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xKidatashx's Profile Picture
Liandri G
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hey guys!
Name's Kida
and Welcome to my page!
I'm a multi fandom fangirl and a young optimistic artist
who has a thing for bright colors
I do mainly Traditional art
and just started with sculpting masks and digital art
as well as a writer(courtesy of my Wattpad Account)
major book worm and a big animation junkie

and I hope you guys enjoy the creative ideas I come up with


Well guess who just came back from the dead?
The Sand Painting(uncoloured)
Welp! guess who's back from finals and the dead? 
But no worries, while I was slowly dying from my final induced misery, my mom pulled out her old Walt Disney books her family had from the 60's for me since I'm moving rooms and almost graduating 
And out of one of those old family heirlooms? particularly a green and blue book called "Walt Disney's America" 
Not only did I discover a whole range of western based stories in there to serve as inspiration
but I even managed to find a full fletched authentic documentary in the book about the Navajo Tribe
and boy was that one of the biggest finds I found in my life 
Now, for those who don't know me
I have a huge thing for Native Peoples and supporting them, and if I lived in America, you'd see me helping them as much as I can, but unfortunately, I don't(for now hopefully) so the only way I can support them for now, is through my art which I hope to use as a form of telling people they're not a figment of the past and that they're still very much here 
Which is why I created this piece
Now, back story wise, this was inspired by the Chapter in "Walt Disney's America" on the Traditional Navajo Sand Paintings and how much they mean to the culture
And the sketch itself took around 2 to 4 days, from drawing the pose and perfecting the circle the sand painting is made in from researching the design I wanted to use since Native art always has a particular and special meaning, it always means something
and after hours google imaging and jumping from one Navajo based website to the other, I finally decided to go with this one and the pose the men behind them had in the book 
But in the end, the free hours I spent was completely worth it
And for all my Native watchers who come across this drawing
this drawing is for you 
and I really hope you like it 
especially when it's finished
I don't know how long it'll take to finish,especially the colouring
but one thing for sure I'm definitely gonna finish this drawing for you
Here's the finished version…
Hi Guys, Kida here
and I like you all to know I'm currently open for Commissions and will be taking any drawing requests you have, whether it be for OCs, Chibis,backgrounds and Fictional Characters from your favorite pieces of Media along with Mythology based drawings 
The fandoms I draw for including Disney,Homestuck, Bendy and the Ink Machine, Creepypasta, MLP, the Rick Riordan books, League of Legends, Marble Hornets and Steven Universe
along with Animation in general 
as well as almost all Mythology under the sun, including that of the Greek, Irish, Egyptian, Most European mythologies and general Native American mythology 

both Portraits and Full bodies are available 
Sketches5 points :points: Revamp 
The Magician's forms(uncoloured) by xKidatashx
Lineart10 points :points: Revamp 
Melinoe redesign (Uncoloured) by xKidatashx 

Black and White : 15 points  
:points: Revamp
Inner Demons (BATIM) by xKidatashx
Mixed Media:25 points
Celtic Dream by xKidatashx 
Shading: 10 points 
  Fatherly Bonding (Coco Fanart) by xKidatashx 
Without Shading: 5 points

Angie Daniau (BATIM OC) by xKidatashx 
Digital Art: 20 points 
The Doll (Unfinished Comic cover) by xKidatashx 
Portraits: 5 points 
  Scarlett Adeline Fletcher-Case File by xKidatashx 
Full body:10 points

Kida(JnD OC Redesign) by xKidatashx 
Full Colour without Background20 points  
Abigail(Jak and Daxter OC) by xKidatashx 
Full Colour with Background25 points  

The Prism's Child by xKidatashx 
My art style is traditionally drawn using pencil, shading pencils,colour pencils and fine liners, though Mixed Media and some minor Digital Art is also available
each Commission will take a week at most and will be uploaded every Thursday,Friday or Saturday
If you want more information or generally want to message me anything about your commissions 
you can message me through my deviant art, my second Instagram account (prism_child)
or my Wattpad Account by the same name if you have one 
I hope you all enjoy your day
and don't forget to stay awesome! 
have a great day! ^_^
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Reservation Sketch Dump Part 2(Uncoloured)
Welp!...I just couldn't help myself
so I decided to draw the gang's siblings because I'm alot better at drawing kids and young people than I'll ever be at drawing Adults and the elderly, even though I can still try
so heads up to everyone when I draw the parents 
Anyways, the whole gang's siblings are here except for Rylan's and Amadahy's because they're in the only child club and Aiden's oldest sister and Duane's oldest brother because I just didn't have the space to sketch them both out(who knows, maybe I might include them in when I draw the parents because they're adults too so it's kinda suiting)
As for their personas, again, I'll just give brief details about them along side who they're related to, and I mean brief on the part that some of them aren't fully developed yet aside from their relationships with their siblings or their personalities
and again in order from left to right
There's Linette, who's Angela's older sister(though she looks younger due to a few weight issues she had when she was a teenager, thanks to bullying) and like her sister she has a love/hate relationship with society, even though unlike her sis she's more headstrong and rebellious than anything else 
Thomas is the younger brother of Addis, who spends most of his time helping his dad fix cars(their dad works as a Mechanic) and pranking the locals,even though alot like his bro, he's actually a rather friendly kid who loves animals, specifically his pet hamster(and he's better known as a bit of a "hand me down" kid too if his shirt isn't anything to go by)
Benjamin and Lilian is the youngest siblings of Duane, Benjamin being the younger of the two, who has a thing for sports and the comic books often sent to him by his biggest bro
Whereas Lilian is the insecure one of the pair who's a bit of a fantasy freak that likes writing stories in her diary 
And now onto all of Janette's siblings, starting with Asher, the oldest brother 
Who was a good kid at heart when he was younger who enjoyed helping out his father, playing with his siblings before he turned into an asshole after he returned from College due to making the wrong friends over there
Jonah is the opposite of Asher, whereas he's the more soft spoken and friendly one who loves his solitude and modesty, not to mention he's pretty protective of his younger siblings
Bernadette is the oldest girl who's brutally honest about her opinions that works in the beauty industry as a Salon worker in the town nearby and who loves to hang around her family,most specifically her sisters and father 
Ashton is the third youngest who's the tomboy out of all the girls who improvises and invents her own stuff and doesn't give two damns about doing stuff that her school peers consider traditionally masculine 
And finally there's Juniper, who's the girliest one out of the bunch that's also a bit of a daddy's girl, despite seeing Bernadette as a second mom and wanting to follow in her footsteps given her more girly persona compared to Ashton 
that's all I have for now, I know, it's alot longer than the original gang over here…
But I kinda felt the need to expand on them more, given the fact the main gang didn't get that much expansion in their Sketch Dump which I'm gonna fix later on with their Reference sheets
but anyways
here you go! the main gang's siblings


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