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Camera Shy
     First, let me say I'm not a photographer. But, as an interplanetary visitor, I'm very interested in human words. Photography is the subject of this language report. Bear with me while I list the many violent words used in photography, so much violence it alarms me. I don't quite know how to make my report. My siblings, back in the sphere, will perhaps help me. We've inspected the languages used around many human endeavors, but photography seems the most horrendous. Listen to this and please advise.
     The human photographer, who is a strange sort of being, picks a "landscape, model, panorama, portrait, pet, family, friend" or, more literally, "anything," and readies himself to "shoot, capture, snap, manipulate, freeze, distort" and otherwise picture and thus completely stop his fellow man from attaining peaceful safety in life. This happens often, but is mercifully brief. Yet humans sometimes speak of something "going viral" and lasting mu
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just a thought
Swing large at the ball,
the bat your metaphor
the ball your subject,
and like in baseball
swing high and miss it,
"whoof" it, to borrow
a golf term, but it's
all the same ball,
the same bat -
though nobody
swings like you do.
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tech writing for phones - part one
slide the phone's cover off
he says but there doesn't seem to
be a cover to slide - yet he
persists, so you touch one corner
with un-nimble fingers and find
you can lift a sudden cover off,
it's a cover! not part of the phone,
and it peels off like self-esteem,
like the outside of an orange to
be mixed with several others -
orange juice
then he says put the tool
into the oval opening on one side
and it fits where a drawer-like thing
pops out when you push it in -
and you see a tiny white thing
which is called a sim card and appears
to be paper, small and fragile,
kinda like a hit of windowpane, and
it rests on something called an sd card
which doesn't look like anything, just
black plastic
marked with gold piano-like keys,
you have to put it back in, he says
it should just slide in, he says
it really should just fit in, he says
and you say yes, yes, yes
while you guess which way to hold it -
up or down or around until
you see its outline in the tiny drawer
and ease that thing into plac
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Midnight Visitors
     Eileen lives alone for the first time in many years, and loves it. She has money in the bank, a little studio on the border of a big vineyard, and everything in place. She reads now, late at night, lying on her futon. A large bookshelf is next to her, and many favorite books are there. Her bedside lamp is a fancy one with a leaded glass shade, and it's bright. She is happy when she reaches for a kleenex.
     She glances at the box and everything comes to a halt.
     "Jesus!" she says. No, she yells it. One very large spider leg is over the top of the tissue and another is creeping up. It's not just an impossibly large leg, it's hairy and black and yellow, and Eileen jumps out of bed. It's a tarantula, eight long legs and a huge body, all of it nearly as big as her hand, reaching for the same tissue Eileen wanted.
     "Oh my god, oh my god," she says, grabbing one of her slippers. She slaps the spide
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You don't walk ahead of me
anymore nor do I feel you
beside me exactly but
sometimes you sing and
play guitar and talk
to me in the night
that's not
like those nights
I left text messages
and there were
too many unanswered
got worried about you
the rehabilitation you
had to do and your
long hospital nights when
you didn't call anymore
to talk about love
and life and the night nurse
and I couldn't feel you
anywhere and missed you
everywhere until finally
I tried your home phone
and persisted and talked
even when she tried to
hang up until she told
me you were gone and gone
since february and I wanted
to hug her and told her so
and she said I was sweet
but that's not quite all
because I wanted to
hug you too and talk again
laugh again say I love you
again I love you again and
again which is what I do
now that you joined
those in my slipstream
those in my night dreams
you're part of that now
and you see me too
while I tumble through
days without you
and yet again
we say again I love you
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Image1(2) by xlntwtch Image1(2) :iconxlntwtch:xlntwtch 9 14
Field Trip
"Does anyone have an extra chapel veil?" I asked.
One girl said, "I had three, but I already gave 'em away. Sorry."
The high school girls made an almost-line, three or four at a time, walking to the cathedral for First Friday Mass. There were about five hundred girls altogether, with several elderly nuns among them. Many girls chatted, laughing, walking from school on a sunny California day.
I laughed 'til I knew I'd get no chapel veil. Then I turned away, and got lost deep in suburbia and sin for the length of a Mass.
:iconxlntwtch:xlntwtch 5 15
Reasons to Say I Love You
I reach for you, over the phone, and you are there, you allow me to touch you.
You reach for me and I reach back, and we meet somewhere in the middle.
I cry and you listen, I blow my nose and you wait, I sigh and you don't interrupt.
Why don't you cry? I am strong enough for that. Really.
I laugh and we laugh together - oh yes, I hear your smile over the phone when I laugh, and when we laugh together, and when we breathe each other in on the inhale, and share the exhale.
You are never trite. You have bite, but if you've bitten me, I didn't/haven't noticed, and would I mind if you did? Only if it was meant to hurt, but you, first and foremost, are the kindest man I know; open, fresh, and raw.
I suffer from blind alleys; you lead those you care about through mazes - yes, you amaze, and shine lights in dark places; you can't know what I've forgotten, but you help me not care.
I'm just getting started here. We have only started.
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One Drum from Oklahoma
Under the largest oak, six or eight people
sit around a drum to play and sing,
and the drum is big. The sound of it
is the heartbeat of earth and of a child
and of each drummer, who also sings
songs that follow brooks and streams
to rivers that flow, just as fast, and fill
foundations left empty by the drum
that pushed up mountains from earth.
Rivers fill them and make lakes that reflect
the dancers - percussionists, every one.
High-stepping, nodding, twirling, toe-to-heel,
with jingles, bells and shells that riff with
creeks and drum, earth-beat. Loud, insistent,
beautiful and eternal, singers' voices rain,
all big sound in and around the drum, forever.
Until it stops, boom on a dime,
hey yah hey, hey yah hey, yo.
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Coyote Falls in Love II
     A long time ago, Old Man Coyote fell in love with a human girl named Norma Jean. She was an ordinary girl, though she became a near-goddess to men later, under another name. Coyote was a god, and a trickster who could shape-shift, so he became a man to court Norma. As a god-man trickster, Coyote was extremely handsome. His manners were impeccable and sly. He would do anything to be with Norma and win her love. He was so effective, she was dazzled within a week. She was very young.
     He was very old. Coyote had been around since the beginning of the world. But he was also bowled over by love, knocked silly by Cupid and blind to all but Norma. He lived for her eyes, her laugh, her breath and her words. Coyote forgot his duties as a god. He forgot he was a god. He thought only of convincing Norma to be his. He measured himself by her love and joy, and worked tirelessly for them.
     Coyote neglected hi
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The Party
     There are artifacts. Young people with money used to change the shape of their eyes. They were Japanese like us, but they competed to have bigger eyes. They fashioned their eyes after musicians called pop stars who they listened to, danced to, and emulated. The girls and boys dyed their dark hair lighter. They had blond hair, red hair, green hair, and streaked hair at all the important parties. They wore make-up and glitter and stood wherever the light was best. They looked for good backgrounds for their artifacts, the films they made.
     These young folks dressed meticulously, because every detail of their clothing was noted and compared with others at these parties. They took films of themselves. They counted how many other young people watched them, how many crowded around them, and how many left them adoring messages. Popularity was Life. The films they made are the artifacts we study today, to learn some of the past.
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What Alice Said
    The girl wore black, but if you looked closely, you could still see the blood. She was your roommate at the dorm. That's where you saw her that night. She came in so late, you turned on the light to ask why. She looked pale against her black coat and jeans. More pale than you'd ever seen her; she usually had a dark complexion. Now only her dark eyes remained dark, and they looked huge. Her face was almost gray.
    "My god," you said. "What happened? Where have you been?" She didn't answer.
    You tried again. "Alice? What happened? Are you okay?"
    She slumped on her narrow bed. She looked at you and sighed. "Leona is dead."
    "Leona, from down the hall," Alice said. "I found her. She's dead."
    "That can't be!" you said. "We did homework together yesterday."
    "Maura, she's dead. I have to get rid of these clothes. Will you help me?"
    "But how did she die?" you asked,
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Songs and Paintings - W4, D7
    There is one thing I might consider sort of a "legacy" I may leave for my family and others. That's words. People who meet me may think of me as generally pretty quiet. I am, at least at first. I like to listen. I like to catch the cadence of other people's words, and consider it a song. I like to observe, and see how people look when they talk, and consider it a painting. These things are pleasing, and I join in.
    Later, I like to try to combine what I hear, the songs, and what I see, the paintings, into something like literature. That's the main legacy, now in forms of short stories and articles, many published, many not. My daughter writes poetry I'm very proud of. She's a terrific writer who has also had work published. She also seems comfortable talking to many different kinds of people, and they seem to like her. This is good.
    I taught my daughter words starting with sound, and moving soon to letters. We played Scrabble together when she w
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Mirror Image - W4, D4
    Image is something often considered by many, including twins. My twin and I used to dress alike, whether we wanted to or not, because we went to parochial schools. Uniforms! It was fun maybe in first grade, then we tried for a little difference. As it was, we had to wear name tags, so the nuns could tell us apart. We weren't successful at differences. We were usually seated next to each other; both a comfort and a burden.
    I'm kind of surprised the nuns didn't wear name tags, too. How were we supposed to tell them apart? Well, there was only one teacher per class, so that made it easier. And my twin, Celeste, and I sometimes switched name tags, a harmless pastime, only done when super-bored. Or maybe just feeling mischievous. Also, our mother was constantly giving us rather horrible permanents at home, in a misguided effort to curl our really straight hair. We looked very odd, but we looked alike.
    It was later, sometime in high school, when I ex
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His Name Changed Generations
    The toddler's life held true in the midst of murder and destruction. His name was to pass down through many generations, and the story of how it was received was told over and over again, and will be told yet again. But on November 30, 1864, the little boy stood covered in old blood, hand in his mouth, silent and stunned. Everyone he'd known was dead. They surrounded him, all dead.
    It was the day after the Sand Creek Massacre, referred to by the man who caused it as "The Battle of Sand Creek." There was no battle. It had been a simple camp set up by Cheyenne and Arapaho Indians, right by Sand Creek in Indian Territory. It was set up as advised by the U.S. Army. The Indians in the camp also flew a white flag for safety, just as they were told. There were only old men, women and children in the camp, as warrior-age men were sent elsewhere. There was no battle.
    U.S. Calvary Commander John Chivington knew about the camp, there in Southeastern Color
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The Words in The Story, W4 - D3
    It's the middle of the night here. You might call it very early in the morning, when it's still dark, but not really night anymore. My neighbor and I just finished playing a word game over the phone. I had called her at the same time she picked up her phone to send me a text.
    "I was going to text you, are you still awake?" she said.
    "Yes," I said, laughing, knowing she wanted play the game. "And I have blanks."
    "Ooh," she said. "That's what I called for. You have blanks! Alright!"
    The game we play is called Every Word. I have it on a Kindle I bought back when Kindles were brand new. I paid too much for the Kindle, but it's lasted all these years. I have a newer Fire Kindle, but it doesn't have Every Word on it. Apparently they don't offer it anymore. Too bad. It's a great game. Simple, but also a little tricky. It's just unscrambling letters in a lot of 'blanks' that are of certain lengths and in alphabetical order.
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  • I wonder how long I can keep the "classic" format....


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