuff I have~! CDs, DVDs, Posters etc...but also my iPhone, since all my fav photos of arashi are stored in there! <3

4. What would you do if your favorite character/idol arrived on your doorstep? hohoho
If..like..Ohchan arrived on my doorstep.. I would faint. But nono, I won't miss this great chance, I would try NOT to be too surprised because he doesn't like being treated like a celebrity! :XD: I'll let him stay at my house~~~ yeay~~ and he can teach me how to sing and dance haha Oh and we'll draw together <3

5. Do you have any weird obsessions? ( ´ 7 ` )// share with us~
Weird obsessions..... I like to stalk people on facebook...(omg I sound like such a creep)

6. In "My Little Pony", ponies have cutie marks that are related to the personality or talent of the character. If you were a pony, what would be your cutiemark and why?
I think it would be either a pencil or a book~ to represent either drawing or studying :XD: I'm not that bad at drawing, and I'm not that bad at studying either... ouo
Or it can be an arashi logo because I am a master of Arashi (y) lol

7. What emoticon/emotion describes yourself?
( ̄∀ ̄)I have a very annoying/arrogant character...FuFuFu Oh and I have Asian eyes (y)
8. What's your nickname meaning?
xmeltedxazukix or Azuki......I HAVE NO IDEA. I made this name when I was like 13, and I used it initially for my youtube account. I think I just wanted it to sound cute..lol but it's not really cute when you literally imagine a melted red bean...omg ew :XD:
And Azuki's no way near my actual name.. haha

9. Yandere or Tsundere?
Tsundere~? Sometimes I'm really bad at hiding my irritation, but other times I randomly feel like hugging people :dummy:

10. Do you have any pets? could you show them if you do? and if you not.. what animal would you like to have as a pet?
Nope~ but I badly want a PUPPY. A Shiba Inu dog~ It's a Japanese dog and Nino looks like it (wut) :heart:

My 10 questions:
1) If you can have any special talent, what would you want to be talented at?
2) Are you a social person? Do you think you are good at getting along with friends?
3) Tell us one thing you are proud about yourself :) DON'T BE MODEST
4) What do you usually do on weekends/free time??
5) What do you think you will be doing in 10 years? Will you be at work? Have a family?
6) Your favourite social website??
7) What are you most obsessed with right now?
8) Do you have siblings? If not, would you like to have one?
9) Tell us a minor secret about yourself if you have one :XD:
10) What is your dream? (It can be anything; profession, or a place you'd like to visit, University you would want to go, getting to know somebody, etcetc)


I tag:


Forgive me with 5 people, I have to leave for Karate now xDDDDDD
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I have been tagged!!! My first tag actually!! haha thanks
I will write out some time =D please read after that =)
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yupyup :D Thanks for your motivation~^^
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Haha, I like reading these memes, it good to get to know people. ^^
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Haha xD Thankyou for actually reading it!! :)