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Extraterrestrial Cocktail Party


Pencil + Watercolor + Colored Pencils.
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The amount of work is amazing, specially for a watercolor with so much diferent areas and whites. Impresssive!

Harumirun's avatar
Beautiful matching colors and details. Good job.
XkY's avatar
Thank you! :)
Harumirun's avatar
you're welcome
BonbonBox's avatar
Gosh your art is always so gorgeous and fun to look at, I love everything you make! 
XkY's avatar
Glad you like it so much! ^_^
Nebelstern's avatar
very interesting : )
XkY's avatar
Cosmic as always. : )
sulyia's avatar
so adorable :iconkissingplz:
Emphasis-Lest's avatar
Omg I love this so much;;; the sweeping design and composition, the unified stylistic elements and the colours !

And what's not to love about the theme? <3333 haha it's so wacky and awesome, I love it <33 
XkY's avatar
Thank you dear! It means a lot to me ^^
OatlyToad's avatar
Let's end the world and while we're at it: found a universal cocktail bar which cute swimsuit girls! <3

Lovely drawing, you have a beautiful imagination ~
XkY's avatar
Thanks for the comment. Glad you like the concept. :)
OatlyToad's avatar
You are very talented- it's eye candy to me c:
luo-chan's avatar
What size of paper do you work with? To make the background, do you wait for each layer of blue to dry first before adding another? ;7;
XkY's avatar
This time I used A4 size. And yes, I usually wait a couple of minutes before adding another layer.
Nanyalan's avatar
wow! it looks amazing!!*^*
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