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SB | Lan Nguyen by xkltran SB | Lan Nguyen by xkltran

" To infinity and beyond... seek out your desires where everything it limitless..."

Name: Lan Nguyen
Nickname: "Infinity"
Age: 24
Gender: Female (She | Her)
Height/Weight: 5'7" | 150 lbs
Ethnicity: Vietnamese 


[POS]: + Analytical | + Creative | + Resourceful | + Meticulous
[NEU]: = Adaptable | = Protective
[NEG]: - Self-absorbed | - Mischievous | - Ostentatious | - Vindictive

Likes: Materialistic items, Monotone colours, Hacking, Acrobats, EDM music

Dislike: Losing at anything, Hot weather, Wastefulness, Optimistic/Cheerful people


STR | * [1]
SPD | **** [4]
WIT | ***** [5]
END | *** [3]
COM | ** [2]

Specialty: Stealth -- Tech Hacker


Glove-Hacker – Able to decrypt and disable active codes. Synchronized files by active her earring to transport them to her tablet

Bluetooth earrings – Active synchronization between her glove and tablet when extracting or decoding codes.

Tablet – To keep in track with past and present files that she may have.

Backpack – To carry her personal belongings.

Water bottle – To quench whenever she feels thirsty.

Mask scarf – To conceit partial her face whenever she’s hacking.

History Dossier: 

As the eldest child, Lan grew up in HiCaste family where every place was lavish, glamourous life that never ends. Since she was the oldest, she had to grow up fast and learn to how to handle things on her own as her parents were in Ksec operation. Due to her parents’ occupied lives with Ksec, she had to take care of her younger siblings while managing grown-up tasks. Her parents told her along with her siblings they’re doing the ‘right’ things for them, that they’re the ‘good’ guys who fighting back ‘bad’ people who dare try to defy the law set in place by the ‘people.’

Despite living in the lavish life, Lan felt trapped in the household. As she grew older, it was hard the manage the responsibilities and expectation she had to fill to represent the family. The demands of her parents’ expectation along being obedient gradually took a toll on her. As many people view the HiCaste she lives in as paradise, she considers the life she lives it as a prison.

During her transition between middle school to high school, Lan felt overwhelmed from the pressure balancing between school life and looking out her family. The circumstance she faces driven her to run to a place, a place where to find peace with herself to an empty classroom at school. She hid herself underneath a teacher’s desk to relax where she stumbles to find old articles section about the past events that occur with Founding of Cascadia and Ksec operation kept inside at a hidden compartment.

Lan was stunned and confused as she briefly read the uncensored parts. She took a picture at the articles and put back where it placed before fleeing the scene. She couldn’t help but to think if the articles were true or false information. She wonders why the school censored parts about the past and portray as an ‘accomplished achievement’. From there, she decides to look further into the brief history to know about the truth about these ‘white’ lies.

As the years passed by, at the age of nineteen Lan continues to gather the information she could about the history, especially the Ksec operations by hacking into her parents’ files. She was disturbed the facts she uncovered of the dark secrets her parents withheld towards the family. She felt guilty and ashamed to be part in the family involve with corrupt laws and belief of the people. Her animosity grew rapidly towards her parents till the day of the November Riots occur.

There, she hacked into the data grid to listen various radio stations to hear update between the feud. Lan was shocked to hear the outcome between the authorities and rioters. At a station, she listens the rioter’s perspective how many people were severely injured or killed from the protest. Her heart plumed, fully acknowledging the harsh truth that she collects over the years were true and lead many lives in danger.

When her parents came home, Lan was enraged and began arguing her parents’ wrongdoings. The three began to out fold the truth they kept from each other. She was horrified at her parent’s perspective, insisting the authorities were doing the right thing. Seeing how corrupt they were, the lies they told and the corrupt system they live in, she packs her stuff and left.

From there, she sought out to the other side, joining the Runners to fight for the freedom.

Relationships: [ TBA]

Faceclaim: Pau Dictado & Joanna Vongphoumy

    -       Pansexual.

    -       Has two moles on her face. One on her chin and the other under her right eye.

    -       Has a geometric tattoo on her back.

    -       Her original hair colour is black. Dye her hair silver colour.

    -       Familiar with in-and-outs with the data grid by decrypting.

    -       A sucker for Doberman breed.

    -       Despite her strong hatred towards her parents, she miss her siblings and wish to see them once again.

Rp Method: Discord [ Lit | Script | HC | RP Drawing ]

Shipping?: Good luck tryna peel down her conceited personality. Though feel free to hmu! Much prefer to develop naturally overtime. Canon & Crack pair are welcome.

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Emiyey Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2018
my queen...she has finally arrived...
xkltran Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2018
she's here ready to hack >:3c
arktiska Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2018
I would just like to say that this lady is my queen, and no one can tell me otherwise--

honestly her design is freakin' beautiful, and I love her history, really complex!!! 
can't wait too see more of her 8)))
xkltran Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2018
i'm glad you like her ark, I'm looking forward interacting with your ocs in the future!!
arktiska Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2018
yeeee, if you ever want to HC or RP just hmu on discord, cause I would love to interact with this queen <3 
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