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A butterfly soars across the blue night sky
Is it a sign that something is going to happen?
Is someone going to be born?
Or is someone going to die?
Will that butterfly destroy us all?
Wandering lost from his won time
He is just a butterfly
Lost in an ever going rhyme
Lost to the dark night sky
:iconxmarleauxx:XMarleauxX 0 0
To the Prideful Heartbreaker
Sh the darkness has rose
And covered the leave covered roads
Reoccurrances of the apocalyptic autumn
That made so many go so cold and so numb
The world begins to crumble
And happiness is not heard through the untruthful mumble
It is an end for those who are proud
And is a time of freedom for those who are bound
The watcher has gone now
The air smells foul
And the hate has risen
Shhh, listen!
So you hear the screeches?
Do you feel the river of leeches?
Ah, I can see the fear in your eyes
That everyone will soon see your lies
And you'll be overtaken by the results
Of the surrounding prideful seeing the skeletons in your closet
Come, step up and take your prize
Your own heart will be your demise
:iconxmarleauxx:XMarleauxX 1 0
Corridors of the City
She steps along the cold blacktop with her naked feet
She would never win against life, never defeat
All she could do is bring tears from strife
But what good would it do?
She was alone, walking the dark corridors of the city
She gazed around at the buildings silhouetted against the midnight blue
A sigh escaped her lips followed by a whisper "No one wants me...
I do not belong in such a segregated place."
The cold breeze makes her shiver
As well as the icy tears that cover her face
"I'll never belong, never..."
She glances back at her traveled road
And there she saw him
She gripped tight on her coat
She thought him to be very handsome
But he faded away a moment after
She let out a second sigh and turned back to her coming ways
She heard only the breeze, no crying, no music, not even laughter
She continued to follow through the maze
Hoping to find another in the corridors of the city that was so stale
For this barefooted girl, it was a labyrinth to heaven from her present Hell
Poor chil
:iconxmarleauxx:XMarleauxX 0 0
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United States
Current Residence: Anderson, Indiana, USA
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew
But I might be back. I had Sophia in April. She winded up with the SAME birthday as her half-sister(my stepdaughter). She is now 8 months old and kind of an asshole but I love her. She is breastfed, never had a drop of formula in her life. I have become a weird granola lady who breastfeeds, cosleeps and babywears. 

I recently moved to a house closely resembling my dream home (wherein I don't have to share a bathroom with a 4 year old). I work 2 jobs (my old job at the college in the computer lab and a large retail chain in a minor supervisory position.

I am trying to get back in touch with my dolling side, even joining back on the forces of Glam but mostly I'm just puttering around taking credit for other people's work. So that's it, that's me and hopefully it won't take another year to hear from me again.

PS I will be starting Apoc back up in 2015.....I might one day get the results of the MDOC out. 


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