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London Lloyds

the photograph was taken in London, UK.

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been there seen that!
I love the sharp clear cut lines in the picture that sweep you upward just to plunge you into the blur of the sky above. It's like so many things in life where you climb, and climb, to finally reach the top, yet it is skewed, and not the clear achievement you thought it would be.
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awesome shot, my fave building just coz of those stairs!
wizardhat's avatar
Wow ...

... just ........ wow
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This reminds of the giant human power plant in Matrix...
Great shot! What ND filters did you use on this? Do you use Cokin or another filter system?
eastwest's avatar
amazing shot! i'm a beginning photographer so i don't know many tricks yet, and i'm wondering how you managed to get the awesome contrast and slightly blurred effect on the clouds while still keeping the picture overall on the darker side?
xMEGALOPOLISx's avatar
tripod, long exposure, gnd + nd filter :)
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As always an stunning work, those clean and sharp lines are really eye catching, the composition and contrast are magnificent. Great work mate.
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Excellent shot, the contrast is beatiful!!! wot settings did u shoot?
steler's avatar
nice angle!
i like this building, and all of its circular things.
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Beautiful building, but when I stayed in front of it, it gave me a cold feeling...I don't know if you felt the same.
Great shot!
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I love the Lloyds of London!! We just learned about it in our architecture theory class.
AMAZING building and photograph!
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I love the angle and all the contrast. Almost makes the scene surreal. Really very pretty. :)
MissKris11's avatar
Very impressive. What a wonderful shot.
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I heard this building is taken of the protection and preservation list. Good thing we have good photographs of it to keep it in our memories if it ever have to be demolished.
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Another fantastic shot. Favourited! :)
ZBrando's avatar
I know this place, this building is impressive.
Nice shot.
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almost looks like a small toy in it's vastly concrete jungle.
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wtf, how did you do that sky? is it edited? lol pretty awesome
Yay Richard Rogers!
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