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Gingerbread and Sea Shimmer



I've been scanning in some old photos for my father, and I came across a photo album from 1986. There was a photo of some pony art I did when I was 8 years old. I had drawn the twinkle eye pony, Gingerbread, on the chalk board, and I was so excited at how it came out that I wrote "DO NOT ERASE" and wouldn't let anyone touch it until my father took a photograph of it. The photo was taken 32 years ago, and I thought it would be a fun exercise to try to redraw it. So... that's what I did, and this is what came out. Oh, and here's the original that I did when i was eight years old: imgur.com/a/HIXfp

Also: I realized after I finished this image that I did the wrong sea pony. It's supposed to be Surf Rider and not Sea Shimmer. I swapped her out for the correct sea pony, but Surf Rider's colors were not working with the final image, so I put Sea Shimmer back. Anyway... thanks for looking as always, hope you like it! ^_^

For more of my art, shirts, photographs and other fun stuff, please visit: www.kappacino.com

And lastly, if anyone would like to support my artistic endeavors, I've set up subscriptions here on Deviantart and I've also started a Ko-Fi, so please visit: ko-fi.com/xkappax

Thank you to anyone and everyone who supports my art and to anyone who has purchased a shirt, sticker or anything else. It means the world to me. :)
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Love the story behind this drawing, and the link to the original.