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xKidatashx's Profile Picture
Liandri G
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hey guys!
Name's Kida
and Welcome to my page!
I'm a multi fandom fangirl and a young optimistic artist
who has a thing for bright colors
I do mainly Traditional art
and just started with sculpting masks and digital art
as well as a writer(courtesy of my Wattpad Account)
major book worm and a big animation junkie

and I hope you guys enjoy the creative ideas I come up with


Mid Spring Sunrise
Oh look, my very first Oil Painting! Yaaaayyyy
Hopefully, my Art teacher likes this
Even though it's actually practice
I still hope she likes it
This thing took around two entire weeks to paint
And that doesn't count all 50 of the toothpicks I used to do the bark patterning
And the crap ton of paint that ended up going into this thing
But honestly
I'm still proud of myself
Especially since I mean it when I say this is my very first oil painting
Thank god I did some practice with Waterpaints and acrylics the year before I even touched this one
Mainly because this was more of a first hand/art ref combination using a photograph I took at my Aunt's place in South Africa of the sunrise and a Easy Poser app for the girl's pose and my old character Anichka as a reference
So yeah, the planning took quite alot of time
Since the background had to come first then the character I wanted to use
And even then, I couldn't decide on what character
Originally I was gonna go for a girl from one of SA's tribes, namely one from the Nebele tribe or one from the Pedi tribe, but decided to scrap it because there was the issue of doing such tiny detail with such a thick paint
I was also considering doing a Native American woman, then a Native American man, but again, ran into the same detail problem since almost all the tribes I could find possessed traditional jewelry and clothing with such intricate details that just couldn't be done in such a thick and tar like paint
Much like our South African tribes(hell, all you gotta do is look at our people's huts to get an idea on how much we love pretty details and don't get me started with our people's jewelry, or the traditional dress...lets just say, the more time consuming it is to draw...the better, that's just the South African way)
So in the end, I just gave up and flipped through my characters instead
Going with Anichka cuz well, as you can see, her design is simple, but elegant at the same time
Even is she doesn't do the painting as much justice to the piece as my previous options would've but in the end I don't really care
As long as it's in on Sunday
And as long as it looks presentable enough to show to my art teacher
But I hope you guys like it
Star Butterfly(SVTFOE Fanart)
Don't ask
I just love this show
So here's a drawing of Star Butterfly!
As for the entire process on how I made that sketch
It's on my SVTFOE Amino(Kidatash, as usual)
Also, sorry I didn't draw her wand, I kinda forgot to draw it and didn't realize it until I got her inkedFacepalm 
I know, I know, pretty fricking dumb
but then again, it was 2am in the morning okay? I'm really cranky and forgetful at 2 in the morning 
But admittingly she was easier and more difficult than Eclipsa to draw
Easier, because of her lighter colour palette that doesn't require colour layering
But more difficult because of the sparkly and colourful background
Cuz it's Star Butterfly
Star is basically a ball of sparkles and rainbows with a crap ton of energy and a whole lotta love
But I hope you guys like Star so far!
Well guess who just came back from the dead?
The Sand Painting(uncoloured)
Welp! guess who's back from finals and the dead? 
But no worries, while I was slowly dying from my final induced misery, my mom pulled out her old Walt Disney books her family had from the 60's for me since I'm moving rooms and almost graduating 
And out of one of those old family heirlooms? particularly a green and blue book called "Walt Disney's America" 
Not only did I discover a whole range of western based stories in there to serve as inspiration
but I even managed to find a full fletched authentic documentary in the book about the Navajo Tribe
and boy was that one of the biggest finds I found in my life 
Now, for those who don't know me
I have a huge thing for Native Peoples and supporting them, and if I lived in America, you'd see me helping them as much as I can, but unfortunately, I don't(for now hopefully) so the only way I can support them for now, is through my art which I hope to use as a form of telling people they're not a figment of the past and that they're still very much here 
Which is why I created this piece
Now, back story wise, this was inspired by the Chapter in "Walt Disney's America" on the Traditional Navajo Sand Paintings and how much they mean to the culture
And the sketch itself took around 2 to 4 days, from drawing the pose and perfecting the circle the sand painting is made in from researching the design I wanted to use since Native art always has a particular and special meaning, it always means something
and after hours google imaging and jumping from one Navajo based website to the other, I finally decided to go with this one and the pose the men behind them had in the book 
But in the end, the free hours I spent was completely worth it
And for all my Native watchers who come across this drawing
this drawing is for you 
and I really hope you like it 
especially when it's finished
I don't know how long it'll take to finish,especially the colouring
but one thing for sure I'm definitely gonna finish this drawing for you
Here's the finished version…


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mr-macd Featured By Owner 1 day ago

Happy Birthday to you….Happy Birthday to You………………………….

Happy Birthday dear Kida,                       

Happy Birthday  Toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…………..YOU!

Keep on Creating!


mr-macd Featured By Owner 1 day ago

Happy Birthday to you….Happy Birthday to You………………………….

Happy Birthday dear Liandri,                       

Happy Birthday  Toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…………..YOU!

Keep on Creating!


WatchTheSkies45 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2018
Thank you for the fav. :D
xKidatashx Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
welcome ^^
xKidatashx Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hey guys, really in need of help right now, I'm trying to change my password to something easier to remember so I can get the account on my phone but I forgot my old one and I have no idea how to reset it through Gmail so I can get to my new one, since I'm afron't want to lose this account and everything along with it aid this computer might die sooner or later and my account with it 
which explains alot of my absence(finally got this thing to work for once so I hope it doesn't bomb out on me as usual again)
so if you guys know anything how to help me in this situation 
please let me know,and if you can't access me here, you can try to reach me through instagram and Wattpad
my Wattpad is Kidatash and my instagram is prism_child
just in case, because I really don't want to lose this account and everything with it
again, I'm extremely sorry for my absence, but hopefully with a little help to get out of this mess I'll try to be more active 
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Thank you so much for the favourite on Sailor Moon x Tuxedo Mask [by magicalmaidens]
It's very much appreciated!

Heart Suga Lazy Heart 

And if you like my work, you should check me out on other social media:
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you're welcome Love 
It really looks amazing!
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