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GD | Collin MacDougall by xkltran GD | Collin MacDougall by xkltran

Name: Collin MacDougall

Gender: Male (He/Him)

Sexuality: Biromantic Grey-Asexual

Age: Late 30s || 37 

Nationality: Irish

Favorite Drink: Bushmills

Factory Job: 


+ Risk-taker | + Charismatic | + Shrewd | - Deceitful | - Ruthless | - Egotistical

Before Dernee: 
 -     Fraud, Identity Theft
        -     Burglar
        -     Identity Theft 
        -     Conspiracy 

After Dernee: 
       -     Murder his lover's sister named Kennedy



    As the eldest son in the MacDougall family, Collin grew up in the Eastern region of Ireland. There, he was raised by his ambitious parents who wanted the best out of their oldest. From the start, Collin was peer-pressure as a young lad to achieve beyond his own abilities to meet up with his parents’ high expectation. He took the matter into his own hands to please his parents and family relatives to represent best for the MacDougall family. Since he was the eldest, he had to develop fast and looked after his siblings while the parents were working long-shift to support the family and maintain the expectation.

    As much as he loves his younger siblings, he felt trap the responsibilities he had to take at a young age. By the time he reached his adolescence age, he began to rebel his parents’ expectation, thus causing a downfall in the relationship. Since the drift, Collin became distant and hostile over the years toward his own family. Collin grew tired of his parents’ strict rules and move out of the household to be independent by the time he turns twenty-one. There, he felt free for the first time since he left his parents’ grasp and began to live the life he wanted to do.

Young Adulthood

    At his early twenties, Collin manages to settle down with his new lifestyle working as an industrial worker in the heart of Dublin. It wasn’t long before he realizes the hardship came being an industry worker, taking a toll emotionally from working overtime to support the army against the Central Powers during WWI. By the time WWI ended, he began to look for alternative ways to earn some quick cash without doing the dirty work.

    There, Collin began committing petty crimes to support his personal gain. Gradually, his crimes shifted from robbery to fraud. He befriends other con artists over the past few years, learning the rises and downfalls they face when it comes scamming others. By his mid-twenties, he was employed to work under the watchful eye of a powerful businessman to swindle others out of their hard earn money by buying their goods and promising to pay them to secure their good credit. For the next five years, he continued to swindle others, using their money to pay other investors involved for personal gains. To divert from law enforcement's attention, he used the victims’ names he defrauded to cover his tracks.


    In his mid-thirties, Collin climbs up to the ranks becoming one of the most powerful businessmen, conducting his own long-firm frauds in Dublin. He continued to learn new fraud tactics and use extortion to secure his own riches and eliminate other competitors. Eventually, he became involved in a conspiracy to get rid of his former boss along with more powerful businessman. He orchestrated his team to eliminate his rivals by arson, taking all the risk to become number one in the business even it means murdering them at cost.

    Before the team had the chance to commit the crime, they were betrayed by one of the members and turnover to law enforcement. Hearing the news shortly after the arrest, Collin knew it was a matter of time before his own team would rat him out to law enforcement to receive a lesser sentence. Quickly, he fled Dublin and travel West of Ireland to the United Kingdom to avoid jail time. During the trip, he became malnourished from the lack of food resources. Before he could reach out for help, his body began to ache and blacked out.

    After regaining consciousness, Collin is woken up hearing a roaring noise in the glistering city of Dernee.

Attack Tier 1
Energy Collecting 1 - I + II
Attack Tier 2
Shadow Limbs 2
Shadow Blink 3

Likes and Dislikes:

    +    Cigars

    +    Alcohol beverages

    +    Money

    +    Gambling


    -     Law enforcement

    -     Weaklings

    -     Losing

    -     Boredom


    -     Atheist. Rumor has it he practices Satanism.

    -     He is 6’3” (190 cm).

    -     He thrives for a strong whiskey.

    -     Probably smell like alcohol.

    -     His faceclaim is Janice Fronimakis.

    -     Speaks English, Gaelic (Irish), and German.

    -     Deep down he missed his siblings despite his hatred towards his parents.

Inventory: A pocket knife, pocket watch, lighter, pack of cigars, and a small glass tube filled w/arsenic
Dollahs: TBA
Prestige: 5
Kill: 2

Timezone: GMT-06
RP methods: Script | HC preferred but can do lit.
Etc. Mostly on Discord/Twitter. May reply slow due to university studies. Faster at HC. Feel free to contact/dm me

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