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June 11, 2006
Mazes can either be a fun activity for you or an absolute torment. Hopefully it’s the aforementioned, because -The ultimate maze- by =xluluhimex is one interesting isometric pixel labyrinth! Enter whichever way you wish.
Featured by halfliquid
Suggested by darkfreakoid
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-The ultimate maze-

Gah O_O this took so much longer than it should have done....and it's still not finished ¬_¬ Well for now it is, but I have ideas of adding it to something huge - like a theme park scene or something :P I haven't added any people to it yet because 1. I haven't drawn a pixel person yet and 2. I'd rather give the whole maze thing a rest for now :XD:

...and yes, the maze is possible. There's 2 ways to get to the middle - going through the left entrance is the slightly harder, and the right side is the easier ;)

[Edit] Fixed a couple of mistakes -_-; Minor 1 was I forgot the shadow for the light up on the left and the major 1 was I had left a section of the maze on the left side open making it super easy :doh: but it's all mended now :)

OMG Thank you sooooo much for the DD :w00t: and major thanks and :hug:'s to ~darkfreakoid for suggesting it, ^halfliquid for selecting it and to everyone who faved a commented!!! :aww:

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Any way to license this as a virtual backdrop?