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HC | Jung, Seung Kim by xkltran HC | Jung, Seung Kim by xkltran

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| Profile |

     Name | Jung, Seung Kim
     Nickname | Seo, Jung, JK
     Age | 20
     Gender | Female ( She \ her )
     Birthday | 21st July
     Height | 5'5" | 166 cm
     Weight | 115 lbs
     Sexual orientation | Demisexual

| School Life |

     Department | Music
     Main focus on creating beats and rhythm of music, expert in R&B, Pop, and Hip-Hop songs
     Examples: [ 1 ][ 2 ][ 3][ 4 ][ 5 ]

     Dream | To become one of the top female music producers in male dominant music industry and collaborate with international singers  and producers.

     Dorm | N/A

| Personality |

     + Upbeat | + Imaginative  | + Strong-willed | + Outspoken | - Brash | - Hot-tempered | - Impulsive | - Overachiever
    Upbeat and hard-working advocate, Seung is the type of person who will strive to reach her goals. Not afraid to speak up what she believe, she's outspoken and honest towards anyone whom she met. 
She tries her best to keep an open-minded to understand other's behaviors or thoughts. Having passion for creativity, she's inspired to think out-of-the box to resolve situation or overcome obstacles standing her way. 

    At first glance, Seung can rub off as an ignorant, loud person who's an overachiever. However, once pass the first impression she remains loyal and selfless towards the one she's close with. Willing to put other first before her needs, she's willing to protect them from harm and there for moral support. She holds a strong value in relationship that, especially with friends or family

    Although she appears as cheerful person, however, she's naive around her surroundings and jumps to conclusions that can lead into consequences in the future. Her hot-tempered and impulsive behavior get the best out of her when someone irritates or bother her loves one repeatedly, kicking her 
into action rather than thinking about the situation.

| Biography |

       Born in Ilsan, Seung was raised by two-loving parents, Ji-young and Sun-mi. Both arise as hardworking parents who were passionate towards their job in the city of Seoul. While they were away during work, Seung's older sister named Hyung look after her. The two had a rocky start in the relationship with Hyung's stern behavior and Seung's carefree style as the two grown up. However, overtime they gradually began to bond over their interest in technology and competitive spirit. Whenever her parents were able to spend time with the family, the two would play the violin and piano, sparking Seung's attention and enjoying the sound of music. Despite not having much in early childhood, she found ways to entertain by using her imagination to have fun and to express herself.

    Things took a rough start for Seung when she enters elementary school. Rebellious and loud, she had a hard time getting along with people due to jumping to conclusion and acting upon her own hands, leading her to be on timeout as punishment. This led to have fewer friends in elementary due to her behavior. Although she attempts to control her temper and befriends, her hot-tempered instinct gets the best out of her. During her timeout, she uses the opportunity to express herself by tapping pencils with random objects to lessen the boredom. Whenever her mom picks up after school, she found peace listening to her mom playing music at home.   
    In middle school, Seung attempt better herself by taking upon extracurricular activities to avoid getting in trouble. There, she tryout various activities the school provided from sports, clubs, etc. She auditions to be in volleyball, basketball, technology club, and others to fit in hopes that there's something out for her to express herself and to feel welcome. However, none of them suit her interest that she enjoys until the music club. From there, it sparked her attention that led her wanting to learn about music and how to play them. After telling the news to both of parents, her mom made a deal with her if she took it serious playing an instrument and to do well with academic works then she'll get her a private music tutor for her to train. 

    As she grew older, Seung focus working hard at her academics works and practicing play instruments such as piano and violin. When she enters high school, she discovered genre that were amused as she playing cover songs During her last two years in high school, she began experiment her own beats, producing and rearrange chorus by remixing. From there, she decided to pursuit becoming a music producer to continuing on trying out and experiment new genres. Thus, she decided to apply to Haneul to strive improving herself and music that awaits her. 

| Relationships |

    [ Family ]
    Jung, Ji-yong | 57
        Her father. He's a computer science professor at her boyfriend's university.
    Jung, Sun-mi | 55
        Her mother. She's a retired businesswomen.
    Jung, Hyung | 23
        Her older sister. Currently working as a game designer at a technology company, developing upcoming software games.
    Jung, Jin-ki | 17
        Her younger brother. Twins with Jong-woon and both are currently their second year in high school.
    Jung, Jong-woon | 17
        Her younger brother. Twins with Jin-ki and both are currently their second year in high school.

    Kim, Donghae | 20
        Her longtime boyfriend who she met during secondary school as children. He attends to another university for Computer Science degree.

|Like & Dislike|

     Likes | Music, new experiences, working out, Star Wars , loose/baggy clothes, video games
     Dislike | Cheaters, losing, junk food, short skirts, boredom, love ones getting hurt

| Trivia |

     Faceclaim | Jeongyeon.
     Currently dating her childhood and long time friend: Kim, Donghae
     Lives off-campus in an apartment with Donghae.
     Her and Donghae have each other picture as their lock screen.
     Prefers to wear flats over heels.
     Has a YT account that mainly focus on remix, EDM, etc.
     A dog person.


| RP Method |

    Lit or Script Rp | HC
    Preferred Discord > Twitter > Google Docs
    Feel free to hmu!!
    GMT -06 time zone

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