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ANTL | Elysium Rhys by xkltran ANTL | Elysium Rhys by xkltran


Name: Rhys C. Fletcher

Age: 23

Gender: Male (he | him)

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 188 lbs

Faction: Geopolis 

Caste: Middle Class

Occupation: Mechanic


Stats: STR * 9| CON * 1 | DEX * 7| INT * 3 (+1)| WIL * 10| PER *  5  (+2)

Personality:  + Opportunist | + Straightforward | + Diligent | + Shrewd | + Supportive | - Brash | - Passive-Aggressive | -  Judgmental | - Vain | - Insecure

    An ambitious, young lad named Rhys seeks out any opportunity to obtain his goals. If he see an opportunity that will benefit him in return, he will stop at nothing to achieve. Highly competitive to others, he wants to do his best at any possible way even if it means using some tricks to bypass. Sharp and quick-witted, he can figure out ways to overcome obstacles. Outspoken about his opinions, he is not afraid to comment a person's appearance and action even if may hurt the other's feelings. 

    In person, Rhys rubs off as snobbish, arrogant who only cares about himself at first encounter. When interact with strangers, he may look down upon and sarcastically joke about them. However, once pass through his brash behavior, he's polite and friendly to those he close with. He listen towards people's passion and supports them, giving them advice how they succeed and even tag along with them to reach the person's goal. He's zealous to learn new opportunity and experience that awaits him to become a better person. 

    Although he appear as a charismatic person, however, he overthinks his action in fear of failure, making him insecure and afraid to be seen as weak. Being seen as a weak one or unable to maintain the standards is his biggest insecurities. If things get out of his control, he become hostile and ill-tempered towards anyone close to him leading to consequences later on. The longer it takes to get his way, the more brash he'll get until seizing his moment to be the best


     At the start of his life, Rhys remember small fragments about his past life. There, he can recall glimpse of his biological parents being escorted into the elevator by the age of nine-years-old. From there, Rhys learn to grow up fast in the need for survival after learning his parents wasn't coming back to get him in the heart of Geopolis. From there, he was placed in the orphanage shorty after his parent's exiled. During his childhood, he had to scavenge items and resources to survive. Hunting down any equipment available out in the opening to either sell for money or add parts towards the place he stayed in Geopolis. As he grew up, he developed skills as a warrior, making him physical fit to find the need for survival against such beings.

    By the age of fourteen, Rhys grew fascinating with machinery parts as he continues to live up as a faithful citizen in Geopolis. There, he pursuit mechanic, learning the all the in-and-outs how they function and familiar with certain materials parts. As an apprentice mechanic, he was able to learn from his master involving trades and machinery in depth. In addition, he grasped additional information available out through acquaintances to gain knowledge about technology. Despite the lack of available materials due to his caste, he scavenges old, tarnish, or used technology, making them new again by tinkering in his spare time.

    Now in his early twenties, he continues to work as a mechanic, taking upon an opportunity to travel areas in Geopolis from time to build or repair machinery. At his travels, he takes time to wander around the surroundings, admiring different people based off their caste to see what is like.


Benjamin Fletcher | Dad | Presumed Dead
    Amelia Fletcher nee Kissinger | Mom| Presumed Dead
    Alicia Fletcher | Sister | Presumed Dead/Unaware existance

Additional Information:

  •     Familiar with in-and-outs how machinery works by trials and errors.
  •     Skilled in understanding the structures how things are build or function.
  •     Quite good with his hands.
  •     Deep down he hopes any of his family members are alive so he can reunite.
  •     Have scars on his face and chest due his job occupation.


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