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Well, He Got Married Years Ago
We first met in 1982,
a blind date. My sister
arranged it as a way
for me to say,
'I saw Jerry Garcia today!'
It wasn't unusual to meet
a man or go new
places; see and be
what I loved, wanted;
this time was a way to him.
Soon we lived together,
shared our bread and
milk, and my daughter and her
growing, while we grew
as two, however it
went. Good and bad we
were, that's life, we said,
and broke up when she was grown,
gone, and all the rest.
Then we wished each other
all the best. But for years,
as long as this long poem,
he called daily at my home,
said we were 'always friends
until the end of time, no lie,'
no life alone 'til I told him,
'go away,' at the end of this
day. I flew! No wings.
Physical things.
And I sing the blues,
and cheer with you.
Tell myself, lady,
you're free to feel
the chill, the void
and the voice you hear
cheer here, both when alone
and on the phone, crowing.
Mom said 'never act
than a man,
he won't like it-'
oh, fuck that shit, dear,
'cause now i am.
:iconxlntwtch:xlntwtch 7 16
Coyote Falls in Love
     A long time ago, Old Man Coyote fell in love with a human girl named Norma Jean. She was an ordinary girl, though she became a near-goddess to men later, under another name. Coyote was a god, and a trickster who could shape-shift, so he became a man to court Norma. As a god-man trickster, Coyote was extremely handsome. His manners were impeccable and sly. He would do anything to be with Norma and win her love. He was so effective, she was dazzled within a week. She was very young.
     He was very old. Coyote had been around since the beginning of the world. But he was also bowled over by love, knocked silly by Cupid and blind to all but Norma. He lived for her eyes, her laugh, her breath and her words. Coyote forgot his duties as a god. He forgot he was a god. He thought only of convincing Norma to be his. He measured himself by her love and joy, and worked tirelessly for them.
     Coyote neglected hi
:iconxlntwtch:xlntwtch 8 29
The Party
     There are artifacts. Young people with money used to change the shape of their eyes. They were Japanese like us, but they competed to have bigger eyes. They fashioned their eyes after musicians called pop stars who they listened to, danced to, and emulated. The girls and boys dyed their dark hair lighter. They had blond hair, red hair, green hair, and streaked hair at all the important parties. They wore make-up and glitter and stood wherever the light was best. They looked for good backgrounds for their artifacts, the films they made.
     These young folks dressed meticulously, because every detail of their clothing was noted and compared with others at these parties. They took films of themselves. They counted how many other young people watched them, how many crowded around them, and how many left them adoring messages. Popularity was Life. The films they made are the artifacts we study today, to learn some of the past.
:iconxlntwtch:xlntwtch 5 20
What Alice Said
    The girl wore black, but if you looked closely, you could still see the blood. She was your roommate at the dorm. That's where you saw her that night. She came in so late, you turned on the light to ask why. She looked pale against her black coat and jeans. More pale than you'd ever seen her; she usually had a dark complexion. Now only her dark eyes remained dark, and they looked huge. Her face was almost gray.
    "My god," you said. "What happened? Where have you been?" She didn't answer.
    You tried again. "Alice? What happened? Are you okay?"
    She slumped on her narrow bed. She looked at you and sighed. "Leona is dead."
    "Leona, from down the hall," Alice said. "I found her. She's dead."
    "That can't be!" you said. "We did homework together yesterday."
    "Maura, she's dead. I have to get rid of these clothes. Will you help me?"
    "But how did she die?" you asked,
:iconxlntwtch:xlntwtch 4 16
Songs and Paintings - W4, D7
    There is one thing I might consider sort of a "legacy" I may leave for my family and others. That's words. People who meet me may think of me as generally pretty quiet. I am, at least at first. I like to listen. I like to catch the cadence of other people's words, and consider it a song. I like to observe, and see how people look when they talk, and consider it a painting. These things are pleasing, and I join in.
    Later, I like to try to combine what I hear, the songs, and what I see, the paintings, into something like literature. That's the main legacy, now in forms of short stories and articles, many published, many not. My daughter writes poetry I'm very proud of. She's a terrific writer who has also had work published. She also seems comfortable talking to many different kinds of people, and they seem to like her. This is good.
    I taught my daughter words starting with sound, and moving soon to letters. We played Scrabble together when she w
:iconxlntwtch:xlntwtch 3 15
Mirror Image - W4, D4
    Image is something often considered by many, including twins. My twin and I used to dress alike, whether we wanted to or not, because we went to parochial schools. Uniforms! It was fun maybe in first grade, then we tried for a little difference. As it was, we had to wear name tags, so the nuns could tell us apart. We weren't successful at differences. We were usually seated next to each other; both a comfort and a burden.
    I'm kind of surprised the nuns didn't wear name tags, too. How were we supposed to tell them apart? Well, there was only one teacher per class, so that made it easier. And my twin, Celeste, and I sometimes switched name tags, a harmless pastime, only done when super-bored. Or maybe just feeling mischievous. Also, our mother was constantly giving us rather horrible permanents at home, in a misguided effort to curl our really straight hair. We looked very odd, but we looked alike.
    It was later, sometime in high school, when I ex
:iconxlntwtch:xlntwtch 3 11
His Name Changed Generations
    The toddler's life held true in the midst of murder and destruction. His name was to pass down through many generations, and the story of how it was received was told over and over again, and will be told yet again. But on November 30, 1864, the little boy stood covered in old blood, hand in his mouth, silent and stunned. Everyone he'd known was dead. They surrounded him, all dead.
    It was the day after the Sand Creek Massacre, referred to by the man who caused it as "The Battle of Sand Creek." There was no battle. It had been a simple camp set up by Cheyenne and Arapaho Indians, right by Sand Creek in Indian Territory. It was set up as advised by the U.S. Army. The Indians in the camp also flew a white flag for safety, just as they were told. There were only old men, women and children in the camp, as warrior-age men were sent elsewhere. There was no battle.
    U.S. Calvary Commander John Chivington knew about the camp, there in Southeastern Color
:iconxlntwtch:xlntwtch 11 25
The Words in The Story, W4 - D3
    It's the middle of the night here. You might call it very early in the morning, when it's still dark, but not really night anymore. My neighbor and I just finished playing a word game over the phone. I had called her at the same time she picked up her phone to send me a text.
    "I was going to text you, are you still awake?" she said.
    "Yes," I said, laughing, knowing she wanted play the game. "And I have blanks."
    "Ooh," she said. "That's what I called for. You have blanks! Alright!"
    The game we play is called Every Word. I have it on a Kindle I bought back when Kindles were brand new. I paid too much for the Kindle, but it's lasted all these years. I have a newer Fire Kindle, but it doesn't have Every Word on it. Apparently they don't offer it anymore. Too bad. It's a great game. Simple, but also a little tricky. It's just unscrambling letters in a lot of 'blanks' that are of certain lengths and in alphabetical order.
:iconxlntwtch:xlntwtch 5 10
W4, D2 - Good Vision
    Let's see - about vision (lol - "let's see") and what that may mean. I believe it means a little beyond the fact that I now have to wear glasses to read, and I mean to read anything, even a picture. I think it also means a vision regarding both family and the future. My future is, in a way, behind me, so I am thinking of a possibly short time now. Family and friends, however, they go on.
    Several of my friends are ten years or more older than I am, and one in particular (not quite ten years older) likes to tell me, when I mention a new ache, "Ah! Get used to it! Things only get worse from here on out! You're getting old!" Hmm. Well, yes, in a way.
    I'm pretty much retired from the work force. I live in an adults-only complex. I'm over sixty. Yeah, I'm getting old. But that doesn't mean it's downhill from here. I find I have a greater capacity for imagination and "out of the box" thinking. There are more ideas out here than I used to think.
:iconxlntwtch:xlntwtch 2 3
W3, D7 - Outcome: Music
    Music can make a lot of difference to a person's outlook. I haven't listened to much in the past month or so, but tonight I finally opened the links to YouTube that friends had sent to my email, music they liked and wanted to share. I liked it, too. I put on my headphones, turned them up, turned out the lights, opened the door to the night air and sat in soft dark, with lights from the digital clock haloed like little lightning bugs.
   I'm relaxed for the first time since we talked on the phone earlier. I love to talk to you each night. I like to listen to you tell stories, listen to you talk to your machines, listen to you quietly sing, listen to you breathe. Sometimes I tell stories to you, words tumbling around, and you listen. I only sang to you once or twice. My music, the kind I sing anyway, is an acquired taste, all muddy chants, or sometimes flowing, but still chants, and nobody to harmonize anymore. Old things. Some songs you sing are old too, but you
:iconxlntwtch:xlntwtch 4 11
A Word about Family Relationships
    It should go without saying. Parents and children should never be forcibly separated for political reasons. I've already stated how I feel about immigration. This separation of children from their parents - who are arrested (it's called "detained") at the U.S.  border - should never be. There has been a huge outcry against this action, whatever one thinks about immigration, and perhaps it has made a difference.
    I just read today, 6/20, that Trump "will sign an executive order some time soon" to stop what his politics ("zero tolerance" - arresting even those seeking asylum, which isn't a crime; prosecuting everyone, not right) his politics has caused. It's too late. It's too late for the good of most of the children, in particular - they have already been traumatized. It's too late for the parents to not feel fear of further separations. It's too late for many Americans. It should have never happened. Since it did, it should have been 'fixed' right away,
:iconxlntwtch:xlntwtch 2 7
W3, D5 - Non-Growth/A Relationship
    I think I'm a couple hours late, but I'll write to the Souljournalists' prompt of growth in relationships. I'll try. I got a call yesterday from someone I haven't seen in years, nor talked to in months. He's an ex-husband, the second one, the only living one, and he's quite ill. I knew he was ill and I feel for him, but there's nothing I can do. Our marriage lasted three months and occurred long ago.
    Anyway, this man, eleven years older than me, called to tell me something "very secret" that I "can't tell anyone about, ever." I said, "Who would I tell? Yeah, I'll keep it secret." In general, it was kind of about money, but of course it's a secret and I can't say anything more about it.
    But I'll tell you now that money secrets have never interested me, not once. For some reason, I've been told a few of them, and all left me cold. In fact, money and I have a poor relationship altogether. I used to babysit when I lived at home, and I don't recall
:iconxlntwtch:xlntwtch 4 6
Physical Growth - Immigration
    There is no doubt about it. If I continue to eat ice cream for breakfast, I will grow physically.
    But the physical growth that interests me most now is not my body or even spirit.
    I have a neighbor nearby with whom I play a word game over the phone. I fill in most words on an alphabetic list by unscrambling letters. When I get tired, or stumped, I call her to help me fill in the rest. She does so very well. She is educated as an English teacher and as a Reading teacher, and I am educated as a writer in creative writing, journalism and playwriting, so where I use intuition, she uses grammar and spelling rules. We work well together. We're both retired and can play this game at all hours.
    Where we disagree is on one political hotbed issue. She says, rather often, "But I don't think people should be allowed to just walk here from South America or wherever, in droves, to our country and think they can just walk in and live here. Peopl
:iconxlntwtch:xlntwtch 3 11
You Had To Be There - W3, D3
    What I need to grow is a sense of humor. What I once had has taken a bad hit by politics these days. Why can't I write funny satire about it or something? I used to write a few funny lines--they made me laugh--but that was a long time ago. How does a person find their humor?
    Perhaps reading humor helps. Yes, yes, it does. I laugh when I read some things in The New Yorker, and I laugh when I read some things by nawkaman and RalfMaximus and TheOtherSarshi and maxnort and Tobaeus and Many More here. (I thought of you, don't worry, but couldn't recall your name.) I think every one of the writers I watch has written something amusing at one time or another, something that made me laugh while I reached the conclusion. I wish I could do that, both write a funny thing and laugh more often when I read. No! I want to laugh more often altogether, every day.
    I smiled this morning, looking at memes I got last night. Example: "Synony
:iconxlntwtch:xlntwtch 2 18
A Questionable Growth - W3, D2
    Sometime in 1864, a prior preacher who was next a Commander of a force of 675 in the U.S. Calvary, a man named John Chivington, said: "Damn any man who sympathizes with Indians! I have come to kill Indians, and believe it is right and honorable to use any means under God's heaven to kill Indians. Kill and scalp all, big and little, nits make lice." He then proceeded to lead the Sand Creek Massacre, killing about 200 Cheyenne and Arapaho old men, young women and children. "War" crimes were committed, and a witness who spoke out was murdered.
    The growth of the Gold Rush back then was matched by the growth of genocide against Native Americans. Indians had already been corralled into specific areas by the Army and by citizens, and were still often killed simply for existing. If not killed, after they were deemed "beaten," their children were often taken to boarding schools, and families were separated for years and often forever.
    What is the growth
:iconxlntwtch:xlntwtch 2 20
Outlook Outbound - W2, D7
    When I see the word "outlook" - which is the prompt for today - for some reason my first reaction is "grim." Eh, but that's 'just' political, world-view, and nation stuff. You know: what may happen, and how I can help what may happen be what I'd like to see happen. Yep, sounds maybe a tad obsessive, and makes me tired at this hour. It's one in the morning here and a bad time for action-planning. At least for me. There is terribly lots to do, since so much that happens now is not what I want at all. It makes me sigh when it's so dark, like it is now.
   "Hopeful" is another reaction, the one that is more 'feeling' than 'thought.' I have old friends who ALL tell me to stop thinking so much about world events, and enjoy what I have around me each day. They're absolutely right. A new friend tells me the same thing. I enjoy the new friend quite a bit, and it's easy, when we're on the phone together, to dump worry and enjoy comradery, coquetry and complete immersion i
:iconxlntwtch:xlntwtch 3 10

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Thank you all watchers and friends, you mean a lot to me! Forgive me for trying to write :heart:... :iconredsparklesplz: Hope you keep stopping by these woods on a warm evening. :D
DO you know how, in memes, jokes, maybe lessons, something or someone will often "lean in." Be it a god, a dog, a mother or a cop, they "lean in." I think I remember where that may have started. Yes, it's relatively new. It's in a very popular sci-fi book by a very popular writer, William Gibson - Count Zero - on page 18 in the paperback, copyrighted in 1986. Bobby, aka Count Zero, a wannabe cyber-world hotdogger, is attached to a Hitachi console and it's killing him...

     His heart stopped. It seemed to him that it fell sideways, kicked like an animal in a cartoon.
    Sixteenth second of Bobby Newmark's death. His hotdogger's death.
    And something leaned in, vastness unutterable, from beyond the most distant edge of anything he'd ever known or imagined, and touched him.

...Oh, yeah, it goes on and it's a great story. I recommend it if you haven't read it yet. Do you think I'm right about "lean in"?

I get interested in little things (big things and medium things). Do you? If you have any comment on this or anything, please feel free to comment here. I plan to add to an "old" story soon, and not much else so far. Admin duties. Talking to you... :blahblah:


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