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Vlass the Lava Knight by Xlydrs Vlass the Lava Knight :iconxlydrs:Xlydrs 0 0 No context whatsoever by Xlydrs No context whatsoever :iconxlydrs:Xlydrs 0 0 Good thing I brought an umbrella by Xlydrs Good thing I brought an umbrella :iconxlydrs:Xlydrs 0 0 Gone. by Xlydrs Gone. :iconxlydrs:Xlydrs 3 2
Souls, Magic, Transformations
In this world of light and dark, soul is magic given life. It is the embodiment of a creature's existence. With no soul, there is no life. Souls are what produces light and dark magic within a creature's body. Souls are, most commonly, small glowing spheres, typically found in the chest, torso, or head of a creature. Souls can be of any color, regardless of the type of creature it is, light or dark. Souls can be dark magenta, bright cyan, lime green, or any of the sort. However, it cannot be shades of black or white.
When injured, creatures tend to bleed a liquid the color of their soul. This is not the soul itself, but simply a by-product of the soul.
With these souls, a creature is given awareness, consciousness, and emotion. A creature's soul can be stronger than others. What defines a strong soul? A will to live, hopes and dreams, relationships, and general well being.
A creature can only die if their soul gets destroyed. However, if the soul is removed from the creature's bo
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Creatures of the light: 5 - Coleoglama by Xlydrs Creatures of the light: 5 - Coleoglama :iconxlydrs:Xlydrs 1 0 We bread. by Xlydrs We bread. :iconxlydrs:Xlydrs 2 0 Watcher by Xlydrs Watcher :iconxlydrs:Xlydrs 1 0 Wounded  by Xlydrs
Mature content
Wounded :iconxlydrs:Xlydrs 0 0
Zaidus by Xlydrs Zaidus :iconxlydrs:Xlydrs 1 0
World Building Notes
In this world lies a single, huge, supercontinent. However, due to tectonic activity, the continent began to split almost completely in half, and now it is separated by a river of ocean water. This is known as The Great Divider, as it splits the continent in 2 equivalent in size halves.
Ever since the Dark Slaughter, the dark people have migrated to the south of the continent, where they now stay, permanently separated from the lightlings by the Great Divider. The Light have stayed in the north.
On the southern, more tropical side of the continent, lies a vast and great forest known as the Twilight Forest. The trees are incredibly tall and closely packed, with their leaves almost completely concealing the sky, blocking out most light. This causes the forest under the canopy to be rather dark and devoid of light. Most of the trees bear fruit, called "twinklefruit," that shine and resemble stars when looked at from a distance. When seen from the forest floor, the treetops look like the n
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Fallen by Xlydrs Fallen :iconxlydrs:Xlydrs 1 0 Gray by Xlydrs Gray :iconxlydrs:Xlydrs 6 0 Congratulations by Xlydrs Congratulations :iconxlydrs:Xlydrs 1 0 The fire to my ice, and the guitar to my pick by Xlydrs The fire to my ice, and the guitar to my pick :iconxlydrs:Xlydrs 0 0 Union Origin by Xlydrs Union Origin :iconxlydrs:Xlydrs 2 0


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United States
Hoi. Just another artist drawing random stuff

I mostly do digital art and write some random stuff and that's about it

Anyone and everyone can use my art and characters in any way, such as fan art or featuring in a video, as long as you still credit me as the original artist.

Also, don't be an ass and steal art. Not cool.

Oh, and I got a Discord server, where we just chill and share memes and youtube videos
discord server:

And for those of you that are wondering, my name is pronounced Ex-Lie-Drus. I know it's weird, but just go with it.


As an artist that only really does stuff for fun I normally wouldn't really care about favorites and views

But when 10 posts in a row get less than 2 favorites you'd kind of wonder what the fuck you're doing
Vlass the Lava Knight
Soul Color: Pink

A member of the Radiant Knights, Vlass is a heavy duty tank of the battlefield. Vlass' body is actually an amorphous mass of a gelatinous orange fluid. This material is rather viscus and thick, with a consistency similar to that of peanut butter. His body is contained in an tank filled with a heated liquid, to maintain optimal body temperature. His body has never been observed as a solid or a gas state, no matter the temperature it is subject to. It appears to only exist as a liquid form.

Vlass' gelatinous body is manipulated and controlled by Vlass' soul, and can levitate freely, no matter the distance from Vlass's main body. Vlass can shape his form into pseudopods to act as appendages. His body has the unique property of being able to control it's surface temperature. In it's natural state, his pseudopods would be warm as lukewarm water, but Vlass is capable of heating his arms up to 2,000° F, the temperature of lava. He uses his body to sear his opponents and incapacitate them as they burn to a crisp.

Vlass' armor is constructed of a heat resistant alloy, with 2 holes on the sides. Vlass' body can seep out of the arm holes to use as arms. Vlass seems to prefer to keep his arms within the tank, because, as he describes it, "I don't like going outside. It's uncomfortable."
what could be better? the warm sand of the beach... the nice cool ocean water... the ability to accuse me of enjoying flesh
wow all my backgrounds in my art are looking pretty much the same.
A bunch of fucking airbrushes
sorry for the lack of content, a bit uninspired at the moment.
In the beginning, while the earth was still young, there were always two types of creatures. Creatures of the Light, and creatures of the Dark. Each are made of concentrated Light magic, or Dark magic.

Creatures of Light have many other names, such as Lightlings, the Light, and the Light People.
Creatures Dark have other names as well, such as the Dark, Darklings, and the Dark People.

When a Light and a Dark touch each other, 2 results may occur.
If one creature's soul is stronger than the other, then the other creaure's body will cause the other's body to break apart. The one with the stronger soul will not feel any pain, but the weaker will suffer tremendously, as they slowly dissolve.
Or, if their souls have equal strength, then both will begin to dissolve, as long as both are still in physical contact.
What defines a strong soul? A will to live, hopes, dreams, and believing in oneself.

Creatures of Light draw power from the sun and other light sources, such as fire, but mainly the sun. Without the sun, the Light's powers are weakened. This makes them vulnerable in the night.
Creatures of Dark draw power from moonlight and shadows, but when in an abundance of light, the Dark's powers are weakened. This makes them vulnerable in the day.

Some creatures of the Light can dissolve into light photons, losing all of their physical matter. This "photon form" acts like a hologram, and they can come out of this form and regain their physical matter once again.
Aome creatures of the Dark have a similar power, except they can turn completely 2 dimensional and turn into a shadow of themselves, as long as there is something behind or under them to cast a shadow on.

The bodies of each creature contains their soul, as well as magic not fully condensed into solid matter, mostly in a liquid form. This acts as the creature's blood.

As time goes on, the light in creatures of Light slowly dim. It is a slow process, but eventually all creatures of Light will fade out of existence, and die. The same happens to creatures of Dark. Over time, a creature of Dark will slowly lose their darkness, and they will slowly "fade out" and die.
This process is known as "the fading" and takes several years, decades, or even centuries, depending on the creature's lifespan.

If a creature dies of causes other than the fading, then their bodies will simply become less and less opaque until you cannot see it anymore. Basically, a faster fading. This process itself is not painful, however the cause may be, such as disease, body trauma, or bleeding out.

It is said that there are certain creatures that cannot fade due to old age. These creatures are known as "Eternals" and they are theoretically immortal. It is unknown how these creatures can achieve this, or even if they exist at all.
Some Legends speak of Eternals giving life to other creatures; adding darkness to a fading darkling, or adding light to a fading lightling, prolonging their lifespan. These Eternals, however, only exist in legend, and it is unknown whether or not they truly exist.
Some worship these eternals like gods, others reject their existance, claiming they are simply myths.

While most creatures of Light and Dark live in the wild, others became more sapient and created civilizations. These creatures are known as Citizens of the Light, or Citizens of the Dark. These creatures banded together to form the 2 Kingdoms of Light and Dark.

When creatures of this world breed, it does not matter what gender either partners are. (Both creatures of light and dark have no genitalia. They reproduce completely differently and more wholesomly.) When two creatures wish to reproduce, they hold hands, and perform a dance. After this dancing ritual, their physical matter dissolves and they convert the entirety of their bodies into dark or light magic (it doesn't matter what type of dance they perform or how they dance, as dancing is only a way to express themselves). They then fuse and become one, and meld together into an amorphous sphere. Their souls will fuse together, and then, it will split into 3 souls. 2 are the original souls of each partner, and one entirely new soul, the offspring's. The union is then split, and everyone is back in their original forms, in their own separate bodies. The child will then be encased in an egg, to be cared for by the parents. This entire process can only be done if both partners truly wish to give their consent.

Due to the nature of light and dark creatures, it is physically impossible for a light and dark creature to breed together. They simply cannot come in contact with each other without destroying one or each other.
Out of boredom, I decided to start another design challenge. This one is quite a bit more specific than the previous one.
Da rules:

  • Can be either a light or dark creature
  • If it is a light creature, it can only have tinted, bright colors, no dark colors, can have some glowing parts (eyes are an exception)
  • If it is a dark creature, it can only have shaded, darker colors, no brighter colors, zero glowing parts (same eye exception, except the glowing part)
  • Scorpion tail (can be anywhere, as many as you want)
  • 10 limbs
  • Moth wings? (Can leave that out if you wish)
  • Stag Beetle mandibles

Aight those are the rules, you can do pretty much anything else. If I like the design then there's a pretty good chance I'll draw it and make it a canon light or dark creature. All credit will go to the original designer, and a link to the original will be put in the description, as well as the artist's name on my drawing itself.

All light creatures
All dark creatures
What are creatures of light and dark

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