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i just submitted some pictures. im starting to get back into the swing of things. im starting a magazine dealing with music and what not. it should be a lot of work and fun. im trying to get pictures of different things i havent submitted before.
it's been so long. i just submitted some pictures. they were mostly of people but that's what i felt like putting in. i had 2 pictures of trees go in. since it's the summer, i've been everywhere and i'm always trying to get pictures of things.

i'll pick up with more things as soon as i can.
ok, im sorry for the lack of updates. but i just got out of school and things have been insane. although, this also means that i'll be able to get more pictures with the more time i have. there will be more soon enough.

tonight im going to see Love Lost But Not Forgotten, im going to try and get some pictures there, if i do, i'll post them up.
Alright, I uploaded some of the pictures from the carnival. They're all in black and white since I thought it went well with them. The carnival was a lot of fun. Although, the first night I went, after I got home, I found out that 30 people got stuck on a ride. Plus, the ride that they were stuck on, that was the first one I went on. I found it really funny actually. Everyone got off safe.

Tonight I'm going to see This Day Forward, they always put on a good show. That'll be fun. A lot of my friends are going and for that im excited. I dont think I'll bring my camera because the batteries are running a little low.

That's all for now.
i went to the carnival tonight. it was a lot of fun. at one point i saw this kid throwing up. that was so gross. i took only 2 pictures though, i got 2 of the ride The Zipper, that ride is so much fun. i went on it twice today.

summer is slowly approaching. the temperature of the heat is quickly rising and making everything so humid, sticky, and uncomfortable.

well, more pictures are surely on their way!
I had a long day at school. Oh well. I came home and relaxed and then went out and took some pictures. I just added them. I put some of myself. I hate how I'm not photogenic compared to everything else in the world. But, my main interest is to not capture myself on a still picture, I want to catch what I find beautiful to the eye, something that holds a thousand words of its own.

4 more days until my Finals, wish me luck.

we will dance upon days time has forgotten
so i didnt end up going into philly. i just remembered that if i did, i could have gotten some really neat shots throughout the city. the churches are always so pretty looking. those would have made great pictures. but i go into philly a lot so im sure i'll get some.

i uploaded the pictures from yesterday. i also added a lot more pictures through out the day. i worked on some others as well.

well i have some homework to finish up for this final thing tomorrow. i need to go do that then get some sleep.

we will dance upon days time has forgotten
i had a long, long day. i went to the show at the Medford Skate Park and i was there for about 6 hours, under the sun. my face got a little burnt. i took a couple pictures of the bands. i know i got some amazing ones of The June Spirit. im going to upload them tomorrow and get some up on here.

tomorrow im just going to sleep in and work on my photography if i dont go to Philly. i kind of dont want to go to Philly, i mean, its only 15 minutes away and my mom acts like it's 5 days away. oh well.

im really tired so im going to get out of here.

we will dance upon days time has forgotten
i went out on a walk with my friend today. i took some nice pictures. i got some really nice b/w ones at the park. they're going to turn out really good. or i hope so atleast. tomorrow im going to a show and im sure i'll get some good shots of the bands playing. that'll be fun.

tomorrow's weather is going to be beautiful so it'll all seem so perfect. but we can only hope.

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today was just a day. nothing special  happened. i wanted to go out and take  pictures, but i didnt have time which  really sucked. the sun sets and what not have sucked recently.

during the summer, my dad and i are  going to make one of the little rooms in the basement a dark room. that's going to be awesome. it will definitely keep me busy and occupied. but this summer will be busy for me as it is. i'll be working on the dark room. i'll be hosting shows in my basement.  photography will always be a must. and, i'll be out to a lot of places with my friends.

although the summer means heat, and that's something i dread, im not going to let that get me down.

we will dance upon days time has  forgotten

we will dance upon days time has forgotten
long day at school.
i get out on the 19th.
the anticipation doesnt help my patience.
finals are going to kill my world.

we will dance upon days time has forgotten