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Hong Kong - The Peak

Hong Kong, China, 2009.

Thank you for all comments and favs.

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Beautiful work! The city is so pretty

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I wanna go back home <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":-(" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="381" title=":-( (Sad)"/> This accurately captures everything I remember about it. The darkness that towers overhead peppered with lights and window reflections, the hazy glare of night time, the rush of time melding futuristic architecture with an ancient land and traditions - God I sound like my cousin now! My favorite part is the building to the left that is illuminated blue near the top. I'm very fond of standing apart from the crowd, and as I get lost in the details of the bottom half of the picture, my eyes are naturally drawn upwards and to the left. More than that, the space you left in the top 3rd of the photo - well done. It almost says "As awe inspiring as this is, there is even more out there to be admired." Thank you for sharing.

‽itiful ‽rophets
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THe perspective is very well done and it gives you the feel of viewing the entire city. Some of the foreground buildings seem a little dark to me but thats nitpicking; it just makes them seem a little cartoony. Maybe if some of the haze or fog was extended further? Plus I like the way the horizon is shown to give the city a sense of scale.You've managed to make this city feel like a beacon of light.The darkness helps give you an appreciation for what you're seeing. I imagine that I'm a weary traveler seeing my home city for the first time in many years. Well done!
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This just blew me away, and I instantly thought of how the buildings looked like shards of natural crystal, which compares beautifuly to the actual subject of the work, the man made wonders of the city. The level of detail is just amazing, a picture I can spend hours staring into and still find more time and time again. It seems there's a forbidding mood to the piece in the forground, yet it expands out welcomingly for the viewer in the distance. These kinds of pictures make me ache to reach out and explore each inch of the world.

A fantastic work, so well done!
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This is a wonderful photo Heart  but 这t让我想家了。I think I've fainted. 
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And I live there! ^^ XD
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Amazing shot!  The angle you took it from is super unique!
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Thousands of tourists take pictures from the peak everyday, just to let you know Hug 
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Welcome to Hong Kong, Mr [insert_secret_agent_name_here]
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This is just amazing.
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This is amazing! 
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amazing. no need to add anything more...
fantastic - another one for the bucket list
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What a fantastic picture!!
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Waw, impressed!
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