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KW | Rhys Fletcher by xkltran KW | Rhys Fletcher by xkltran

EDIT: late but--GOT IN! feel free to hmu for hc/rp :3c
:new: 18/8 update him to a new look

 ♦ Profile ♦

Name: Rhys Cornelius Fletcher
Nickname: Rhy Rhy, Fletch
Gender: Male (He/Him)
Birthday: April 20th
Blood Status: Halfblood
Age: 16

Physical information
British+ German
Height: 5'9" | 175 cm
Weight: 145 lbs | 65 kg
Voice & Face claim: Cole Sprouse 

 ♦ School ♦

House: Slytherin
Year: 6th
Wand: Ebony || Dragon Heartstring || 13 1/2" || Hard

"This jet-black wand wood has an impressive appearance and reputation, being highly suited to all manner of combative magic, and to Transfiguration. Ebony is happiest in the hand of those with the courage to be themselves. Frequently non-conformist, highly individual or comfortable with the status of outsider, ebony wand owners have been found both among the ranks of the Order of the Phoenix and among the Death Eaters. In my experience the ebony wand’s perfect match is one who will hold fast to his or her beliefs, no matter what the external pressure, and will not be swayed lightly from their purpose." (pottermore) 

Electives: Arithmancy || Anicent Ruines
Extracurricular: Orchestra


♦ Personality ♦ 

Straightforward | Diligent | Shrewd | Supportive | Passive-Aggressive | Judgmental | Vain | Insecure

An ambitious, young lad named Rhys seeks out any opportunity to obtain his goals. If he see an opportunity that will benefit him in return, he will stop at nothing to achieve. He's highly competitive to other people when it comes to academic and fashion trends, wanting to be the best at any possible way. Sharp and quick-witted, he can figure out ways to overcome obstacles. Outspoken about his opinions, he is not afraid to comment a person's appearance and action even if may hurt the other's feelings. 

In person, he rubs off as snobbish, arrogant who only cares about himself. When interact with strangers, Rhys may look down upon  and sarcastically joke about them. However, once pass through his brash behavior, he's polite and friendly to those he close with. He listen towards people's passion and supports them, giving them advice how they succeed and even tag along with them to reach the person's goal. He's zealous to learn new opportunity and experience that awaits him to become a better person. Although he appear as a harsh person, however, he overthinks his action in fear of failure, making him insecure and afraid to be seen as weak.

+ Likes || - Dislike: 
+ Hair products               - Empty hair products
+ Fashion                       - Appearing messy/unhygienic
+ Cold weather                - Humidity 
+ Magical creatures          - Clumsy/Weak-minded people
+ Bitter beverages             - Sweets

Relationships: [ TBA ]


♦ Background ♦

 History:  Following up the Kissinger's family traditions, a young adventurous auburn haired named Amelia pursuit to become a curse breaker just like her mother's grandfather. She unexpected encounter a muggle chef during her training session break. The muggle chef felt infatuated over the auburn haired strong, ambitious personality and began to hang out to learn about her. The auburn haired was unimpressed from the muggle's pursuit and push him aside as acquaintance, however, the muggle continue to pester her to befriend. As the two began to hang out and become close friends, they both development an attract towards each other and eventually established a relationship after one of them confess. After few years of dating, the muggle chef propose to the auburn haired at Paris and auburn haired accepts.

However, an unexpected pregnancy occur before the young couple big wedding day. After nine-months passed since the wedding, the young couple welcome their newborn son and named him Rhys. He was born at Manchester, United Kingdom on an evening night at a hospital. Raised by two loving parents, they taught him the wonders between nonmagical and magical world. He finds himself more intrigue with magical world, wanting to explore and understand how it was similar and differ towards nonmagical . He learn to balance his lifestyle from two different worlds and comprehend during his childhood. He was intrigue his mother's competitive spirit since it runs at his mother's side and began to practice and compete to be the best. At the other hand, he admire his dad dedication towards physical appearance and fashion interest and follow his father's footsteps. 

As he grew up, Rhys become competitive and haughty towards his appearance and sharp magical abilities as his life went a breezy getting what he wants. By the age of eleven, he received a letter to Hogwarts and  attend to the school where he was sorted into Slytherin. During his first few years at Hogwarts, he was involved in fights and pranks with other classmates to fit in with the "cool kids". Due to his brash behavior, it was difficult to fit it and befriend towards his classmates. His mother began to pester at Rhys's behavior before consulting him the importance to open towards people and being friendly. Eventually, he took his mother's advice and began to better himself by focus what's important in life and change his behavior towards people . Despite misbehaving from time to time, he began to be open and friendly as he enters his fifth year at Hogwarts.
  •  Benjamin Fletcher | Dad | Muggle | 50 | Chef
  •  Amelia Agatha Brown-Kissinger | Mom | Halfblood | 45 | Cursebreaker | Gryffindor Alumni
  •  Alicia Lily Fletcher | Sister | Halfblood | 13 | Hogwarts student | Gryffindor 
  •  Theodore Nigel Brown | Uncle | Halfblood | 45 | MoM employee | Ravenclaw Alumni

♦ Other ♦ 

  • High maintenance about hair products and fashion.
  • Hates his middle name.
  • Always wakes up extra early to do his hair.
  • He plays the piano, continue to play due to his uncle's motivation. Also sings a bit.
  • Admiration towards Magical Creatures, especially dragons and hippogriffs.
  • Aromantic Asexual
  • Playlist:
  • Hi mum and da
    Timezone: GMT -6
    RP Methods: ( Lit | HC ) || Twitter / Skype / Discord / LINE 
    RP Twitter: @RhysCFletch
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