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Long-distance Love
I wrote your name on my hand today,
in blue and purple pen.
People asked, "Who's that?"
So I said, "That's the love of my life."
You wrote your name on my heart today,
and it showed because it was still beating.
People asked, "Mommy, what's that?" as they put their head on my chest.
So I said, "That's the love of my life, kids."
I wrote your name on a letter today,
and signed it with a tear.
I sent it off to the war, and said
"The love of my life is in Afghanistan."
:iconxkaylakatastrophe18x:xKaylaKatastrophe18x 1 3
A mind that thinks of you.
Eyes that see only you.
Ears that hear whispers of Iloveyou's.
Lips that long to mesh with yours.
But most importantly,
I have a heart.
And this heart in my chest beats for you and only for you.
You keep my mind thinking.
You make me open my eyes.
You let me hear the first true "Iloveyou" of my life.
You give me something to hope for.
Most importantly, you keep my heart beating.
:iconxkaylakatastrophe18x:xKaylaKatastrophe18x 1 4
Bloodred by xKaylaKatastrophe18x Bloodred :iconxkaylakatastrophe18x:xKaylaKatastrophe18x 0 3
Suffering Angel
Cutter cutter, you're so down.
Where's your razor blade touch now?
On your wrist for all to see,
Or secretly, behind your knee?
The scars are there, clear as day.
May I ask, what made you this way?
The only answer I recieve is a blank stare, and the sound of the angel in the mirror drawing her final breath.
:iconxkaylakatastrophe18x:xKaylaKatastrophe18x 0 4
Cutter Cutter
These scars are ugly.
But, they remind me that I
Can still feel something.
:iconxkaylakatastrophe18x:xKaylaKatastrophe18x 0 0
Late September
I can't believe you're really gone.
Don't worry, it won't be long.
I hope I'm one you will remember,
I'll see you again in late September.
:iconxkaylakatastrophe18x:xKaylaKatastrophe18x 2 0
C'est Moi by xKaylaKatastrophe18x C'est Moi :iconxkaylakatastrophe18x:xKaylaKatastrophe18x 0 17
Your Lies Made Me Realize
I have figured you
out. You're a liar. You just
used me. For what, I
Have no idea. Just
know, that you hurt me. I don't
think I can love you.
:iconxkaylakatastrophe18x:xKaylaKatastrophe18x 1 17
A Promise Is A Promise
I want to break.
I wish I could just end things.
But, I have to stay strong,
Even through the lies.
I made a promise to someone that
I would try to change to become a better woman.
Not that it really matters if I become a better woman.
The one I wanted isn't available to me.
I don't know why I should even bother,
But a promise is a promise.
:iconxkaylakatastrophe18x:xKaylaKatastrophe18x 1 18
Current Question
Is it better to
feel sadness, or to not feel
anything at all?
:iconxkaylakatastrophe18x:xKaylaKatastrophe18x 1 14
Thanks, Teddy
I sat there at my desk,
not a minute was passing by.
Well, maybe they were, but they didn't matter.
All that mattered, were those few words
that broke my heart into a million little pieces.
I filled my teddy bear's head with tears as I held him in my arms,
rocked back and forth, and  
muttered those damn words that broke my heart.
He might die. He might die. He might die...
So, I'd like to say "Thanks, Teddy" for always catching my tears.
For always listening to me.
Most of all, for never, ever leaving.
You'll help me through this. I know you will.
:iconxkaylakatastrophe18x:xKaylaKatastrophe18x 2 14
The worst part about
being lied to, is knowing
you're not worth the truth.
:iconxkaylakatastrophe18x:xKaylaKatastrophe18x 1 24
Broken Boards
Days, hours, minutes, seconds.
They all mean absolutely nothing to me right now.
Four years. Four. Years.
I'll be free. I'll have the freedom to whatever I want.
To be born again.
To be changed into a new, better woman.
From a girl, to a woman.
I'll be absolutely free. I'll have the ability to seek whatever it is that I burn deeply for. That is, if I can ever figure it out.
So, these four years I'll be waiting, I'll be looking out over that fence.
Searching for the broken board that will let me leap into my new life.
:iconxkaylakatastrophe18x:xKaylaKatastrophe18x 2 2
Modern Day Cinderella
Some girls live fairy tales.
Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast.
All glamorous in the end.
They all get their princes
But me, I'm the modern-day Cinderella.
and my Prince Charming is missing.
:iconxkaylakatastrophe18x:xKaylaKatastrophe18x 2 46
"Emo! Why don't you
Just go slit your wrists?"--What kind
Of dad would say that?
:iconxkaylakatastrophe18x:xKaylaKatastrophe18x 1 51
Simply Be
I think, under all that I've pretended to be for so long,
there may be a different side of me.
A side that's truly happy.
A side that's hopeful.
A side that can love and feel absolutely no pain.
This side is covered up.
Covered by a side of me that's angry.
A side that's self-depreciating.
A side that see's the world as a bad, unhappy place.
I want to let the first side shine through.
I want to show everyone that I'm capable of not complaining.
I want to live and not question why.
I want to just be. I just want to exist on this planet.
Nothing more.
Just simply be.
:iconxkaylakatastrophe18x:xKaylaKatastrophe18x 0 2


You Are My Sunshine by Pandamore You Are My Sunshine :iconpandamore:Pandamore 6 14
Alone and at fault.
I'm remembering the times when I was happy.
When I had lots of people to call friends.
Not because I was
Because I'm not any of those things
and i doubt i ever will be.
But because I loved them.
I cared about people in a way that
left me breathless.
I wasnt afraid of openeing myself up
to others.
There was no fear.
I held people close,
i kissed them
I hugged them
and became a peice of them,
by giving them myself.
But over time i resented it.
I became selfish.
I kept holding myself to me closer and closer And
now i yearn for those days
for a different closeness.
One I doubt i'll ever have
:iconsimchick:SimChick 1 0
With summer came a new hope. You were the answer to my prayer, bringing a light to guide me away from the darkness enveloping my life for so long. I kissed your forehead and said I love you.
Summer faded and so did you. You held me and promised that it would work out. Everything else hinted at a different outcome, but I listened to your voice—that voice that said I love you after you kissed me and smiled. As leaves fell, so did I into your arms.
Winter was cold in more ways than one. There was someone else, you said, that you cared about. My lungs, frozen from the air and your betrayal, stabbed at my heart with each breath. I wanted to stop breathing, but for some reason you stayed. You said you love me, too. Snow suffocated the plant and wild life, like your love suffocated me.
Spring blossomed a dream. We were in a meadow under a tree. The sweet scent of grass in the air and the comforting taste of your watermelon lip gloss lifted the weight from me. I woke up and realized that
:iconcoffeeandpens:CoffeeAndPens 14 8
Large fire blow by MD-Arts Large fire blow :iconmd-arts:MD-Arts 736 50 miss you.... by IgNgRez miss you.... :iconigngrez:IgNgRez 11,320 1,190
living only to die.
what are we really
living for anyway? it
can't be the nine-to-
days-a-year mundane
bullshit we aim for
with so many decades of
schooling. what a waste
of such precious time.
there has to be something more.
spending the crucial
first half of your life
learning how to become a
routinedly mindless
robot is no way
to really live. and then, who
really enjoys having
the same schedule
day after day, until the
end of time? we are
merely sleeping to
wake and do it all over
again. please tell me,
how in the world is
this type of endless torture
considered living?
:iconrunforyourlife24:runforyourlife24 1 4
while approaching a
place engulfed with cars, i thought
to myself, a house party,
. but i should
have known, i'm in the south, of
it was a church.
:iconrunforyourlife24:runforyourlife24 2 4
we're not always how we seem
i think maybe if
you'd actually take the
time to read what i
write about, then you
could stop pretending like
you know me so well,
and you would figure
out that you really never
even had a clue.
:iconrunforyourlife24:runforyourlife24 1 1
A young girl sits in the corner,
She sits, and I hear her sigh.
She was at first so happy,
But it was all a bitter lie.
She feels so hollow and empty,
And she really wants to die.
So with her sleeves, covers her face,
And quietly begins to cry.
In her soul is hatred,
So she sits there wiping her tears,
She crys and crys and crys,
She let's it all out after so many years.
The lights become dim,
Oh no! I know what's on her mind.
I hope, I beg, I pray,
That happiness she'll soon find.
If not- she's going to commit suicide,
She's tired of hiding in the dark,
Afraid of her life, of what she's done,
She's already made her mark.
The girl sees the razor,
And her tears fade away.
For she knows this is the end,
Today is the day.
She thinks this is the right way,
But I know she is wrong.
She's killing her future- her dreams,
I guess now she's not so strong.
She grabs the razor,
And slowly slits her wrists.
Her world fades away,
Slowly- into black mists.
She was a bright girl, this wasn't her fate
:iconsammibabe:Sammibabe 335 88
Happiness by Eclipse-Of-Faith Happiness :iconeclipse-of-faith:Eclipse-Of-Faith 79 4 Simple  happiness. by yestrdaysforgivn Simple happiness. :iconyestrdaysforgivn:yestrdaysforgivn 1,813 302 happiness by wint3r88 happiness :iconwint3r88:wint3r88 649 131



United States
My name is Kayla.

Favourite style of art: Anything beautiful to me
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Personal Quote: "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll still be among the stars"
is my song, our song. :}

How is everyone? I've been really slack about keeping up with this thing. Between school and trying to take care of my sister and doing other things, it's hard to find time. I found out my schedule for the rest of highschool. :) IB math, IB science, and IB chemistry, AP english 4, biology, and Spanish 1. (I've already done 3 years of French.) So, I'm pretty excited about it, but IB stuff will be terribly hard. D: Wish me luck! Haha.
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