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ANTL | Rhys Fletcher by xkltran ANTL | Rhys Fletcher by xkltran

Rhys Cornelius Fletcher
Nickname: Fletch
Age: 27
Birthday: 04/20
Gender: Male ( He || Him )
Height: 6'2" || 188 cm
Weight: 187 lbs
Orientation: Grey-asexual Greyromantic


+ Opportunist | + Straightforward |+ Diligent | + Shrewd | + Supportive | - Brash | - Passive-Aggressive |-  Judgmental | - Vain | - Insecure

An ambitious, young lad named Rhys seeks out any opportunity to obtain his goals. If he see an opportunity that will benefit him in return, he will stop at nothing to achieve. Highly competitive to others, he wants to do his best at any possible way even if it means using some tricks to bypass. Sharp and quick-witted, he can figure out ways to overcome obstacles. Outspoken about his opinions, he is not afraid to comment a person's appearance and action even if may hurt the other's feelings. 

In person, Rhys rubs off as snobbish, arrogant who only cares about himself at first encounter. When interact with strangers, he may look down upon and sarcastically joke about them. However, once pass through his brash behavior, he's polite and friendly to those he close with. He listen towards people's passion and supports them, giving them advice how they succeed and even tag along with them to reach the person's goal. He's zealous to learn new opportunity and experience that awaits him to become a better person.

Although he appear as a charismatic person, however, he overthinks his action in fear of failure, making him insecure and afraid to be seen as weak. Being seen as a weak one or unable to maintain the standards is his biggest insecurities. If things get out of his control, he become hostile and ill-tempered towards anyone close to him leading to consequences later on. The longer it takes to get his way, the more brash he'll get until seizing his moment to be the best.

Cultural Background: 

Nationality: English-German
Ethniticy: Caucasian
Religion: Agnostic
Socieconomic status: Upper middle class



Benjamin Fletcher | Dad
Amelia Fletcher nee Kissinger | Mom

Alicia Zahradnik nee Fletcher | Younger sister

Atlas Zahradnik | Brother-in-law, Younger twin
Hyperion Zahradnik | Brother-in-law, Older twin
Ivan Vygotsky | Distant Cousin (Mother side)

Additional Information:

Star Sign | Taurus
Temperament | Choleric
Alignment | Chaotic Neutral
Blood Type | AB

Voice Sample + Face Claim: Cole Sprouse

RP Methods:

Discord > Twitter > Google Docs
GMT | -06
Feel free to hmu! I tend to reply faster to HC than Literature RP.
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