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You know...

I wrote in one site:
that turns turns turns but doesn't fall...

I went to Itally I was a begger.
I am in the airoports, I look like a begger.
What doesn't fall is all the interests.
I am already had fallen takes ages....

Who doesn't fall is the hipocrisy from all the people with interests.

(That some in these moment start to thaught may be now we should press on him because,...
"you know, we never know"...)

In things that really matter,
I had had to postpone a flight...
(The rest the loneliness is doing the unpleasent word that my grond mother said to me in other times, "Entao e que mais faz..."
So then... it doesn't matter...

Tomorrow is a new day, a mix from sentences one from a music, another from a movie adaptated to my life.

Pearl Jam:…

These movie everybody knows,... It's Gone with the wind...
Well after a meal...

With a not so nice computer that I have to dispose...
A text that already was almost wrote without coins that I insert without advising in the screen, I had stay without the text in the end.

So, a girl went into me... asking things...
Another had smiled during my rest...
(An ironic smile...)

I think these joke has the reason from my education, not so much about my Military school itself but because of the Portugal system, that create myself as joke towers profit.

Do I have the proof from my days of work in my old work?
Do I had a proof from Restauradores, from the  lawyer, that I asked from Social assistence?

These girl that asked me in the end of the meal with soft words... 
With the fealing from compations from other moments...
Talk talk talk...
I don't know her.

Somehow do they want another joke?
Stephen Hawkings... Does he wrote anything else after he's beeing a creeple that were remarkeble as his first book.

I already said in Facebook, another facebook that I had that Marconi had lost his soon in the beach, while he was wondering about things.

What was that house in Poland?
DO they wrote something?
What Ana Lopes had wroten?

As far as I know nothing?

I had to live near her with a house like that, because there was people making improvements suddently they had stopped. Whater pippes that was never had been tested, with a window that people could even put bear bottles in the windows.
Or I can choose, a house in the meadle of nowhere with a neighbour that I never had talked much, without any car. Where all the place, where I have to use the services, are the same ones that I used  before.
Where my cousin daughter from Vera Fernandes, a consular that was in a country that a very known political had died with cancer, but I don't even know who he is because I am awhere but I can't remember his name. Not even the country actually where she had worked.
We where never that close, that doesn't makes me forgiveness from these blank.

Eventhough, I didn't knew that in South africa Nelson Mandela had died with cancer, I thought it was because he was old.

Patati patata..
This is just words somehow...

I don't have a proper house.
There's nothing that makes me go to my house eventhough there is also a very bad place to be, in the same train line that I use.

Another joke...
Another joke is what people are doing to me since I was born or even sooner with my grandfather have to acept thousends of things that no one says...

A never ending wash hands.
With time, without conditions, wanting to go, but somehow staying...
TOmorrow I have to travel, I even said to myself that I had to travel today...
But the attendence joke. In a softer way then in Poland.
But they joke.

Because they can.
And if something happen, actually already things happened, I am trying to say all the things but nobody cares...

Don't care!
Or care even more then they cared about in Portugal, where people do things "with their hands"...

Actually here is even better!
I don't speak German.
"Nobody recognize me...(not), because somehow they do."

What could be better than this!

Do these people that somehow, some time to time are near me, are tehy forced to be like they are?

Are Musicians forced to play some kind of music that they don't like much to get payed?

It's unfair you know!

We want answers...

(But in the deep end from our dayly life we want power or money.)
Because somehow it seems that it's what they want.

Justice cames after.

(how can people say things like these song says.…
 Who is complitely perfect?
without any mistake.

(With a girl joke or not I can't stand a situation thinking that somehow we are all responsibles through the lifes that we have, but we prefer to have vacations to have a vacations and life happelly, we just want vacations. A happy life?
I want a an happy vacations.

(I would prefer to have a happy life with a vacations happy also.)

Monday, 14th Jully 2014. 

In the first page, where the link more informations is(mais informacoes) ,…

Before on the questionary, it's missing the choice I didn't saw the game, eventhough now a days, since much time before, I really like to see futebol games...
Somehow... it's a thing that is in are in our dayly lifes.

I can't be allways attentive on things...
Even in my daily day life... without Tv...
Or without a proper rest, and people take advantadge.

It's just excuses, that I use, that others would say these in the end to me.

In my Military school It's forbiden to smoke.
Cigarretes are on the society, why it's forbiden.
Even if I went to end in that school, because Iget out in the 5ths grade, where was suposobly in the next year have a easier life...

But it's the sistem from portugal, the school is dependent from the Sistem.
It doesn't make all bad people. Depend, I don't know them all. And it was much time before.

But I am more worried about life...
Somehow... people don't need much to make a mess...

I am allways avoiding, but if people push up... somehow all the people pushed towerds limits... bad things could happen...

It seems that people are allways wating... and wating to say in the end...

People don't realise but it was allways like that...
(Like that what, how.. understand...
Like that could be a person walking without any pourpouse, because between to places having references in both of them... could be a question to make, what would be the better place to be?
Even though others could gave the answer it was allways like that.
Exactly with is had on the clouds.
Although others want to say, other things.

Eventhough I really would like to travel.

...Eventhough I really would like to travel.

Anyway... Beeing clear, I want to make this clear...

Maybe be others don't undersand.. because others don't let.
(Somehow, if we have power we can have justice.
Somehow if I have money I can have justice.

Without these too things, is unberable.

You know you have the money.. why this or that...
(The motive is hided in the power.
I have power to write to explain to make others understand..
But I don't have the power to do the things, going to the court, is not a solution.

So, first:

I can't apologise people that are making pressure on me without sorrow expressions...
I already had lived that in Poland.
Because somehow... Sorrow.. what sorrow. In the attendence I could easely see their sorrows...
«The duck with rice when is warm is much more easy to eat»

<This also can mean a lot of things... you know...>

"There's also that sentence that we give him reason but we do what we want...
After all he does need to write"...
(We can understand him, you know...)

I could wrote much more things...

But it would be exausting... and not so many people want to understand.
People want answers...

Answers about, justice...
How fair is "my fair lady"?

Afterall is that "metahfora from the jacket", the one that get sooner takes it?
Patati patata...

Is there any "fair lady"?- another question that I could wrote.

But like this I would be undefenetly here indefenetly in time, sooner or latter, without money. People don't pay me you know.
With all the motives right reasons, Italy was the extended time from the ones that had fail.
(Eventhough I am not pointing fingers.)

I don't see Old Colegues guilty, or things like that.
Companies, or names, I also understand them.
But this doesn't make me have beeing the peace that I want.

In the old times there was in Graveyard  Lumiar,  air liquide Bottles.
I knew because a lot of reasons... 

There's operations to throuts when people can't eat.
Somehow people when are old need to eat...

So, one option to make people more releave about death was going with some botle of that...

There's also Hospitals, near by.Lumiar  Hospital...
Afterall, things are just coincidence.
I just had remember about that. A cell phone and a bottle. (As people say in portuguese, not go the devil takes his adavantadges.)

Anyway I just thought on these



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xmean Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014
Patati patata...
xmean Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014
I did a lot of things but in a general way everything is the same as usual...
xmean Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014
Patati, patata, tudo na mesma como a lesma.

blablablbala, everything the same as usual...
xmean Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014
"You should not live your bags unatending..."

There are allways secretes in life...
Some of them I don't even know...
But at least the jokes that I make I don't take much profit from them (this means that most of the times it just to take... the routine of life away),...

I can say "Hamester foot" as a joke but it's may be the only joke that I had done.. because I was already so tired...
Even if they say that they are "fully booked", what ever that mean, if a travel goes into a city if "someone" has a fully book situation, it's a really not nice situation.




They said in older times that my grand father was an intigrity that no ones has. "In a word" I could said that he had a "Iron hand" as an integrity on his business.

Google seach, math... in my old school (faculty) IST.…

Panda Bingo
Avenida Paris 5 1000-226 Lisboa
"This store", is near from my old house, place that I lived quite long time there, I yet use "this" address that as far as I know it belongs to my sister.

You can make a searcg on
With, make the map bigger "my street", is the square from the map. It's the building "from" Caritas.
Or also could make this church:

Cáritas Portuguesa, Praça Pasteur, Lissabon, Portugal

I don't want to justify into the world. But the "world" seems to need this.

(Because I could say that I live near by the actors neighbeirhoods.)
Things that I already had written.

Because it's more one joke.


I am not tired.
Actually, is also fun from tickets attendence, specailly on the ticket planes attendence, tehy are also nice...
Because imagine that would be "you" trying to go home, whatever would be the reason.
Because I could be without financial support.
But somehow, "the ticket place" decide to don't sell the ticket, (even if I had money in that moment to buy). [One example, ticket 200 euros, I have 210 euros, in two days I can't buy the ticket].
But the ticket place in that day decided to don't sell because in the next few days I can't... (Or in their perspective I would had changed my mind). Because releaves the pain. Their pain, because my pain.. it never exist. I don't have pain.
Somehow, I even wonder if I exist as a person.

May be I am a person, without beeing.
Because They can have the sensation that somehow everyone are "bigger" than me,...
I could be a truck, a plane, but I with the door open ready to "walk" or "flight"...
[They are somehow, "my father or mother", without any profits "in their points of view".]


... “Velha Guarda”, que reuniu, no Colégio Militar, mais de 60 Antigos Alunos, com mais de 70 anos. Oportunidade para mais uma ... do almoço, que teve o menu tradicional: caldo verde, amarelo de carne e arroz doce, uma combinação que faz parte do imaginário de ...


Almoço da "Velha Guarda"
Artigo - Publicado em 21.11.2012 - 11:31

"Oportunidade para mais uma ... do almoço, que teve o menu tradicional: caldo verde, amarelo de carne e arroz doce,"

Translation... Bad one made by myself...
Lunch, "Old People". From my old school.
Article - Publicated in 21.11.2012 - 11:31

Opurtunity to more one... lunch, that have the traditional menu: with "caldo verde, yellow of meet and sweet rice"...

Just to remember!
xmean Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014
Hello again...

Wondering about other things....

I start to notice that people complains about the same things in life...

I am not happy because I don't have a guitar but he does.
I am not happy because he plays guitar but I don't because he had a music teacher and I don't.
I am not happy because  tralala, tralala...

But we can be satisfied tralala...
But it's not fair... tralalla

I could say that "the song" remains the same...

I could say... That the most important thing in life is justice....
I could say...
But I can't most of the times I have to write, to comunicate, all the time the only thing that I can do is wondering.... wich is not fair...
Because soemhow, I am oblidge if I want to be fair with others...
coming here in a stress way to say that I want to mark my next trip... even though looking to the flying companies, it seems that most of them I can't fly with...
tralala, tralala...

But this is a train station or a mall, or an aeroport?...

An never ending wonder to an never ending questions...
Sometimes I wonder:
What is the most nice thing out of space, (maybe the never ending space taht we have to ourselves, that permit to opurseves beeing alone, with our own wonders).
In Gravity movie, he says silence.

If I wrote about all the things most of the times I would be unfair.
Sometimes because one thing is what happen another is what it is.

Most of the times people say things that they didn't even know.

I have armys putting publicity placards on the street :S
Something that sometimes I wonder because sometimes people joke.

With Mini photo camera, or with that movie films to put on that camera.
"Is it Minie?"
"No, so we don't have it."

Well, maybe it just myself that was making a joke because I am alone, but in the other store they ask (in the same town), you know is a very special "film"... we had quite dificulties to have it.
So, may be, people really make some jokes.
Even though, it just a camera, it doesn't even apear the minie mouse in that.
Actually, in another place I wonder... puff... a minie camera, may be I should have it, because it's minie... (It was a joke by the way!)...

I don't have more time...

Sonares to catch fishes appart, beacuse soemhow, I also have starnge thouts that "nobody", understand... about things..
xmean Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2014

I am a little bit tired.
About other things, I am in these kind of Reflexive Turism, a name given by me through a Turism that may be just myself have did it, a Tourism from a person that doesn't have many money but that needs to travel to think about life.

I found that in my life I had in my old house some old shoes, we use to call it "Soks", I might wonder if they would have been from the other relative that had that house before.

I was also wonder these,

May be I should use one of these companies or may be I should learn how to fly,...

I just don't have much to do I ended up to  think about stupied things...

I also could go to azores in Sata, if they wanted me there...
Somehow I am looking stupied going towerds places to places without much pourpose...
xmean Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014
I'll try to explain myself again...
(again and again and again...)

First nobody knows me (most of the times).
Second most of the times is on the last times (where I am traveling to places that I have references in my life).
Some of the references are bigger then others.

Third, In portugal there's a sentece:
Todos diferentes todos iguais.
(At these moment I have 7 minuts left to write, I started with 10, 2 coins of 50 cents...)
So I don't have much time to write.
Ther's links that I have to find... I didn't find the one that I tried to look, was a video, or a propaganda with these sentence.
(these was the first link that arrived in Google,…
It's not even portuguese these site.)

Eventhough, it should be recongnized that we are all diferent first, acepting the diferences.
I am all on the clouds, allways, except when I am with people.
So when I was in Taize, I never had "singed" to myself, Lulaby of birdland:
I(I have 2 minuts now..
I try to search on google the version from "my song": 
search :Lulaby of birdland "my evaline  say you'll be mine" lyrics
That I had learned in my choir.

I didn't find.
In that time in taize I was not different, I just knew less from the world.

one minut and I have to go:
xmean Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014
May be I should go to Itally to make "them" finish their work.
Because in Germany, king Ludwic, that I don't even know if its like this is name written in german, the one from Baviera, is quite well known, maybe is relativy from the roalties also this things, "Ludvics", the only thing that I might like on this story is the pleasent garden... during the day, the "only ours" that I had been there.

I should also give time to time, because with time "we" can discover things, things that I never was, appart from the things that I allways smoked in discos.
Appart that most of the people don't know me or my life.
Appart that somehow, smoking is also a way even if we are lonely to comunicate with others.
But I don't know no one from here, with one exception.
I might had seen one or other person also here but I don't even know if they are from this place.
etc... etc... etc...
(because others can do the corrections, allways on the end, when there's no more possible defensive, may be that's what people are wating...)
xmean Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014
This message from microsoft is irrelevant... anyway I am trying I should had printed...
with a printer that I have to ask to the emplyee, that is "allways nice", this means that he is not.
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