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SinCity Dean-WIP

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Published: March 16, 2007
~Work In Progress~

Working on my skills, trying to get better.

And, since I really dig the show (my fiance, too), I thought I'd do some wallies of Supernatural on the CW Network (Thursdays 8pm EST / 9pm Central). Heh, totally pimped it.

I like dark, eerie, mysterious scenes with grainy muted tones. I also love the graphic novel style of art.

So here's what I did (in a nutshell) so far.
-Used some stills from the show, as well as some promo shots.
-Cut out and created a layering of Dean to create the 'look' (a style similar to a combo of the "Frank Miller" books and movies, was my goal.)
-Made some mist and rain using filters (Motion Blur, Noise, Cloud Fill, Liquify, etc.)

Meh. So far I like it, but it still needs more.
I might add a hint of creepy trees or an old cabin in the background, or someting. And I need to put another figure in there someplace; perhaps Sam behind Dean, or the Demon peering through the mists.. hmm.

Anyhoo, enjoy. And feel free to comment.

Adobe Photoshop CS2
on a Mac PowerPC G5, running OS X 10.3.9
and my trusty Wacom tablet & pen <3

Protected under the Creative Commons license.
Some rights reserved.This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

Dean Winchester and Supernatural (C) the CW network
The likeness of Jensen Ackles is (T) to himself
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BloodRedWolf99Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome :)
x-bite-me-69's avatar
-is a fan of supernatural & sin city-

this is awesome. it totally looks like a still from a frank miller comic.
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same here. we await every episode with anticipation.

Thanks, that's exactly the effect I was going for. I need to more stuff like this. *sigh*
I am a huge procrastinator when it comes to my artwork.
x-bite-me-69's avatar
oh so am i.
we have good intentions though lol
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dauntingfireProfessional Digital Artist
Really nicely done!
I love the treatments you did with it, it gives it a very artsy look and not just a ';photomanip' sort of look.

Love it. :) Definitely got the mood there!
xloganx's avatar
Wow, thanks. I really should do more. :)
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dauntingfireProfessional Digital Artist
You should! It turned out pretty freakin awesome. :)
xloganx's avatar
gosh, thanks. I'll try doing another.
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nice picture and under cc
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Thanks. A lot of work went into to getting this done. Though, I couldn't have done it without the original photo... not yet.
Can you tell I'm a big fan of the show.
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wow that's a really cool way of doing the picture. Did you use the original picture first or no?
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Thank you.
Yes, I used an original promotional photo to manipulate.
xloganx's avatar
shucks :blush:

now if i can just remember HOW I did it.. :P
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sparkpenguinHobbyist General Artist
oooh... hawt.
frank miller |m/

oh and ah, bitchin background. really puts the cutout in its place-- a gloomy one :D
xloganx's avatar
Thanks tons. :thumbsup:

I'm going for the dark edgy stuff, now. I'll try to keep it up. I am still gunning to just do whatever (even if it looks like crap) and post them... if life ever allows me any time, emotion or energy left over at days end.

Hence, my angling towards the darker side, because I feel gloomy, but inspired.
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