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Hiii, my Name is Clary/Marina! I'm just a small Oc Artist trying to make my way through the world. I have a bunch of characters and love them all dearly! I love creating content around them and I love listening to other people tell me about their characters and stories! <3 Most of my Characters are either Fantasy or Fandom themed! So this will probably be what I post most, but I have no consistency whatsoever so it can always change up a bit :D


I post OcxCanon content! Drawings can also be lewd or include violence (Tagged)! if you are uncomfortable with that I would suggest not following me! I also have no idea what consistency is so don't wonder why my artstyle sometimes switches around lol-Any theft or tracing of any of my art or characters will not be tolerated. I put a lot of love into them and they are really close to my heart. Yes, I have a LOT of characters. And I love them all dearly even if I never got around to draw them yet <3 I love collecting and admiring characters it makes me super happy! My friends gift me a lot of Characters as well! Please do not assume a character is not getting used just because their page is empty either! I do not post everything I do online! Do not steal, copy or get inspired my my Art/Characters

Favourite Movies
Star Wars (Specifically the Prequels), Lord of the Rings, Scream , Friday the 13th , Halloween
Favourite TV Shows
StarWars:TheCloneWars, StarWars:TheBadBatch, The Owl House, The Mandalorian, Grimm and more-
Favourite Books
a bunch-
Favourite Games
The Elder Scrolls (Oblivion specifically!), Enderal, The Witcher 3 and more-

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  • Do NOT repost my art!!!

  • I love to receive Gifts you don't have to ask to draw any of my characters

  • Please NEVER draw NSFW or Lewd art of my Oc's without my permission. It makes me really uncomfortable. The only exceptions to that rule can be found here.

  • Don't make sexual jokes towards me if we are not friends. It's really creepy

  • Don't use my art or RP with my Ocs

  • DNI if you are Sexist,Homophobic,Transphobic or Racist

  • Don't rush or pressure me

  • since I struggle with mental health a lot, I would appreciate if you could be patient with me

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Waiting on:

Picture(s) from @ItzTidbit

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Picture(s) from @Shizune-Kotori

Picture(s) from @swetkali

Picture(s) from @PinkSinsila

Custom-Adopt(s) from @ImmediatelyAnnoying

Custom-Adopt(s) from @Princesslavenders

Note: If you do not want to be on/don't feel comfortable being on my waiting list (publicly) just tell me! I have no issues with taking you down from it if it makes you more comfortable! <3