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The Quark and the Giant Eland (wip2) by xlntwtch, literature

And It Was Called Work by xlntwtch, literature

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The Quark and the Giant Eland (wip2) by xlntwtch, literature

And It Was Called Work by xlntwtch, literature

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Rock Art by xlntwtch, literature

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SEMI by xlntwtch, literature

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Ice Fishing and Love by xlntwtch, literature


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My Bio

There is something I read, a sentence by Emily Cline, that applies to many things: "There are so many opportunities, here on Earth, for embarrassment." I think it is a universal condition, one that sneaks up on all of us. It may occur (again!) to me, just writing this bio.

My nickname is LJ and I'm a retired writer, having been a journalist (staff reporter), and a published prose writer, trying my hand here at writing nonfiction and hopefully decent fiction.

There was also a play I wrote that was produced to good acclaim - out in Colorado.

And then there's the poetry. Sometimes things that seem too big to write about become poetry. I feel okay about a few of the poems I wrote, though still convinced my 'strong suit' is partially digested prose :lol:

Now I discovered the joys of taking photos with a cell phone camera! You're so supportive, I thank you all for the comments and faves. I am surprised, to be truthful. It's great! :heart:

I'm putting many things aside for the most part. To that end, I put over half of my work in Storage, including 14 of my DDs. The 15th is still in my gallery. 16 now. :thanks:

But if you want to read something that isn't 'here' anymore, let me know and I'll retrieve it for you. There are 14 pages of work back there, and it's like panning for.... anything.

Thank you for the interest you show, the support I know is there, and for sharing your own work.

Favourite Visual Artist
Anyone who pursues and perfects what they love.
Favourite Movies
'Seven Samurai' and more.
Favourite TV Shows
No tv. A happy non-tv-owner for many years.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
They're mostly dead now, but live on in their music.
Favourite Books
Books took over the house. Most are favorites.
Favourite Games
Sight. Sound. Touch. Taste. Smell.
Favourite Gaming Platform
A ghost of an old computer, an old Royal Deluxe typewriter, new notebooks.
Tools of the Trade
Was a paid writer and editor, and use things listed in "gaming platform." Love all art.

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:wave: Thank you flower kindly for your kind comments and Favourite Star 's as well! A lovely Sunday further and great timè further here on D.A.!Be well and stay safe!:sun::wave:

You're very welcome! (:

I shall, and hope you do the same... :la:

Trying to figure out how to connect via using the icons...

Does anyone know how? Will you please show me?


:+fav: Hello, hello and many thanks for stopping by, LJ

:music:... Hi, hi ... :music: You're always welcome, Ulrich!

Such a cute animation...

The animation was dome by my friend Anna altergromit . Sadly she passed away now almost four years ago - just trying to keep her artwork alive around here .

Yes, and you can put any you want on this page... she was wonderfully talented and amusing; her work needs to be shared; you're doing the right thing!

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