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here come new sad boi

 | Profile |

Name : Mateo Jose Rodriguez
Age : 16
Birthday : September 20th
Height : 6'0"/ 182 cm
Blood Status : Half-blood

Face Claim : Diego Barrueco
Voice Claim : Gael García Bernal

House : Hufflepuff
Year : 5th
Pet : Francesco

Wand : Dogwood || Unicorn Hair || 14" || Swishy

"Dogwood is one of my own personal favorites, and I have found that matching a dogwood wand with its ideal owner is always entertaining. Dogwood wands are quirky and mischievous; they have playful natures and insist upon partners who can provide them with scope for excitement and fun. It would be quite wrong, however, to deduce from this that dogwood wands are not capable of serious magic when called upon to do so; they have been known to perform outstanding spells under difficult conditions, and when paired with a suitably clever and ingenious witch or wizard, can produce dazzling enchantments. An interesting foible of many dogwood wands is that they refuse to perform non-verbal spells and they are often rather noisy"  (pottermore)

Electives : Care of Magical Creatures | Alchemy
Extracurricular : Orchestra | Art 

| Personality |

+ Playful |+ Quirky |+ Adventurous | + Dedication |+ Energetic | - Sensitive | - Avoidant | - Unfocused | - Distracted | - Disorganized

A quirky, adventure-seeking lad name Mateo looks out for opportunities, wanting to experience everything there is to experience. Always seeking out for new experiences, his curiosity and inspiration leads him be creative, bold, and original. Although he cherish his heritage, however, loves to experiment with new styles and find ways to stick out. Mischievous and playful, he fond to take risk and step out of his comfort zone.

At first glance, Mateo rubs off as an energetic person who nothing but a rebellious, disorganized young lad. However, once you get to know him he’s fun-loving, loyal person to befriend. To his family and close friends, he’s kind-hearted person to approached and willing to help others.

Despite appearing as a upbeat person, however Mateo is strongly emotional and vulnerable when things take a downhill, especially with criticism. He ignores and avoid conflict entirely, finding ways to get out of a situation where he feels uncomfortable. Anything that is long-term dedication is a challenge, tedious to his amusement and unable to focus due to boredom.

Likes : Family, magical creatures, Quidditch, mexican heritage, music

Dislikes : Conflicts, boredom, strict rules, his family in danger/harm, sweet food

| Background |

  History :   BG info about Mateo's Parents 

    Born in London, Mateo was raised by his loving mother who taught him to be hard-working and live life at the fullest. Not only she taught him the differences between the muggle and magical world, but to be open-minded when encountering either side to not to judge by their blood status. Whenever him and his mother spend time together, they would play and sing son mexicano to bond. Everything was sailing smoothly between the two until encountering with his mother side of the family after her brother named Jose saw Elena during his visit in London for work related and contact rest of the family members.

    At the age of seven, he was in a conflict between his mother and her family members when the found out about him as a illegitimate child. Not only they were stunned about the revolution, but also renounce rekindling the bond between them and Elena along with Mateo for disgracing the family blood status and traditions. Despite learning the rough truth, the family members gradually rekindle the relationship with Elena and Mateo overtime since the value of family is held strongly. It took awhile for adjustments to kick in from both sides until Elena became severely-ill when Mateo was nine-years-old, leading all the family members to support the two.

    Knowing it would be difficult to adjust the living style for Mateo in US at such a young age, Elena’s mother named Amalia decided to live with her daughter and her grandson. There, she took care of her daughter and grandson over the past few years under one condition: the two must move back to US once Mateo turn eighteen and graduate from Hogwarts. However, shortly after Amalia's arrival in the UK, the her original intentions was halt when the conflict grew bigger between muggles and magical being, leading all magical borders closed off from leaving or re-entering. There, she had suspend her intentions for now and focus on taking care of her daughter and grandson. 

    Between Mateo and his grandmother Amalia, it was a rocky relationship to get along early on with his energetic spirit and Amalia’s strict behavior. Over the years, the two manage to build up a strong bond with the two having passion for son mexicano and magical creatures. At the age of eleven, he received a letter to attend Hogwarts and sorted into Hufflepuff.

    During his first years attending at Hogwarts, Mateo was involved in pranks with other classmates to ‘fit’ within the upper-classmates. Regardless with his mischievous behavior, he took interested in herbology and potions early on, inspired to a healer just like his mom and grandmother. From there on, he shift his focus from pranks to academic studies to work-hard towards his goal. Now in his sixth year, he continue to work at his best at his academics while seeking out for new experiences along the way.


    Growing up as a half-blood, he acknowledges that not all muggles or magical beings are bad despite the conflicts between two world colliding with each other. He’s aware that both side aren’t fully good since they have flaws. Regardless with his mother side of the family warnings about muggles, he fully aware of the situation and neutral with either side rather take one of them to support.

Family :


  • Unknown father | (???) | Muggle
  • Elena Rodriguez | 42 | Mother | Pureblood | Healer | Thunderbird Alumni


  • Amalia Rodriguez nee Aguilar | 57 | Grandmother | Pureblood | Healer | Pukwudgie Alumni
  • Hector Rodriguez | Deceased | Grandpa | Pureblood | Alchemist | Wampus Alumni
  • Jose Rodriguez | 45 | Uncle | Pureblood | Hit Wizard | Wampus  Alumni
  • Stephanie Rodriguez nee Gomez | 41 | Sister-in-law | Pureblood | Magizoologist | Pukwudgie Alumni
  • Miguel Rodriguez | 36 | Uncle | Pureblood | Hit Wizard | Wampus  Alumni
  • Carmen Hernandez nee Rodriguez | 34 | Aunt | Pureblood | Musician | Thunderbird Alumni
  • Ismael Hernandez | 38 | Brother-in-law| Actor | Thunderbird Alumni
  • Maria Hernandez | 11 | First Cousin | Thunderbird Student

| Other |

Extra :

  • Has a pufferskin named Rosa back at home.
  • Want to become a healer just like his grandma and mom.
  • Plays the guitar.
  • Deeply cherish family and friendship.
  • Inherit his freckles from his unknown father.
  • Half Mexican, Half Irish.
  • Majority of his mother side family lives in the US.

RP Methods :

  • Discord > Twitter > Google Docs
  • HC & Literature RP
  • GMT -06
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