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Paris Eiffel

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

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Amazing! I find that the clouds bring out the contrast of the tower, and you can really see the infrastructure of the tower.

The fact that you included parts of the city also tells that this is a tower in a town, not a tower isolated from who-knows-what!

The clouds tell a lot about how it is like in Paris (and in England in general): Rainy, cloudy, or misty.

The shading is a bit off to my eyes - where is the light coming from? Or is the light meant to be a sort of eye-popper?

Overall, this is an interesting piece to look at, and is a great symbol of France.
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J'adore cette pièce! Très dynamique!

Seriously, it just catches the eye from the worms-eye perspective, and the B&W tone just makes the Eiffel Tower seem so beautiful in it's own way. France has been one of my favorite countries of all time, and someday I may go up close and personal with this metallic behemoth.

The graphics are very excellent, and on a cloudy day? How lovely! You have really done alot of hard work into making this picture seem so perfect in it's perspective, tone, shading, and everything just falls into place. Keep on doing those very excellent photos!
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awesome sky and clouds - gorgeous shot and composition.
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Your art has been recognized and featured in :iconbrillantefotografia: We wish you to have a nice day and good luck in your further photographic career!
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Wow,amazing sky... beautiful sky. Very nice perspective!!!
Black and white will always suit the Eiffel tower best
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Some landmarks are over photographed to the point you no longer pay attention to images containing them. Then, along comes a photograph that reminds you of why it's photographed so much. This is one of those outstanding photographs.

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the photo is awesome *-*
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I love Paris <3
Is Paris awesome??
I'm going there soon.
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This is such a beautiful photo! Or picture, its![link]
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The Eiffel Tower is so beautiful...and your photography is just as wonderful. Love the Black and White.
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the shot is just so surreal. how can you do that? :wow:
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:meow: FEATURED here --> [link] :iconcheerplz:
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great angle i must say and ur always so lucky with the sky!

how long is the shutter speed here?
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