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Hey there, I'm Madame Macabre! I am a horror youtuber that specializes in narrations, vlogs, and original songs! I also occasionally draw stuff. You'll catch me here from time to time! Feel free to check me out on my other social media as well!





Locklear Lore #2

Tue Mar 14, 2017, 5:18 PM

I'm still lagging behind on the pages, but I managed to get the next one blocked out in thumbnails and the script figured out, so there's something! :'D Anyways, since I'm leaving super soon and won't be able to update while out of the country, I'll give you guys one more Locklear Lore before I go. This one is about the Big Boy™ himself. Lots of people keep inquiring about his ethnicity, so I'll finally clear that mystery up for you all now.

As many of you correctly guessed, Locklear is mixed race. Though no one has managed to pinpoint what exactly his heritage actually is! His father's heritage is Scottish, and his Mother's heritage is Aboriginal Australian. His father's parents immigrated to Australia when his father was a young child, and he grew up there and later met his wife. His mother is not full blooded Aboriginal, as she's several generations out and mixed herself, but still valued that part of her culture. She grew up in the big city that Locklear's father and family moved to.

Locklear takes a bit more after his mother than his father, inheriting her darker complexion, and full curly hair. He also inherited the striking genetic feature you will sometimes see amongst the Aboriginal people that is his piercing blue eyes that strike out so vibrantly against his skin tone.

His build and bone structure, however, more resemble his father, who was a large strapping fellow at 6'2" with well defined features. Locklear, however surpassed his father at an intimidating 6'4" and even more muscle mass. Locklear definitely lifts bro. Bodies. 

Locklear left Australia to go attend medical school in the United States, and decided to immigrate there after he graduated. Both of his parents are still alive, but neither one has heard from him since after his breakdown.

Hope you guys enjoyed this new bit of info on Locklear! I'll catch you all next time!

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