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BRINK| Takumi by xkltran BRINK| Takumi by xkltran


Name: Takumi Toni
Nickname(s): Takukun, Antonio, Toni
Gender identity: Male (He|Him)
Species: White Bengal Tiger (Tigermimi)
Age: 17
Height: 198 cm | 6'5"

Sue Ability: Mixed martial arts | has an eye for an tiger and use full combat for self-defense.



Loyal | Humorous | Adventurous | Protective | Arrogant | Impulsive | Egotisical | Obilvious

At first glance, Takumi is self-absorbed, arrogant person that put himself first. He is the type of person that will stop a nothing to get what he wants. Having a potty mouth, he says what in his mind and speaks the truth that could easily offend anyone from his behavior. However, he is not aware of it though. Because his impulsive action, he tends to do things without thinking what will happen as a result. 

However, despite his intimidate appearance, once he get to know a person he entrust and swore loyality towards them. Treating them as family, he's willing to protect them from harm. He can turn a frown upside down by telling jokes and doing cheesy things to see them happy. Seeking for excitement, he wanders off places to experience and learn something new.

Likes / dislikes:
+Soft fabric (silk,fluffy,etc.)
+Beautiful scenery 
+Martial art

-his tail YANK
-Small spaces
-Sweet/bland contiments 
-Pungent smell


Growing up in a privilege family, Takumi grew up in an environment where he was able to get whatever he desired. Both his parents were successful, famous athlete in mixed martial arts. Having gorgeous looks and money that can buy there’s nothing that can get in his way. Until, both of his parents dead from their former past lovers out of passion of a murder’s mind. He didn't remember his parents since they were away most of the time, only to be left clueless what going to happen to him. 

Soon, he was sent to orphanage. Losing everything he own and loved, Takumi was consumed by his worst fear: loneliness. He distant himself from at the orphanage, isolating the fun activities away from him. As the days go by, he displays himself as a tough, cool guy at the facility only to hid his sadness. He felt no matter what situation he’ll never be free in this environment, only to be cage and treated like a ruthless animal. He realized the only way to turn his life around is to break free and learn what’s out there behind the walls.

Feeling trapped at the orphanage, he ran away at night after everyone fell asleep. For the first time, Takumi felt free and enjoyed his independent life as if someone lifted off his feet to freedom. For the next few years, he learned the basic needs to need to know to survive as to different places before landing himself enrolling SUE academy in hopes to have a better life.



Heart Chart: [to be added]
Additional info:
His eyes are monolid.
- He purs when he feels a soft fabric and will touch it for hours.
- He loves to play with water like a cub.
- Hisses if someone step or yank his tail.
- Learn mixed martial arts at a young age.
- He loves to listen the sound of soothing bells.
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puikui Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wowie cu tie patootie
im gonna clin g to his arm
heartmush Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2016  Student Digital Artist
im very ok with this cat
samskia Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2016
kitty... pushes yarn his way
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TRAN,,, your a rt is so gorgEOUS your painting only continues to skyrock et
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